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pocket legends

  1. pocket legends gold

    Selling 300m pure gold ( can have more ) at 0.4/m add me on discord Capsul#9930 You can contact me here too!
  2. Buying  Buying PL OG Names

    Buying PL names, must show proof of ownership. I can only pay in Paypal. tory#2472
  3. Selling  FNORD Account

    💙 Selling 1 Fnord Account 💙 This Account is a basic low Level Mage. It has no Items etc. 💎 If you're interested, feel free to add me💎 Discord: Dami#1880 💰 I only accept PayPal (Friends and family) as a payment option 💰 📌To verify myself as an safe Trader, here are some old posts, where...
  4. BOUGHT  Looking to buy 30m gold, $0.3:1m ratio

    As the title stated, I'm looking to buy 30m gold for $0.3 / 1m ratio Payment method: Cryptocurrency (Ltc is preferred but USDT also an option..) Discord: Rebel#5841 Or contact me through EPICNPC, I will get back to you as soon as possible, but discord is the fastest form of communication ^^...
  5. BOUGHT  Looking to buy a little bit of golds

    Hello! I’m looking to buy 5-10m gold for Cryptocurrency (Litecoin preferred) Contact me on here or discord Discord: Rebel#5841
  6. SOLD  Selling PL account

    Selling PL account with: 2x Lvl 110 characters. (Warrior and Enchantress) 17 character slots. 250 stash slots. 40 auction slots on main + 11 slots on alt About 18m gold I'm the original owner of the account. Ask for more details if needed. I can also sell items separately if offer is decent...
  7. Buying  Black Dragon Set/Egg

    Buying Black Dragon Set and egg. Will pay Venmo, Cashapp or paypal. I will not go first however. Add me on discord with your price @ RB#6433. I also buy other rare items and large amounts of gold. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY.
  8. Selling  Rare high value Pocket legend accounts

    Selling: - Account with Human face mage + bird level 110 - Account with black tournament shield with 110 and 500+ platinum, max stash, inventory and character slots Please message offers on discord: JustBrutality#5256 Accepting offers in: USD (only for the tournament account) PL items Gold
  9. Buying  PL Gold: Paypal f&f/Venmo, Discord: asdsd#8808

    buying pocket legends gold message me on discord! asdsd#8808
  10. Selling  Pocket Legends Account L110 x2

    Hello everyone! Unfortunately, there is no time to play lately, so I will sell the account, there are several characters on the account: Bird (110 lvl) Mage (110 lvl) Bear (lvl 83) Fox (42 lvl) In the amount of gold on the account 30 million. Many different things, vaniti, pets. There are many...
  11. Buying  Human face acc

    I am a legit buyer ask anyone. I am wanting to buy a human face acc I will not go first. Two options we use trade guardian or you go first. DO NOT PM ME IF THESE TERMS ARE NOT MET! payment methods: paypal, cashapp
  12. Pocket legends selling gold

    Selling Pocket Legends Gold At 0.3/M! Add Me On Discord plvulture#1219 I currently have 2.1b in stock and 2b worth in items if you’re interested into those i use only Paypal ( friends & family ) Add Me For Some Good deals & If you continue to buy alot from me ill lower prices and give discounts...
  13. Selling  Pocket Legends Gold

    S) Pocket Legends Gold @ $.30 per mil. Currently have 1.5b in stock. Venmo only. If interested, add my discord @ GoldSeller#0834
  14. Selling  200M Gold .30$/m

    200m gold available for 0.30$/m Contact me here or discord Mnstr#3995
  15. Selling  Selling 150m Gold

    Hello, I am Selling Gold Gold Available : 150M Rate 0.40/m Only accept Paypal f&f payments Contact me here or discord Mercy345#3995
  16. Selling  Selling L110 Enchantress

    Contact me on Discord: vidu#9105 or Telegram: @vi_du if you have questions. Price: €250. I am the original owner of the account. We will fully transfer the account to your e-mail. Characters: L110 - enchantress L81 - archer L75 - warrior L42 - ranger Things: L110 Ebonthrax Greatdragon Cap...
  17. Selling  Good stuff!!

    Account: Many untradable vanities that are each ranged between 20-400m in tradable addition Black Mirror Tourney shield (Best looking one in my opinion, very rare, only 3 in-game) Items: Gold Discord: brackets#4688
  18. SOLD  Selling L110 account - Ready to play - With unique LB reward

    Contact me on Discord: ananarcane#9694 if you have questions. Price: € 179 now € 129. Payment via PayPal. I am the original owner of the account. We will fully transfer the account to your e-mail. Characters L110 Rhino (500 inv slots, 1 auc slot). L110 Enchantress (500 inv slots, 21 auc slots)...
  19. SOLD  Decathrax Account - Accepting Gold/Items/PayPal

    DECATHRAX ACCOUNT | Accepting Gold/Items/PayPal This account has NOTHING on it except a trade-locked Decathrax. Account was created using protonmail, you will get access to the physical protonmail account itself AS WELL AS the STS Nexus login information. I am looking for around $50 USD sent as...
  20. Selling  Pocket Legends Items

    selling pets, vanities/vanity sets, rare items/sets pm for more info Yolo#3394
  21. Pocket legends Selling gold cheap

    POCKET LEGENDS GOLD 0.3/mil Selling pocket legends gold got 1b+ in stock Sets , vanities , ops sets, banners (wings) Og names An account made in 2010 with a 110 bird mage bear fox, like 50 character slots a whole bunch of inventory, cs , stash slots, 100+ platinum, and selling for cheap!! And...
  22. Pocket Legends Gold .40 per Million

    Selling gold .40 per million. No scam, no bs. Accepting (CashApp/Paypal F&F). *Not going first* Discord: Goldplug#0120
  23. Selling  Selling Black Dragon Armor

  24. Selling  Selling Dragonet X-Fire Bow

    Message my discord to negotiate, #killedfishy4552 accepting cashapp or venmo
  25. Selling  Gold .4$/m

    Stock: 880m and Items .4/m Venmo, cashapp, PayPal Discord: Lowkey#9251