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ragnarok mobile global

  1. K

    Selling  Global Server Accounts For Sale | GT & Gift For Sale

    GLOBAL Server Accounts for Sale I'm a long time seller and account finder for ROM. If you want some reference, you can read my reviews for account finding here: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/global-na-eu-sea-account-equips-within-your-budget.1475889/ If you can't find here the account you...
  2. J

    Selling  [Global] - Rune Knight 130/67 - GM:2.012 - Contribution: 1.16M

    First of all I will make it clear! This account is linked to an email that is my private and I can not pass the same. There is a dummy facebook account bound to it. Be it in mind before any question about account! Description below: Rune Knight built for Dragon Breath skill...
  3. A

    Selling  Multi Account Sale! - Price Redux! - Everyone Must Go!

    Putting my characters up for sale! All characters must go! After playing Ragnarok M on/off with 10 characters since the release last January, I've finally gotten to the point that I've had enough! It's been tons of fun playing with my 2 of my own 5 man squads, but with changes at my job, I can...
  4. K

    Buying  WTB> Mid to High end game [Global] Shura Or Gx Or Ranger

    My Highest budget is 400$ Add me at my discord Bunak#4194
  5. E

    SOLD  [Global] High End Game Mechanic lv120/60 multi Rune Knight

    Hello guys im trying to sell my account from RAGNAROK GLOBAL : ETERNAL LOVE SERVER because im busy In real life and going to quit ROM. - 1218+ Gold medal & 756.000+ Contribution - 8333 ATK (without buffs) - 765 ATK Handbook unlock - Ready for MVP, WOE, WOC, ET 1-101 LF: $600 usd (open to...
  6. E

    [global]Buying +15 robe of cast for warlock

    Buying +15 robe of cast for my warlock Add discord to discuss price WGG#9006 Thank you
  7. K

    Selling  [EU] Zeny Bus, Bosshunt, GT, Leech, Gift D.wing services

    Most of the Services I offer requires me to login to your account. For your Comfortability, please take time to read this other thread of mine and look at all the reviews: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/global-eu-sea-mp-any-account-enchanted-equips-within-your-budget.1475889/ Also if you are...
  8. K

    Selling  [Global] High End RK 3 Mini Cards | [MP] cheap mech multi RK 9.3k atk selfbuff

    Price: $850 Server: Global UPDATE: 20m+ Zeny Left Multi to Shura Job 20 w/ Titan +15[2] SB1 Selling this High End RK multi to Ranger Lvl Base 120 Job 52 8.4k Raw Atk 1468GM / 751k Contri With 3 Mini MVP cards: Vocal, Vagabond Wolf, Mutant Dragon Can easily do Bosshunt Complete cards for MVP...
  9. J

    Selling  Global Minstrel 120/35, 280K Contri 540 GM $250 Negotiable

    Selling account in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (ROM) Minstrel Class (Dummy mail) 120 Base level 35 Job level 279.230 Contribution 540 Gold medals 8698 min Lightning Chain stock Raw attack 5017 Playing since Global start, before EP5 was a Ranger 40. Adventure pet Niflheim ready. More images bottom...
  10. K

    SOLD  [Global] HiEnd Warlock 114/50 multi Prof. 906GM 453k contri 7.8k Raw M.Atk

    Selling this Hi End Warlock Lvl Base 114 Job 50/54 Multi to Professor Job 24 and HP Job 7.8k Raw M.Atk (No buff even self buff) 906GM & 453k Contribution Lots of Cards Deposited Lots of Headgears Deposited Adventurer Class B lvl 50 Cook/Taste lvl 10 Almost all info are in the pics. If you...
  11. K

    SOLD  [GLOBAL] GX 111/40 676gm 362k contri 7.7k atk selfbuff WOE Ready

    Selling this GX multi to LK & Sniper Lvl Base 111 Job 40/40 53xx Raw Atk 77xx Atk Selfbuff + Food meals 323k HP WOE Build 676GM & 362k Contri Adventurer Class B lvl 41 25M Zeny on Hand Alts: Lvl 92 HW for Pet Adventure Lvl 66 Rogue for Vitata Farming All other info's are in the pics. Please...
  12. X

    WTB> Giant Gloves +10-15

    WTB> Giant Gloves +10-15 pm me offer
  13. K

    SOLD  [Global] High End Genetic 822GM 453k Contri 10% Dmg/M.Dmg Multi to Mech

    Selling this High End Genetic Multi to Mech Creator Lvl 110 Job 40/40 Mech Lvl 110 Job 29/40 Have Gears to play Mech 73xx Atk SelfBuff +500 Atk on Handbook 822GM & 453k Contri 10% Dmg/M.Dmg Gacha Deposit Lots of Cards Deposited Lots of Headgears Deposited PVP/WOC/WOE Ready 100K HP w/ WOE Build...
  14. H

    SOLD  [Global] Selling between 650 and 700m zeny via Ghost Trade (GT) @ 0.8 USD/m

    Hello, I am quitting global to play in the EU server and I am looking to sell 650 to 700m zeny via ghost trade (proof in the picture below) for the price of 0.8 USD/m. I say up to 700 because I could easily sell that +12 RoC which has magic 2 in 120 mins snapping time for more 50m...
  15. K

    SOLD  [Global] Rush Repriced Ranger 110/31 602GM 8.5k Atk SelfBuff w/ EndGame Weapon

    Selling this Ranger Lvl Base 110 Job 31/40 49xx Raw Atk 85xx Atk SelfBuff 33M Current Zeny 565GM & 340k Contri w/ Lots of Mats and Sellables in inventory Lots of cards deposited Lots of Headgears deposited Can solo MVP up to ORC w/out priest Adventurer Class B lvl 45 Devil Wing Unlocked Notable...
  16. R

    SOLD  [GLOBAL]Endgame mechanic, multi RK. 900gmand 590k,180mzeny in hand

    Selling Account w/ MECHANIC 110/40, Multi to RK(110/26) and creator(110/32). +1 billon worth Selling = 900 usd (Via paypal). Can be via Middleman. 180 M in hands, 900 GM and 585k contribution READY FOR MVP HUNTING AND PVP(WOE) The mechanic is the best class for easy solo all the mvp in the...
  17. K

    Selling  ET run / Leveling service / Daily service / quest service (GLOBAL)

    ill make this as clear as possible!! ET Run : 1-100 of your choice (2 $) *Per Char* Leveling Service : 300 Stamina leveling (1.5 $) *place according to your current lvl* Daily Service : Rift / MS board / Stamina / M Resistance / T Ground ( 3 $) *Per Char* Quest Service : Per Town (3$) * Per...
  18. K

    SOLD  [Global] Rush Repriced High End RK 1k gm 16% Dmg & 17% MDmg on Handbook

    Selling this High End RK Agi Crit Build RK Lvl Base 110 Job 39/40 Handbook +16% Dmg & 17% M.Dmg Handbook Atk +682 & M.Atk +428 990GM & 590k Contri Multi to Paladin, Warlock, Stalker, WS, Creo Lots of Deposited Cards Lots of Deposited Headwears Adventurer Class B Lvl 43 WS Farmer Alt that can...
  19. K

    SOLD  [Global] Slave Priest 217GM 87k Contri 13M Zeny for only $50

    No introduction needed just a Slave Priest for anyone who needs it. Gmail Bind Only Price: $50 only Payment: Paypal Payment: Paypal Friends and Family We can use Midman if you want as long as you pay the fee Gmail Bind only I will help you with Gmail if you don’t know what to change in...
  20. J

    Selling  [GLOBAL]RK 110/40 – 400k+/720+ GM / 8.700+ atk and 2400+m.atk - Over 600kk ACC

    [GLOBAL]RK 110/40 – 400k+/720+ GM / 8.700+ ATK and 2400+M.ATK - Over 600kk ACC Brief: <GLOBAL SERVER>Rune Knight with 720+ Golden Medals and 400k + contribuition that reach 8.700+ atk and 2400+ matk. Can reach 2kk (millions) damage per dragon breath (check print). Over 600KK zennys account...