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persona 5 identity v

  1. Trading  LF idv WTT genshin

    ACC 1 AR 44 / NA hu tao, yae miko, ayato, baizhu, lumine, mona, keqing ACC 2 AR 10 / NA alhaitham, neuvillette ACC 3 AR 43 / NA hu tao, staff of homa, nahida, diluc, tighnari, dehya ACC 4 AR 20 / NA klee, yelan, tighnari ACC 5 AR 12 / NA nilou, xiao trading any or all for an NA idv account with...
  2. Trading  Lady Truth with acc, DITS, P5 skins, and more

    POSTING FOR MY CLIENT white, lady truth + happy birthday, dance in the snow, fluorite, kaede akamatsu, persona 5, and more. lf: the promised neverland skins, feathered cloak, bai ze, source of evil, recent whales with previously mentioned lfs ia: full tpn/full tpn pt 1 + bai ze + feathered...
  3. Selling  IDV P5 WHALE w/ white!

    !! P5 WHALE with goro and ren !! has red ink and skinshare. NOW ON IOS NAEU - EVAL AT 900+ will look at account + money but im prioritizing usd..! !! both images are the SAME ACCOUNT !! all skins are on one account on the naeu side.
  4. Selling  Goro Akechi,fox,panther,the intersection bishounen

    I am looking to sell this account. The price is 300$ but it's negotiable (although I won't go lower than 250$). ★If you are interested, please add me on discord, as I will be able to reply much quicker,(username: 0czldt; nickname: yumi) so we can discuss🩷
  5. SOLD  ASIA Soul catcher, Bloodbath, Lady truth, Pirate coordinator...+

    **transfer available** no email no dmm Evaluated at 275-300$ Selling it for 150$ rush sell. (might go lower but not less than 100$) Just important skins are shown. Discord: .sharkbabe Attachments:
  6. Selling  Identity V Whale/Persona 5 Account

    Im selling my identity V account. I have had it for like 4 years and I've spent quite a lot of money on it and im looking to get the money back. I have some limited skins and some are very old. Price is $232. I have more skins, accessories, and pets. I'll send you pictures if youre interested...
  7. Trading  /sell NAEU ren sway dragon hunter futaba edward

    ⿻ ⠀ ( . REN + SWAY + FUTABA 𐚁 ) ࣪ ׅ ⊹ ࣪ ♡ . lf: equal offers, hb or money offers around 275-330 or more 𓆩 ˖ ࣪ id: asia, other games, lowballs, weird dmm, smurfs, etc. ☆ dm me littlebigheart or fancyshampoo on discord to offer (you can offer here too but we must use a mm from discord...
  8. Trading  naeu white truffle kim p5

    Trading this acc for a semi-whale with skins from season 11-12-13 ( I like Sophia or Kroto) or a acc with True Proof, Ren or Bloodbath (not all in one acc ofc) !! but i'm not picky so i look all offers id: asia, lowballs, weird dmm, trust trade, other games ( i'm not taking genshin accs). We...
  9. Trading  Trading: Sophia, Futaba/Oracle, Makoto/Queen, Crimson bride, Persona

    Discord: Nightmaresbythesea please dm there if i dont respond here Don’t be afraid to offer i will consider all offers :) Mainly looking for Bloodbath, Mechanic skins, BSD, Persona honestly anything I don’t usually take Asia but i MAY consider if its an extreme highball I dont take other games...
  10. SOLD  NA Android || Yusuke, The Promised Neverland, Light, Ranpo, Naegi

    Looking to sell on paypal for $80 Please message me on discord if interested ♰ lawless ♰#0999
  11. Selling  Selling Goro, Captain Hook, P5, Akutagawa, Crimson, Picture Woman +More!

    - NOTABLES ONLY - Evaluated at $950+! :D - BUYOUT 1150! - Buyer pays MM fee - PayPal F&F or CashApp only please!! :D - Please DM me on Discord or send me a PM if interested! - Elesira the Bookdragon#0230 - Price negotiable, as always! - I also have other accounts up for sale, so if you buy 2+ of...
  12. Selling  Selling Lady 13, True Proof, P5 skins + Awakened Lady Truth +More!

    - NOTABLES ONLY - Evaluated at $900! :D - BUYOUT $1200! - Buyer pays MM fee - PayPal F&F or CashApp only please!! :D - Please DM me on Discord or send me a PM if interested! - Elesira the Bookdragon#0230 - Price negotiable, as always! - I also have other accounts up for sale, so if you buy 2+...
  13. Buying  Looking for IDV account with all Persona skins

    Hello, I am interested in buying an IOS NA/EU account that has all of the Persona 5 skins. I would prefer if they were awakened but it is not necessary. Thank you.
  14. Ryuji Account!

    Old owners Edit IOS NA/EU no dmm no email Evaluated at: 90-125+ Now has Ichiyo LF: other p5 offers, Hajime and a p5 skin together on one account, Hajime on a decent sized account, Hajime and Toru or SKULL Smurf IA: SKULL Smurf ID: Asia, other games You may still offer if you don’t have...
  15. Trading  ASIA acc w/ monokuma, dazai, persona 5, edward scissorhands skins

    trading my asia account for a na/eu one! LF equal but idm anything lol my ping is rlly bad on asia so i’m just looking to move servers add my discord fuyu#3261 if youre interested (i’ll respond quicker there)
  16. Trading  Yusuke + Dragon hunter + Mio!

    IOS NA/EU No dmm No email bind Account was evaluated to be: 80$! Seeing what offers I can get for this Yusuke Kitagawa + Dragon hunter + Mio account!! Trading Only, Not Selling. Only notables are shown! LF: Ryuji, SKULL. IA: SKULL Smurf Willing to add any of the bsd shop skins/echoes for...
  17. Trading  Lf p5 skins !! ios naeu no dmm

    Mainly looking for p5 skins but i can look at all offers Pls message me on discrd
  18. PERSONA 5 and Edward scissorhands Skins

    Hey I'm selling my 4 year old Idv Account since I don't have much time to play anymore. It's NA/Eu Android (can still be switched to IOS if needed), no dmm attached. It had about 12k fragments and it's low tier as I haven't been playing much. If you purchase quick you'll get it for 250€ and...
  19. Buying  LF: haru, kim, crimson bride

    HII ! Im looking to buy an IOS NA/EU account with those characters listed in the title..! Haru, kim, crimson bride! Even if you don’t have them all please offer! I also really like bai ze and any persona 5 characters ! I probably won’t reply here so if you want to offer then message my discord...
  20. 11s 80a|lady truth, great hero, ryuji+skull, kroto, and more

    trading only! looking at offers NAEU IOS ID: asia, dead/ghost dmm, other games
  21. idv ios asia. bloodbath, tomie, picture woman, soul catcher, crystalline

    NOTABLE SKINS SHOWN Has an active DMM but I can transfer it to you through MM. PAYPAL ONLY. NO TRADES. 650 OBO. Lowballers will be ignored. DM on discord if you want to meet in game. Tara<3#1210 is my Discord. IOS ASIA but can be transferred to Android.
  22. Trading  Soul Catcher, Night Owl, Enraged and more WHALE (naeu)

    Hii, since this is my main account I'm very attached and not set on trading. But I wanted to try and look if i could find my dream account;;; The account has skinshare, device transfer available and dead dmm with proof. Has an gardener A badge (ex S badge). Edit is outdated by almost a year so...
  23. Trading  JOKER NA/EU

    Учетная запись ANDROID na/eu JOKER p5. • Нет Dmm, доступен перенос на ios. • Иметь все квитанции о транзакциях. • На аккаунте только скины P5 часть 1. ✓Ищем предложения
  24. Selling  $470-550 Asia semi-whale.

    Looking to sell this older semi-whale account for about $470-550. It has lots of old emotes , mista villa, and a decent amount of fragments and clues. It has somewhere around 12k in echo recharge. The device transfer is available. I’m also willing to meet in game if preferred. I prefer to do my...
  25. Ios (transfer available) Na/eu VIPER and FUTABa account

    contact me on discord brees#2632 for more info!