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  1. D

    SOLD  Epic Seven Account w/ Dizzy + 60 Costume Tickets

    my friend code is #506228836
  2. F

    {KOREA} R40 /Vildred/Ken/Chloe/Martial Artist Ken

    Look at the pictures below first! 4 daily check-up with quite good rewards A lot of not maxed 4* and 5* characters Can link your e-mail (I unlinked mine) Name unchangeable Also, 2 undeveloped paths
  3. N

    LRK account with 4rgb

    Lost Rider Krau account on Global with Ravi, Vildred, Choux and Sez. Price is neogotiable, account is already bound to gmail and username is already changed. nytebyet11#8558 on discord.
  4. A

    Selling  Global Unverified Mid Game Acc | Briar Witch Iseria + Limited Landy + Others

    Server: Global Important Note: I am not a reseller and I do not trade (exchanging). All accounts that I sell are my own. I never made any purchase on my accounts, so all possible packs are available and non legit actions excluded. Payments via PayPal Only Nickname Changeable. Account linked...
  5. GucciGaming

    SOLD  (Global) ML Ravi+SSBellona+Ise/Tam Combo-$16

    Global 10-10 cleared dummy email given upon purchase! name unchangeable Paypal (friends&family) Only - $16 Discord - GucciGaming#1631
  6. GucciGaming

    SOLD  (Global) ML Ravi + Shadow Rose - $14

    Global - Name Changeable - Unlinked cleared 10-10 ML Ravi - Sez - Iseria - Kise - Cecilia - Shadow Rose - (3) Angelicas 50 Bookmarks 2k Skystones 8 Mil Gold 5k Energy Paypal (friends&family) Only - $14 Discord - Yoshi#1631
  7. S

    SOLD  [Europe] Best mid game acc with top tier and ml units for CHEAP $15

    Server: Europe Name: Changeable. Account: Linked to Unverified G-mail. Adventure cleared! Unrecorded History 1-3 Nat 5* Characters: Vildred Ravi Ludwig Bellona SS Bellona (Imprint B) 4* Moonlight Characters: Celestial Mercedes BB Karin Watcher Schuri Kitty Clarissa General Purrgis Crescent Moon...
  8. SunnyTiTi

    SOLD  [Europe] Mid game BB.Karin, Seaside Bellona. Auto W11 & more. Only 60$

    Tired with build team auto W11 ? I have one account can auto W11 here. Not only that, let's see what in this account: Nat 5* Seaside Bellona 6* +5 Kise 6* +6 Ken Ravi Vildred Nat 4* Blood Blade Karin 6* +15 Angelica 6* +6 Karin 6* +9 (had skin) Assassin Coli Fighter Maya Kitty Clarissa...
  9. SunnyTiTi

    SOLD  [Europe] 2 Ml 5* Ruele, Cecilia. B.B.Karin, Seaside Bellona. Entire only 190$

    Hi guys, today is nice account near mid game. Had 2 ml 5* potential for late game: Fallen Cecilia & Ruele of Light. Also had hot waifu very hot now Blood Blade Karin. Ok, let's see what in this account: Nat 5* Fallen Cecilia Ruele of Light Vildred 6* +10 Seaside Bellona (& her artifact) Cermia...
  10. P

    SOLD  Asia High End Multiple 5* & 4* ML Chars+Limited Chars+5* & 4* Artifacts

    Selling my high end main account for $400. It is tied to a dummy Gmail which will be provided to the buyer. Payment method paypal (Friends&Family). Willing to go through Trade Guardian but buyer pays the fee. Discord - PartyAnimal#4771 Arena rank - Challenger Abyss tower - level 81 Auto farm...
  11. SunnyTiTi

    Selling  [Europe] Starter Seaside Bellona C.Dominiel S.Rose only 30$

    Hi guys, today I will sell account starter with hot rare ml 4* Challenger Dominiel & Shadow Rose with good price . Both strong in arena and also have combat readiness buff in s3 . Ok ! Let's see what in this account: Nat 5* Ravi 6* +2 Kise 6* +5 Kayron Cermia x2 Krau Nat 4* Challenger...
  12. G

    SOLD  [Global]earlymid | 13x5* | ML Ravi+ss.Bellona+luna+dizzy baiken sol | G-Mail

    Hey, I´m selling my alt account (GLOBAL) since I have no time to play on it. All played by hand, so no mods/hacks etc! It has 5 LIMITED HEROES (Luna, all collab heroes and latest addition SS Bellona) and the newest ML 5 Star Apocalypse Ravi! It´s linked to a G-Mail which you will also get. Name...
  13. A

    SOLD  [Europe] Vildred, Kayron, Violet, Ravi - 231k cp mid game - Cheap 55$

    Sell EU account, Linked with gmail dummy for safe. But it easy transaction. Abyss 62 , World hard: 8 -> 10 not clear 3s, Current Rank Master III ( Max Challenger IV) 10.800 Skystones, 14 leaf. Nat 5* Vildred 6* +8 Violet 6* +12 Ravi 6* Kayron Kise Luluca Tywin Destina Nat 4* Angel Assassin...
  14. A

    SOLD  [EUROPE] Sez light, Tamar, Ravi, Kise, Violet, Angel-cheap 35$

    Sell EU account, Unlink, This account name is VNxGavl. Abyss 51 , World hard current go to 4.2, 3s, 5s, 8s not yet, Rank Gold IV. 2k2 Skystones, 14 leaf, 85 Convenant Bookmark 8 Ginseng normal, 2 8 Ginseng red. Auto w9 Nat 5* Tamarinne Specimen Sez Sigret Ravi Kise Violet Tywin Lilibet Nat 4*...
  15. K

    Selling  Selling MidGame -Global- 9 Nat 5* SOL, Baiken, Dizzy!

    Selling MidGame Epic 7 Account -Global- 9 Nat 5* plus Shadow Rose (Sol,Baiken,Dizzy included!) Linked - can change name, 60+ MolaGora in the inventory! You can add my discord if any questions: Kamino#3999 Price: $100 (feel free to offer, 100% safe and honest!) Preferred Method: Middleman (in...
  16. X

    SOLD  Early Game accounts haste, bellona, kayron, tama, sez, ml dom, iseria

    I have a few accounts for sale - 1 is EARLY game (before story 10-10), 2 & 3 are mid-game (have beaten story 10-10) - All account were played on a bit - most are UNLINKED/UNVERIFIED Stove accounts, none of the nicknames can be changed. - if any of these interest you, please msg me here or...
  17. C

    SOLD  Global 10-10 | Limited Heroes! | Luna + Diene + Lidica ++ | Great Artifacts! |

    Hello there! Looking for a Diene + Luna account with some great natural 5 star heroes? Look no further!! This account has all the heroes you might need to clear PVE or PVP content. Great farmer heroes as well for those easy 6 Stars!! This account has ALL items from events since DAY ONE...
  18. F

    SOLD  40$selling ASSASIAN coli and AXE god account! With 6 nat fives

    I am selling an Epic 7 account with ASSASIAN COLI and AXE GOD! 40$ Would trade if fair 5 stars-Haste,Ravi,Cecillia,Iseria, Kayron,and Yuna! Five Really good 5 star Artifacts Discord rafe#1964
  19. A

    Global ML Kise, ML Rose, ML Armin, young kise, destina ravi yufine and more

    Notable Units: ML Judge Kise (Nat 5*) ML Shadow Rose ML Crimson Armin ML Shooting Star Achates Ravi (Nat 5*) Yufine (Nat 5*) Destina (Nat 5*) Young Kise (Nat 5*) Clarissa Cidd Armin Angelica Achates Silk Lorina 5* Artifacts: Uberius's Tooth x2 (Warr) Durandal x2 (Warr) Sigurd Scythe (Warr)...
  20. L

    Selling  [GLOBAL] Unlink, limited heroes, starter for sale [Revamped March 4th].

    Hello, I have a bunch of good accounts for sale as below. All of them are on GLOBAL and UNLINKED. I. 1-4 accounts. No. 1.1:: Chapter 1 story with Luna. Details: Before 1-4, IGN change available, Luna (limited waifu), and Dingo. Also have Rod of Amalys art. Name change available. No...