plat account

  1. SOLD  PRICE Reduced 17M pp Plat account 2 siphi (Top spd 383 spd)/3 rotos /Hegemon

    Im selling my op account with high quality artefacts, meta void champ siphi 383 speed. Nuker artefacts for rotos. Plat account. Really cheap Not linked to fb or apple, mail changeable. Price : 1200$ 950$ or € Paypal fnf from balance or crypto Discord : Rikta60#1518
  2. Selling  [NA] Diamond 2 Accounts - $50

    Hello, I am selling two Diamond 2 Valorant accounts. Account 1: 50 RR, Raze and Reyna Unlocked - $50 Account 2: 50 RR, Viper and Chamber Unlocked - $50 Accounts come with original unverified emails. I accept Venmo, Paypal F&F, Cashapp, and Crypto, but can discuss other forms of payment as...
  3. SOLD  Super stacked end game plat Account. 7.4M PP (cheap)

    70+legos, many fully booked Insane gear on account and alot more unleveled gear Fast dungeon times 20/21 on farm Dt hard done once(im not a fan of doom tower with this being my alt) Full auto 1 key clan boss team any affinity with ninja or fayne Arbiter speed 347 can be upped by regearing...
  4. SOLD  1x plat - 7x black ice - battle pass - full operator - x043

    full operator 12x booster lvl 163 W.L 1.1 K.D .9 65X CHARMS battle pass 19K RENOWN 600 CREDIT 1X PLAT black ice g36 ash 5.7 usg ( handgun) p9 ( handgun) glaz sniper fuze lmg p12 ( handgun) aug iq Gun skins: UNI AND HEADS : Price : 125$ Paypal (FnF) - BTC - ETH - other...
  5. Level 296 Platinum Account [Black Ices + Most Elites]

    Uplay Account 4x Plat, Current Season Plat Diamond Highest MMR This Szn Universals (Whitehall, Colors, Gemstones +more) 1.12KD 1.2WL Sledge, Thatcher, Ash, Thermite, Twitch, IQ, Blackbeard, Mute, Pulse, Doc, Kapkan, Jager, Valk Elites L85A2, SMG 11, 5.7 USG, P12 Black Ice Add my discord for...
  6. SOLD  Hand Leveled P4 Account (20 rare skins) (50+ champs) (price negotiable)

    TFT RANK IS G3 RANKED FLEX IS B1 Ranked Solo P4 (52 percent win rate) The account name is Geltabby (LvL 112) can check the stats there on op,gg I am selling because i recently got a daughter and the money could be used for her instead :) Cost: $50 (price negotiable) Contact: Discord...
  7. Selling  1.2KD 1.4WL 2x Plat account smurf!!!!!! £30+

    contact on discord ; your mum#3525 Email ; [email protected] PayPal only 2x plat charms Operators and more!
  8. Selling High Plat Dps and Low Diamond Support Level 163 and Goats Brig

    Want to sell fast for 120 dollars dm me on discord for more info and screenshots Sal#0022
  9. SOLD  NA Platinum 4 Account | Handleveled | 10 Skins | Cosmic Reaver Kassadin + More

    NA Platinum 4 account, handeleveled as you can see by the S9 rank, 32 champions. Great skins, including Cosmic Reaver Kassadin, Dawnbringer Riven, Dragon Tamer Heimerdinger, Star Guardian Zoe, Bloodmoon pyke, & more. Account is full access and I'm the original owner, all details in pictures...
  10. Selling  SELLING garena lol account with 240+ skins for 550 SGD

    Selling my main account for 550 SGD having 240+ skins including GOTH ANNIE and BLACK ALISTAR price negotiable Payment: PayPal,GPay, Paytm, Phonepay Contact: DISCORD: #Ryan6200 Whastsapp: +91 96639 82715 AND MANY MORE SKINS
  11. Selling  Selling High platinum account cheap! $20

    Selling a high plat - 2892sr account for very cheap! Level 27 Original owner Will provide Email and email password and Secret Question Only $20! Images: Contact me: Discord: ✨🌸 Abi 🌸✨#0602 OR https://[Social group links not allowed]/X65X7SU PM me here Email: [email protected]
  12. Lol PLAT 4 EUW

    Selling my account since I don't enjoy playing anymore. It's a basic Plat 4 account with 70LP. (Plat 2 MMR so wins give more) * Around 3 skins * Around 3 Ward Skins * Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Shard * Around 30 Champs * 700-800 Orange Essence * 3-4 other Skin Shards * 10k+ ip * 15+ Champion...
  13. Selling  Na | plat 1 | 39 champs | 5 skins | diamond mmr (cheap)

    I am selling my plat 1 acc for $50 The account has like D4,D5ish mmr and is clean no bans lvl 2 honor. The skins are Noxus Poppy, Dreadknigh Garen, Battle Boss Ziggs, Prestigious LeBlanc and Mundo Mundo. I will also show pics of all champs if you message me! Discord: cgonz#3159 Twitter (DM)...
  14. SOLD  10-0 Placement Accounts

    Hello! I currently have one 10-0 placement account left for sale. Has an unverified email and all refunds. Selling for 35$. I accept PayPal Add me on discord for any questions or offers! Ashlington#0666
  15. Buying  Looking for plat 3 acc (adc or top main) $30 obo

    Looking for an acc around PLAT 3 for around $30 must be a clean account (no chat restrictions, bans etc) If you have please add me on discord: cgonz#3159 or DM on twitter: @cgonzTV
  16. SOLD  [NA] League of Legends Main Account: Season 7 Plat, all champs, 84 skins

    NA League of Legends Main Account: Season 7 Plat, all champs, 84 skins, and more! QUICK SELL CHEAP - Account owns ALL champions: imgur - Owns 84 total skins, including 2 ultimate skins:imgur - Has many old icons:imgur - Has enough BE to name change! - Has 9 rune pages - Is level 37 -...
  17. Selling  Plat 5 Account - EUW

    Hi everyone! I am selling a plat 5 account here. It has 20 champs, honor level 5, 2198 BE, 2363 OE and a few champion shards and skin shards. The account is not botted, the e-mail is unverified. Winrate: around 70% Champions: Amumu, Annie, Ashe, Ekko, Gangplank, Garen, Kayle, Lee Sin, Master...
  18. Selling  Lol plat5 account with diamond mmr 85%wr and cs kalista!

    LoL Plat5 Account with Diamond MMR 85%WR AND CS KALISTA! What does MMR mean? It means your hidden elo is high that means you will get around 25+LP per win This account has: 1 rare Skin (CS KALISTA) 20 Champions 1 full Runepage 2-6k IP Paypal only.
  19. SOLD  Selling LOL NA Plat V Account with 64 champions and 32 skins

    Selling my Plat 5 account (with Plat 3 MMR) 64 Champions 32 Skins 5 Rune Pages Honor Level 2 with no previous bans Selling for around $100 negotiable Contact me at [email protected] skype: yash.vader
  20. SOLD  Platinum 5 Account with 307 skins, including Championship Riven!

    Hey guys, I've decided to sell my League of Legends account. I'll put it short and list all the important stuff down below! Current rank: Platinum 5 Current boarder: Platinum Total skin count: 307 Total icon count: 147, including many rare icons like The Shopkeeper or Baron Nashor. Rune pages...
  21. Selling  Plat V 77 Champs 39 Skins

    Most skins are 975 and above. Plat V 47 LP. [/IMG][/IMG] 4 Rune Pages also Price is €80-€100. Can be negotiated on price. Skype: tom.french.87 Must be able to be done through PayPal family and friends
  22. Selling  WTS Plat 5 Account Cheap [Verified and Repped Seller]

    Details about the account: -Plat 5 53lp -27 champs -3k ip -5 skins -3 Rune pages (Flat AD, ADC, AP) Looking for $60. Contact me through skype: xxryker
  23. Selling  NA / Platinum / character 128/ 162 skins / 8 rune pages

    4 season Platinum. Right now Unranked. 8 rune pages with all runes. For e-mail with all info about that account. Heroes none: Kled, Talia, Jin, Aurelian Sole. If you want we can deal with Guarantor. I can transfer all server what do you want. If you deal with PyP you need +comission. Price: 165$...
  24. Selling  128 Champions - 22 skins (S5 Platina) ( Victorious Janna , Elise, Morgana and Sivir)

    128 Champions - 22 skins (S5 Platina) ( Victorious Janna , Elise, Morgana and Sivir) rp - 135 Ip - 62 128 Champions (not enough Illaoi and Auriel Sola ) 22 Skin Champ and Skins - ​There are rare skins Victorious Janna , Elise, Morgana and Sivir Rank - 3s Diamond , 4s...
  25. Selling  S5 Plat account with 116 champs / 48 + skins. CHEAP 75$

    Hello guys, trying to sell my LoL account, self owned since 2012, due to relocation and not being able to continue playing the account. The account finished on platinum last season, currently on gold 5, therefore has the platinum border and icon available. Contains 116 champions. (only 14 NOT...