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puzzle and dragons

  1. Selling  Selling Mega Whale Pad Account

    Add me on Discord for more pics, will use trade guardian, or you can send first. Account has every GFE and Unit in the game. EuiChan#8255 on discord, or just direct message me here on epicnpc.
  2. SOLD  Puzzle and Dragons 1000+ gem NA account looking for $20

    contact me via discord @ vinhvinh #2413 I can do paypal, venmo and cashapp
  3. Selling  NA Rank 614 High-End Account

    Selling Rank 614 PAD Account because I'm not interested in playing anymore. Pictures of account: Price $50 starting. Please message me here or on Discord. Discord: Ted#8796 Thank you.
  4. NA Rank 885 | 315+ Stones | Meta Teams

    5 Year-Active Account - 2 Million+ Monster Points - Max Coins - 1,300+ Monsters - 5 Crowns - 7 Best Friends Monster Box Link: If interested, please send me a message here or through discord (bibimbutt#2415) with your offer. (Looking to get around $250) I would prefer to do transactions...
  5. Selling  JP puzzle and dragons lv659 860+ stone

    $250 paypal f&f Lv 659 860+ stone 710 box space Video showcase link https://youtube.com/shorts/4RNUOZwJuvQ?feature=share Email me or discord me Email [email protected] Discord Y0UKA1#7058
  6. SOLD  [JP] Rank 924 Whale Account with over 2000 cards and 500+ Magic Stones!

    Hi there, I would like to sell my account as I have moved on to another game. The account is heavily invested into, and has a very high amount of limited cards. I want the buyer to go first, and will only accept Paypal Friends and Family. PM me for pricing. Please keep all of our interactions...
  7. Buying  Puzzles & Dragons Cloud and Sephiroth NA account

    I'm buying a PAD account with Cloud and Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy collab. Any level, but not a japanese account. Please shoot a dm with price on my discord : Cloud Strife#4411
  8. Selling  2 JP Puzzle and Dragons Account

    Account 1 $180 USD PayPal F&F (so it don’t charge me 4.4%) Negotiable (don’t low ball) LV610 340+ Stone 555 box space YouTube showcase video link Account 2 $250 USD PayPal F&F (so it don’t charge me 4.4%) Negotiable (don’t low ball) LV736 540+ Stone 920 box space YouTube showcase video link...
  9. Selling  Player Rank 678 , Days played 1734 ,

    Been a long time player almost day 1. Been playing on and off and put a lot of time and effort into this account. It's just time to let it go. Still has end game content to complete almost all crowns to get. Over 34,000 plus points. Bestfriend selection still available. Many Many top tier...
  10. SOLD  NA Rank 601 Mid Game Account with Dante + 275 Magic Stones

    Here's the link to the entire box gallery. Here are some of my best teams. I've been playing for a few years now and would like this account to go to someone who can play a lot more than I can. I would like at least $150USD for it. I will take payments through PayPal. I would also like for...
  11. Selling  Rank 483, 85 Million Coins, 427 MP, Exclusives, 400K MP, $25

    Hi, I don't really play PAD all that much anymore with me not having interest in the game. It's a pretty well stocked account, and I've attatched a link to my boxes down below. I'm willing to negotiate the price, but I'm not 100% sure on how I would alter the listing given that I haven't really...
  12. Selling  [JP] Puzzle and Dragon Lv395

    USD $80 Or offer PayPal only. Video showcase link: Contact me on discord or email if interested Discord : Y0UKA1#7058 (that’s a 0 and 1) Email : [email protected]
  13. SOLD  [NA] Rank 942 Only 50$

    Payment through paypal The imgur above not put all the picture well, have to click on the imgur to show all the monster
  14. S> NA rank684+, 2100+ logins, 70+ Stone+, tons of collab and high rarity

    Send me offers. Notable monsters includes Yugioh, Bleach, FF, Shaman King, Power Rangers, Slayers, Monster Hunter, Yu Yu Hakasho, Fist of the North Star, Justice League, Evangalion, Gunho - Yami Marik - Dark Magician + Dark Magician Girl - Blue Eyes WD - Gandora - Yoh Asakura - Hiei - Yusuke -...
  15. SOLD  Selling Rank 733 NA PAD Account

    The account has many meta leads and top rarity GFEs and collab cards. To negotiate price and get screenshots of box, my discord is Luke17 #0217.
  16. Selling  NA PAD Rank 864 Semi Whale Account

    Don't really play the game as much anymore and only log-in for bonuses and stuff so it'd be best for someone to take over this account. Account was created on May/31/2014. Have most meta leads, 15 crowns, Best Friend Selection still available, over 2 million monster points, and A LOT of...
  17. Buying  Any starter account with Great witch of the lower castle Madoo

    Im looking for an account with Great with of the lower castle madoo. Please message me here and i will get back to you asap. Thank you
  18. Selling  40+ Crown Account; Meta leads & subs

    Hey all, looking to part with a very unique account. It has 40+ crowns & is rank 900+. Basic details on the account are : Whale status- meta leads & subs; 3k Box space; 35+ BF's, lots of materials(evo, snowglobes, etc) BOX: Sorted by 297 & MP. imgur.com/a/YjBcueh? Contact: pm or email ...
  19. Selling  NA Rank 762 Endgame Whale Account 27 Crowns 220 Stones 6* GFEs + Witches

    Gallery of Box 27 Crowns 700K MP 220 Stones 12,500 Plus Points 600 Million Coins 1065 Box Space Asking for $375. Paypal only. Negotiable. PM on Discord: Andrewni13#1025 Will send ID and transfer code after payment is confirmed. No returns accepted.
  20. Selling  NA account - 840 rank+ 2050 days+ tons of meta leads/subs

    Just getting too busy to give the game proper justice, and someone should have this killer acct. Over 2050 days playing, around 850 and climbing, 1.8Mil MP, lots of Pi, latents, enhance gems, and snow globes. Many desirables including: DMeta, Madoo, Scheat, Cotton, Ameno, Zela, Reeche, Blonia...
  21. Selling  $140 NA Rank 536 | 280 Stones | 1million MP | 520 space | Kush dream team |

    Selling my puzzle and dragons account. I used to play this game a ton but don't have time anymore. I've a whole lot of money on this account and would like to just sell it for a fraction of what I put into it. My discord is andres0277#9120. Ask me for other info regarding my account. Comes with...
  22. SOLD  Selling Cheap Rank 671 NA Account with Yusuke, Ideal, Cotton and 1.3M MP

    Currently have 113 magic stones. Has many great leads such as Mai Shiranui, Yusuke Urameshi and Nicol Bolas. Also has many great subs such as Ideal, Cotton, GrOdin Dragon, and Enra. Has 1.3 million Monster Points, many plus eggs and tamadras. Mail is full of rainbowpys, king tamadras, and...
  23. Rank 533 Account with perfect Kush team, and great leaders (100 stones)

    Selling my puzzle and dragons account. My discord is andres0277#9120. Ask me for other info regarding my account. Comes with great leads and subs. Comes with 100 stones. Leads: Aizen, Kush, Dark Athena, yomi dragon, Krishna, Lui Bei, Acala, Meridionalis, Sumire, and many more. Looking to sell...
  24. Trading  Granblue Fantasy Account for JP PAD Account

    Just as the title states, I want to trade my GBF account for a JP PAD account. Here are images of the account : https://imgur.com/a/zAC10mi Please PM me for offers.
  25. SOLD  382, late game account with tonnes of GFE and COLLAB cards

    discord: Reverie#3332 (NA) monster box: https://imgur.com/a/bLyN1ra Price:Selling for > $40 or reasonable offer (Paypal, buyer first)