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  1. W

    Selling  Level 70 Blood Elf Shadow Priest on Atlantiss Netherwing *Horde*

    Selling my lvl 70 BE Spriest on netherwing. -About 2200 GS -2/2 Spellstrike hood and pants -Frozen shadow-weave shoulders -351 tailoring (shadowcloth spec)/ 331 enchanting -280% flying -800 gold on character -Kara attuned -Lower City revered for heroics (CE, KoT, and Sha'tar are all close to...
  2. D

    Selling  [OO] 411 Lock, 411 DK, 407 Monk, Magetower skins...more inside

    Original owner looking to sell complete mythic to mythic ready account with mage tower vanity https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/df641af72fc189c5e8a43bb5fbe9da17 411 lock 5/9M( King Rasta achievement) 43 Heart BiS Traits for all 3 specs ,400 Balefire branch, magetower skins for all 3...
  3. F

    Selling  60 Dwarf Priest - Northdale

    Hello, I am selling my lvl 60 dwarf priest on Northdale 50% prebis, rest is random blues. Darnassus exalted (tiger mount) 300 herbalism 260 engineering Comes with original email Contact me for more info, skype: mick3k
  4. S

    Selling  Many bis t3 chars. Retrowow

    Hi, I'm selling my Retrowow account since I am no longer playing. The account has following chars: BIS geared war for arms and fury, near bis tank gear 8/9 t3 BIS Disc/holy priest 8/9t3, aq40/naxx shadow gear Near bis mage 8/9t3 FC druid with 8/9 t3 Aq40/naxx geared rogue (3 t3 tokens in bag)...
  5. N

    415 ilvl Druid + 414 ilvl Druid and 4 405+ ilvl alts

    Today i wanna offer u a perfect account for multi-class healer. All characters placed on the russian realms, but u can easily transfer them on every EU realm. On the account i have: Alliance 414 ilvl heal druid https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/0311d645be933ac290301697efaa7997 408 ilvl...
  6. ungdommen

    Selling  Scarab Lord shell with TBC season 3 Gladiator Warrior(Vengeful Nether Drake)

    -Scarab Lord title. -Black Qiraji War Tank -Level 93 Warrior with Vengeful Nether Drake (TBC season 3 gladiator). -Vanilla Master Seargent PvP title. -Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King item in bags. -Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros item in bags. -WoW1 lisence is banned. -WoW2 lisence is Clean. -Price...
  7. AccountShark.net

    417 Priest | "Hero of Dazar'alor" | 9/9 Mythic | BiS 420 Gear | CE Jaina

    Armory (Click to View): 417 Priest Progression: 9/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor 8/8 Uldir Notable Items & Transmog: Heart of Azeroth: 41 420 Siren's Song 415 Fogbreaker, Light of the Sea 420 Crest of Pa'ku 415 Eternal Alchemist Stone 415 Soulfuel Headdress 415 Secret Spinner's Miter 415...
  8. R

    SOLD  Selling [6/9m] 415 BiS Shadow Priest - character only - OO / PVP 2k

    Serious Offers only - $350 starting PM me with any questions Selling my BiS Mythic M Jaina Ready shadow priest BFA PVP - All Transmog S1 - Dueslit S2 - Rival 2K https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/d75a0f22a009a6e0c718c6c05cb0e128 150k Gold included BIS 415 Trinket and Traits
  9. E

    Selling  Warmane . Ice. Premium acc.Rogue udead 6k gearscore , Warlock 5,5 + more

    Hello. I sell accounts with Rogue 6k gearscore ,horde undead\ Blood Elf Warlock 5,5k gs. \80 Rogue\ Human War 4.5k \Orc War 4.2k gs ) Tailoring 450 / 450 Enchanting 450 / 450 My mail : [email protected] My skype : BearEmmy1994 or https://funpay.ru/users/99116/...
  10. AngelEyes

    Buying  Looking to buy 450+ account

    (VELIKA) Looking to buy either a Ninja, Priest, Archer, Reaper, Valkyrie, or Gunner, i450+ Add me on Discord to discuss details. Faeh#3787
  11. D

    Selling  120 Priest,Demon Hunter, Rogue + ~380 item level + Alts + Bonuses + Safe +$150

    I'm the original owner of this account, there is no middle man, I have perfect rep, and been trading 10+ years without a single negative feedback or incident asking price is $150 flat though paypal if interested post on this thread of come to this discord https://discord.gg/KSYTAGR Account...
  12. K

    Selling  WTS druid/monk/rogue account on Lightbringer/Sargeras very cheap

    Hey guys, im selling an account that has 3 max lvl characters all between 370-380 ilvl Monk Druid Rogue This is not a vanity account i think i have about 10-20k gold and i do have a couple cool mounts but its definetly not a vanity account. The account also has a lvl 102 DH and a 110 i believe...
  13. OrokuSaibot

    SOLD  41 undead priest Northdale

    SOLD Have a good day <3
  14. S

    Selling  WTS Netherwing Lvl 70 Male Undead Priest 2650GS

    WTS Male Undead Holy/Disc Priest 70 level Netherwing Atlantiss Enchanting 375 Tailoring 365 Riding 60% Flyer + 100% Skeletal Warhorse +email ______________________________________________________________ Comes with bank that includes lots of mats Insane PvP gear 2 pc s1 Gladiator's gear and...
  15. AngelEyes

    Buying  Priest or Warrior accounts, 450+, Velika

    As title says. Add me on Discord to discuss: A.P. Cadmus#1922 Not looking to spend more than $40 on any account.
  16. Masaya

    Buying  High End NA TERA Account Velika/Kaiator

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a High End NA TERA Account in any server (Velika/Kaiator) That meets these criteria: • Mystic, Priest AND/OR Reaper LV 65 (with Stormcry Set) • Gold Laurel or higher • Lots of costumes/cosmetics • Decent amount of materials/gold. Please PM me if you have an account...
  17. V

    Selling  WTS EU Glad BFA/Wod CM 4x 120

    Hello want to sell great account with 4x 120 lvl ( main hunter - pala-priest-dud ) realm: Drakthull EU faction: HORDE ( some low lvl alts aly ) many alts 110+- all classes BFA s1 glad + mount WoD Challenger mode fully professions on all characters 16500 achievements armory of main char hunter...
  18. S

    Selling  Northdale - Level 40 Dwarf Priest

    Selling Level 40 Male Dwarf priest Has 60% mount and 151g 238/300 herbalism 292/300 skinning 230/300 cooking 225/300 first aid I'm the sole owner of the account and all of the progress was completed by me Comes with original email Asking for $60 USD As a bonus the account also comes with a...
  19. F

    Buying  WTB Netherwing [Alliance] 70 Priest Healer $$$$

    Looking for a geared healing priest or a lesser geared priest with tailoring or rep factions grinded. Will pay good money anywhere from $200-400 Serious sellers only. BTC preffered but can use Paypal. Thanks, post here and message me on skype Nimibini