1. Selling  pso2 jp ship 2 play time total 6k hour

  2. SOLD  JP ship2 classic+NGS 2029 BP 12k sg - both decent for end game for 80usd

    Providing all the necessary screenshot of the account, see below. Classic pso2's character is different from ngs main btw and it's also mostly just Luster class main. N-meseta subjected to change. All of these for 80 usd. Only accepting remitly for payment If you're interested or if you have...
  3. Selling  Meseta and N-Meseta Pso2 Jp Ship 2 | Ready Stock

    MESETA AND N-MESETA PSO2 BASE JAPAN SHIP 2 ( UPDATED 12/12/2021 ) STOCK & PRICE LIST : Meseta : $5/100M ( 2B stock ready ) N-Meseta : * Out of stock * (Stock and price can be changed anytime, so contact me on discord for more information and negotiation price) TRADE METHOD : Shop or...
  4. Selling  PSO2JP New Genesis Account Ship 02

    Hello Guys Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS Japan Contact By Discord Ilyasv#2867 Payment PayPal PSO2 NGS Data Changeable✓ Total 7 Char - Female Human 5K Hours Play Time Expert Req : Unlocked - ALL Class Maximum PSO2 - All Class Maximum NGS - A Lot Male/Female - A Lot...
  5. SOLD  Strong PSO2JP Account Ship2

  6. Selling  PSO2 JP Ship 2 Meseta Selling $ 0.3 Buy 50m+ Get Meseta Bonus

    Here Sell Meseta On Ship2 with Instant Delivery UNLIMITED STOCK • 1mil is 0.3$✓ • Stock Always Ready✓ • dozens of successful transactions✓ • Trustworthy✓ • A lot of Bonus ✓ Payment PayPal Contacts me via Discord : BigBoss#7566 Feel free to add me in-game later too :3
  7. Selling  PSO2 Jp Meseta ship2ur, $0.16/mil

    Welcome To My Thread Selling PSO2 Meseta Ship 2 UR (Japan Server) Stock : 250 mil Normal price is $0.16/mil Transaction via myshop and dont worry about the tax Payment : Paypal Contact me at Discord Discord : Rabbit#0071 Have a good day, stay hydrated, and stay healthy.
  8. SOLD  SaleGood PSO2JP Account Ship2✓ All class 95, Very good affix✓ Upto date

    RePostWELCOME SaleGood PSO2JP 8th Account Ship2✓ Discord Ilyasv#2867 ⭐Click Here for Positive Feedbacks 100% Without a Single Fraud⭐ All Meseta Sales and Pso2 Accounts Data Changeable✓ Additional Battle Coin 300K Get Exchange 100SG 1Week x2 Mark Receptor Include and many More Expensive Item...
  9. Selling  [PSO2JP] Selling 300m Meseta on Ship 2 JP for $45

    One-off sale of 300m meseta for $45USD on Ship 2 JP server. I'm an experienced seller and can guarantee a safe and easy transaction. You will need access to the player shop, but I will cover the shop tax. Payment through PayPal only. Contact me on Discord: edward#1917
  10. SOLD  PSO2 JP (ship 4 and 8) 1M = $0.18

    SHIP 4 and SHIP 8 TradePREMIUM +5% most of item (Including LA, accessories, sky dance ) cheaper than ship 2 stock ship 4 1300m, ship 8 1000m $0.24 = 1m Payment paypal. 1-99M = 0.21doll LV1 100-299 = 0.20doll LV2 300-599 =0.190doll LV3 600-899 =0.18doll LV4 999-1299 = 0.17doll LV5 1300++ =...
  11. Selling  Meseta PSO 2 JP [Ship 2] UR @0.15

    HI AND WELCOME! selling meseta pso2jp for ship 2 i'll update the stock and the price can be change anytime. ;) Price : 1M = $0.15 Payment method : PayPal (friend & family) Contact me for more information (dont be shy~) : Discord : -Kc#1605 COME COME!!! Thanks EPICNPC!
  12. Selling Account PSO2 JP Ship 4 Ansur

    I want to sell pso2 jp account on ship 4 ansur Price still can negotiable you can contact me here or: Discord : warriors#5292
  13. Selling  Selling meseta 200m pso2 jp ship 2 @0.60$

    Selling Meseta Stock 200m Price : 0.60$/m. Affix boost week is comiiiiing ~ Payment only via paypal Contact : -discord : ciput#7873 -skype : Ciput Chi
  14. Selling  Nice JP PSO2 account cheap 300$ nego + 100 m meseta

    Im leaving the game so im selling my account on ship 2! ---------------300$ nego -All class at least lvl 75+ -Alot of Lobby action, accessory and some dance -You start with 100 Million meseta -3 character all ready for TA -2 nice room worth alot of million meseta if you dont care about it -You...
  15. SOLD  PSO2JP Account Ship2 |UR| 199$

    *Specification Account : Ranger 80 Hunter 80 HeRo 80 All Class is 75 Qliphad Sword Affix Strike 170 Attack Qliphad assault Affix Range 150 Attack Qliphad Twin Machine Dark Blast Exp 80-90MiL All skill Reset 20+ Ticket Salon Color Pas etc = Countless Weapon *13 = Countless Unit *12 Such...
  16. SOLD  PSO2JP A©count Ship2✔ 1000$ Best Trustwo®thy✓

    Sold out
  17. SOLD  PSO2JP Mesata Ship2✔ Cheap 0.6$/m TRustworthy✔ 500Mil Ready

    Hello Views Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan Here Sell Meseta On Ship2✓ Best, Cheap Price✓ Currently Stock 500mil✓ Always Up✓ • 1mil is 0.6$✓ • Payment PayPal✓ • Contacts Soon Discord : Ilyasv#2867 PSO2JP Ship2✓ Meseta Cheap✓ Trustworthy✔
  18. Selling  PSO2JP Account Ship2/ur 199$

    WTS" Specification Account : Qliphad Sword Affix Strike 170 Attack Qliphad assault Affix Range 150 Attack Qliphad Twin Machine Dark Blast Exp 80-90MiL All skill Reset 20+ Ticket Salon Color Pas etc = Countless Weapon *13 = Countless Unit *12 Such Zainesis Circ Evleda : Have SET Recommended...
  19. Selling  Pso2 japan server mid op account ship 2 has 10 chars 500$ usd negotiation able

    Hii Guys, I want sell another PSO2 Japan MID OP Account Ship 2 Has 10 Chars Right Now Negotiation Able I don't want say much, you can see the video below : if you interesting this account and about price is...
  20. SOLD  Meseta PSO2jp Ship2 1m : 0.70$ USD

    Hello everyone, i'm selling Meseta PSO2jp Ship2:Ur Price 0.70$/m Free Tax Payment Method PayPal Contact me for deal : Discord : Pikari#2867 Stock always updated Thanks EPICNPC :o
  21. SOLD  Selling Maseta PSO2jp Ship2:Ur with Nice Price!!~

    Hello everyone! I want to selling my meseta. Stock Meseta :400m Stock always updated :rolleyes: The price is : 1m - 100m = $0.75 ( Free Tax ) 100 - 400m = $0.70 ( Free Tax ) Payment method, PayPal ;) just contact me if you interest Discord Mephisto#8129 available at 08:00 - 03:00(GMT +7)...
  22. SOLD  Wts > meseta pso2jp ship 2:ur! Buy more, more discount!!

    Hello there! I want to selling my meseta with nice price. ;) The price is : 1m++ = $0.95 USD 30m++ = $0.90 USD 100m++ = $0.85 USD 300m++= $0.80 USD​ To payment method, i'm using PAYPAL. We trade in game using visphone shop and i'll pay the tax. My current stock is 200m. U can trust me...
  23. Selling  Sell > pso2 jp account ship 2 (ur) 6 char hero taco ready

    WTS PSO2 JP Ship 2 account Qliphad Katana 6s Zein Sword & TMG (101 Qliphad Fuse) 6 Char Hero ( 1 char 80, 5 char taco ready vhshxq) Open price 800$ (negotiable), payment using PayPal family/friend method or ATM transfer (INA Only) more picture or nego, u can PM me :p:p:p Discord ...
  24. SOLD  Meseta PSO2 JP Ship 2 Ur | $0.9 = 1m Meseta

    Meseta PSO2 JP on Ship 2 Ur. READY STOCK!! Current Stock : 100M (9/29/2017) Price : $0.9/M Meseta Payment : Paypal Discord: iamluthfi#0854 Restock : 30M ~ 50M/Week Just PM me in discord if u want this meseta on ur storage :) Update will be post #1. Stay Tune and thanks EpicNPC!
  25. SOLD  Selling saiki set unit ship 2 ur r-atk 150 atk = 80$ note:pso2 jp server

    I'm sell Saiki Set for R-Atk 150atk/20hp/5Dex/7pp each unit x 3 (Rear,Leg, Arm) with 80$, but you should have 11* unit pass just need x3 pass to access all of them xD Don't Worry about your Personal Information, it will be safe. Thanks admin before for more detail you can contact me by ...