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  1. Selling  Meseta and N-Meseta Pso2 Jp Ship 2 | Ready Stock

    MESETA AND N-MESETA PSO2 BASE JAPAN SHIP 2 ( UPDATED 1/12/2021 ) STOCK & PRICE LIST : Meseta : $0.80/M ( 2B stock ready ) N-Meseta : * Out of stock * (Stock and price can be changed anytime, so contact me on discord for more information and negotiation price) TRADE METHOD : Shop or...
  2. Selling  PSO2JP New Genesis Account Ship 02

    Hello Guys Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS Japan Contact By Discord Ilyasv#2867 Payment PayPal PSO2 NGS Data Changeable✓ Price $1000 Total 7 Char - Female Human 5K Hours Play Time Expert Req : Unlocked - ALL Class Maximum PSO2 - All Class Maximum NGS - A Lot Male/Female - A...
  3. SOLD  Strong PSO2JP Account Ship2

  4. Selling  PSO2 JP Ship 2 Meseta Selling $ 0.3 Buy 50m+ Get Meseta Bonus

    Here Sell Meseta On Ship2 with Instant Delivery UNLIMITED STOCK • 1mil is 0.3$✓ • Stock Always Ready✓ • dozens of successful transactions✓ • Trustworthy✓ • A lot of Bonus ✓ Payment PayPal Contacts me via Discord : BigBoss#7566 Feel free to add me in-game later too :3
  5. Selling  PSO2 Jp Meseta ship2ur, $0.16/mil

    Welcome To My Thread Selling PSO2 Meseta Ship 2 UR (Japan Server) Stock : 250 mil Normal price is $0.16/mil Transaction via myshop and dont worry about the tax Payment : Paypal Contact me at Discord Discord : Rabbit#0071 Have a good day, stay hydrated, and stay healthy.
  6. SOLD  SaleGood PSO2JP Account Ship2✓ All class 95, Very good affix✓ Upto date

    RePostWELCOME SaleGood PSO2JP 8th Account Ship2✓ Discord Ilyasv#2867 ⭐Click Here for Positive Feedbacks 100% Without a Single Fraud⭐ All Meseta Sales and Pso2 Accounts Data Changeable✓ Additional Battle Coin 300K Get Exchange 100SG 1Week x2 Mark Receptor Include and many More Expensive Item...
  7. Selling  [PSO2JP] Selling 300m Meseta on Ship 2 JP for $45

    One-off sale of 300m meseta for $45USD on Ship 2 JP server. I'm an experienced seller and can guarantee a safe and easy transaction. You will need access to the player shop, but I will cover the shop tax. Payment through PayPal only. Contact me on Discord: edward#1917
  8. SOLD  PSO2 JP (ship 4 and 8) 1M = $0.18

    SHIP 4 and SHIP 8 TradePREMIUM +5% most of item (Including LA, accessories, sky dance ) cheaper than ship 2 stock ship 4 1300m, ship 8 1000m $0.24 = 1m Payment paypal. 1-99M = 0.21doll LV1 100-299 = 0.20doll LV2 300-599 =0.190doll LV3 600-899 =0.18doll LV4 999-1299 = 0.17doll LV5 1300++ =...
  9. Selling  Meseta PSO 2 JP [Ship 2] UR @0.15

    HI AND WELCOME!...im selling meseta pso2jp for ship 2 i'll update the stock and the price can be change anytime. ;) Price : 1M = $0.15 Payment method : PayPal (friend & family) Contact me for more information (dont be shy~) : Discord : -Kc#1605 COME COME!!! Thanks EPICNPC!
  10. Selling Account PSO2 JP Ship 4 Ansur

    I want to sell pso2 jp account on ship 4 ansur Price still can negotiable https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-VOiZ1106k3D-U0zFlwizT8xqc9A-tnw?usp=sharing you can contact me here or: Discord : warriors#5292
  11. Selling  Selling meseta 200m pso2 jp ship 2 @0.60$

    Selling Meseta Stock 200m Price : 0.60$/m. Affix boost week is comiiiiing ~ Payment only via paypal Contact : -discord : ciput#7873 -skype : Ciput Chi
  12. Selling  Nice JP PSO2 account cheap 300$ nego + 100 m meseta

    Im leaving the game so im selling my account on ship 2! ---------------300$ nego -All class at least lvl 75+ -Alot of Lobby action, accessory and some dance -You start with 100 Million meseta -3 character all ready for TA -2 nice room worth alot of million meseta if you dont care about it -You...
  13. SOLD  PSO2JP Account Ship2 |UR| 199$

    *Specification Account : Ranger 80 Hunter 80 HeRo 80 All Class is 75 Qliphad Sword Affix Strike 170 Attack Qliphad assault Affix Range 150 Attack Qliphad Twin Machine Dark Blast Exp 80-90MiL All skill Reset 20+ Ticket Salon Color Pas etc = Countless Weapon *13 = Countless Unit *12 Such...
  14. SOLD  PSO2JP A©count Ship2✔ 1000$ Best Trustwo®thy✓

    Sold out
  15. SOLD  PSO2JP Mesata Ship2✔ Cheap 0.6$/m TRustworthy✔ 500Mil Ready

    Hello Views Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan Here Sell Meseta On Ship2✓ Best, Cheap Price✓ Currently Stock 500mil✓ Always Up✓ • 1mil is 0.6$✓ • Payment PayPal✓ • Contacts Soon Discord : Ilyasv#2867 PSO2JP Ship2✓ Meseta Cheap✓ Trustworthy✔
  16. Selling  PSO2JP Account Ship2/ur 199$

    WTS" Specification Account : Qliphad Sword Affix Strike 170 Attack Qliphad assault Affix Range 150 Attack Qliphad Twin Machine Dark Blast Exp 80-90MiL All skill Reset 20+ Ticket Salon Color Pas etc = Countless Weapon *13 = Countless Unit *12 Such Zainesis Circ Evleda : Have SET Recommended...
  17. Selling  Pso2 japan server mid op account ship 2 has 10 chars 500$ usd negotiation able

    Hii Guys, I want sell another PSO2 Japan MID OP Account Ship 2 Has 10 Chars Right Now Negotiation Able I don't want say much, you can see the video below : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PEP0gIZ3pIsIQwrIvnu4OM59sCD5QYbz/view?usp=sharing if you interesting this account and about price is...
  18. SOLD  Meseta PSO2jp Ship2 1m : 0.70$ USD

    Hello everyone, i'm selling Meseta PSO2jp Ship2:Ur Price 0.70$/m Free Tax Payment Method PayPal Contact me for deal : Discord : Pikari#2867 Stock always updated Thanks EPICNPC :o
  19. SOLD  Selling Maseta PSO2jp Ship2:Ur with Nice Price!!~

    Hello everyone! I want to selling my meseta. Stock Meseta :400m Stock always updated :rolleyes: The price is : 1m - 100m = $0.75 ( Free Tax ) 100 - 400m = $0.70 ( Free Tax ) Payment method, PayPal ;) just contact me if you interest Discord Mephisto#8129 available at 08:00 - 03:00(GMT +7)...
  20. SOLD  Wts > meseta pso2jp ship 2:ur! Buy more, more discount!!

    Hello there! I want to selling my meseta with nice price. ;) The price is : 1m++ = $0.95 USD 30m++ = $0.90 USD 100m++ = $0.85 USD 300m++= $0.80 USD​ To payment method, i'm using PAYPAL. We trade in game using visphone shop and i'll pay the tax. My current stock is 200m. U can trust me...