1. Trading  WTT Azur Lane 80.8%cr for PSN gift card

    Hello! Just some clarification beforehand: there are two dead binds, Yostar & Facebook (the accounts are lost and forgotten) and only Twitter can be bound I would like to trade this account for an 50$ PSN gift card I can also take offers from other games Details: The account is level 117, and...
  2. Trading  Trading FGO for PSN gift card (sold)

    Hello! I am looking to trade either of these two accounts for a 50$ PSN gift card FGO NA (SOLD) -31/34 ssr (shuten np2) -BD resettable -Story Heian Kyo -MLB BG, 2x kaleid, 2x 2030, MLB mona lisa -300 GA -15 max skills FGO JP -46/50 WNP (np3 castoria, np2 drake and mhx) -230 sq/78 fragment/15...
  3. Buying PSN Account with Lots of Rock Band 4 DLC Songs

    As the title says, I'm looking to purchase a PSN account that has a large library of Rock Band 4 songs. I will only be making this trade with Trade Guardian services (I'll pay for it). Please contact me either here or on discord if interested, my discord tag is Krim#3806
  4. Selling  PSN account made before 2018. All cods work!

    So i have 3 accounts im willing to sell 100€ each but i am open for offers. All accounts have unlock all on mw3.
  5. Selling  US PSN account with 58 games - many DLCs / deluxe editions

    I'm selling a personal PSN account comprised of 58 games, many of which with purchased DLCs and in their complete and ultimate versions. The transaction will be handled with PlayerAuctions. Please have a look at the following link for more details...
  6. Selling  Modern Warfare 2019, Call of duty PS4 CODMW psn account

    Selling my PLAYSTATION 4 US account The account has a balance of $1.22 I have purchased Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2019( Warzone ) on it (no progress) I have a lot of PS PLUS games in my library. ( you'll have to buy ps plus to play those titles ) METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN...
  7. Selling  CD keys Wholesale: Steam, Origin, Xbox, Psn.

    Hello, dear colleagues, My name is Artem - i'm the owner of digital distribution company "Digital-codes" OU (reg. # 16517350), incorporated in Estonia. We are the game codes wholesaler dealing with PC (Steam, Origin...), Xbox and PSN. All our products we buy officialy from partners of such...
  8. Selling  PSN Account with games

    PSN account dm bikey444#9897 on discord -Tekken 7 Definitive Edition -Naruto Shippudden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road to Boruto -One Punch Man Deluxe Edition
  9. SOLD  2016 PSN Account w/ Great Library of Titles

    First and foremost, I do not own a PlayStation console anymore. I am the original owner. I have an amazing account from 2016 just collecting dust and would hate for it to go to waste when someone else can be enjoying it. It has PS Plus till 11/18/22. Modded saves uploaded in the cloud from when...
  10. Buying  Looking for account with Nier Automata, Tales of Arise, No Man's Sky, ..

    Looking for US region account that has (most of) following games: - Nier Automata - Tales of Arise - No Man's Sky - Scarlet Nexus - God of War My discord is minny#4304 or you can contact me here on EpicNPC
  11. Selling pen account 18 games inc Elden Ring, 25% of current PS store value

    Full list of games: 7 days to die ark survival evolved days gone doom ufc 2 pes 2020 elden ring fifa 22 mass effect legendary edition la noire metro exodus mk11 resident evil 2 sifu skyrim the forest xcom 2 last of us part 2
  12. the elder scrolls online account 6 collector edition with preorder

    hello. i sell eso account 2 character 6 collector edition with preorder imperial edition with preorder crown crates many morze for pv
  13. Selling  PSN Account for Sale (Lots of new/popular/good games!) Cheap Price

    HAS PS PLUS List of games: - Godfall: Challenger Edition - Genshin Impact - Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight/Persona 4: Dancing All Night/Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - Warframe - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Overwatch: Origins Edition - Demon Slayer -Kimetsu No Yaiba- The Hinokami...
  14. Buying  Buying 2006 PSN Account

    Hello. I am looking for a 2006 North or South American Play Station Network account, preferably clean and unused. If you have something to offer send me PM so we can talk.
  15. Selling  Psn account with a few games $15

    Selling a psn account with a few games. Assassins creed valhalla, devil may cry 5 special edition (ps5 only), resident evil 2, yakuza like a dragon, yakuza 4, yakuza 6, bayonetta, onimusha, shin megami tensei 3, nier replicant, devil may cry 4. Discord : Ruki#4665
  16. SOLD  Selling PSN account LVL 328/ 53 plats few games $25

    Selling a 328 level PlayStation account. Has a few games like overwatch, devil may cry 5, final fantasy vii, persona 5, Jojos bizarre adventure eyes of heaven, nier automata, sekiro, nioh, assassins creed ezio collection, has tons of avatars and wallpapers. Selling this for $25 cheap. Discord ...
  17. Selling  #1 OG Hypebeast PSN

    PSN : *up**m* Hint - They make box logo hoodies Region - Jap BTC/ETH/LTC/TradeGuardian Only C/O : 850$ ( offsite ) Bin : 2K All sales are final I am not responsible for anything after the sale. This involves any ban/suspension/revert/pullback etc. You are to go first or a middleman can be...
  18. Selling  Gran Turismo 7 In-Game Credits

    Hello. I am pleased to announce I can sell you much cheaper Gran Turismo 7 Credits than the official store. What I will need from you, is your PS4 save (with user ID folder present), and some details from your in game values. This will be explained upon purchase. This can be done without me...
  19. PS4/5 Pred s9 s10 s11 s12 - 7 Heirloom + Bh reactive - 474 Leg - All 4k 20b

    Ranked: Master: (S6, S8, S11 x2) - Predator (S9, S10, S12 - S11 Arena) *100 Win streak arenas badge* Heirloom/Mythic: Crypto, Wattson, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Caustic, Octane, and Wraith - Also Bloodhound Tier 3 Total Legendary Items: 474 Completed Battlepass: S2, S6, S8, S9, S10, S11, S12...
  20. 4 Heirloom 300 Legendaries PSN ACCOUNT

    4 Heirloom Account + Event Skins + BP Skins Next Heirloom within 100 Packs Season 12 Shiny Master Badge Multiple 4k 20B All Legends Unlocked Heat Sink & Zero Point Skins OGE for PSN and Email $200 or trade for pc account in equal value
  21. Selling  Apex legends account (psn), 2bp complete, 1300 apex coins | $30

  22. Selling  Apex legends PS account, never played rank, with coins to buy battlepass

    Apex legends PS account, never played rank, with coins to buy battlepass
  23. Selling Level 229 PSN Account with 80+ Games

    I am selling my old account that has 85 games on it as well as one month of PS+. Asking for $175.00 which works out to $2.05 a title, however price is negotiable within reason. The games are listed below: Ghost of Tsushima Team Sonic Racing ARK: Survival Evolved Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon...
  24. Buying  WTB | Barcode Playstation Network Account | Full Email Access

    Okay so I'm in the market for a Barcode PSN account. The account could be stacked with games and be modded on GTA Online. The account could have been reset on GTA Online. The account could have nothing to do with GTA Online and have other in game progression for other games. The account...
  25. Buying  Account with Mandalorian skin on PSN - paypal only

    Hi there, Looking for a starter account with Mandalorian skin on PSN -- full beskar armor would be awesome but not a deal breaker. Other star wars skins are a plus but not necessary, either. Not looking to spend a lot on accounts with hundreds of other skins. Ideally with the name changeable...