pax jax

  1. Selling  PAX JAX | PAX Sivir | Judgment kayle |31 lv |

    pax sivir pax jax neo pax sivir judgment kayle 16 skins 47 champions lv 31 Price:150€ Discord: charliee#4651
  2. SOLD  EUW - PAX JAX - 30 lv - Urf the manatee - 680 skins

    Selling account with full email access on euw server. Account is level 30 Containting around 135 champions and go 680+ skins From rare skins it got PAX JAX , URF THE MANATEE , URFWICK , JUDGMENT KAYLE Buy now price: 350€
  3. High end Account (1400 Skins, many tft legends and more)

    Decided to quit league, so I am selling my main account. This Account has over 1400 Skins ( including super rare Pax Sivir, Pax Jax, Pax TF, Judgement Kayle, urfwick and victorious janna). There are still over 100 Skinshards in Lootsection aswell as many grabbags and 335 Mythic Essence, so u can...
  4. Selling  EUW - All Skins[1415 Skins] + Pax Jax + Fist bump ward

    I'm selling my league of legends accounts which i've been playing on for a very long time. I sadly lost time for the game so i decided to sell it (or trade it -> see other post) Open for offers! Contact me here (DM) or viá discord: Zysto#8318 Here are some pictures: Open for offers...
  5. Trading  League of legends Euw Acc - All obtainable Skins + PAX Jax + Fist Bump Ward!

    I'm willing to trade my main account which i've been playing on for years. I have every obtainable Skin + PAX Jax as well as many chromas, (close to 100k) Blue Essence, Fist Bump Ward Here are the requirements: Rank: doesn't matter Champions: should have a handful. Skins: I am looking for an...
  6. Selling  854 skins, Pax TF, Pax Jax, 25 mythics,340 emotes, 642 icons, 239 chromas,

    all champions as of september, and 65 wards, original owner, 8+ year account, diamond s7, gold + most other seasons around 5k$ spent will be doing trade guardian middleman services on epicnpc, trade only happens on epicnpc via MM services, buyer pays MM, review the MM info of epicnpc...
  7. Selling  Garena Singapore - Selling an account with nearly all the skins.

    Champions Owned - Everything till Nilah, if you're contacting me after any new champion is released will have it too. BE - Enough champion shards to buy at least 30 more champions Skins - 1394/1412. - Some rare skins I own - Black Alistar, King Rammus, Rusty Blitzcrank, Original URFwick...
  8. Black Alistar King Rammus Pax Skins euw big account stock +1200 skins accounts

    ✔️1348 Skins 3k chromas has all rare skins in game EUW D1 1348 Skins ✔️-1205 skins 2.2k chromas has all rares EUW Gold (on placement games) -ALL ACCOUNTS HAS King Rammus/Ufo Corki / Young Ryze / Black Alistar / CS Riven 2012 / ALL Hextech / Victorious Skins/ PAX skins/Silver Kayle -ALL ACCOUNTS...
  9. Selling  [NA] Rare Skin Account | pax jax + riot squad singed + silver kayle | S11 D3

    I am trying to sell my account. The account comes with 20 skins, 9 emotes, 37 icons, 4 wards, 2 chromas, 48 champions Currently in placements (Gold 1), ended S11 D3 66% WR Includes rare skins: Pax Jax, Silver Kayle, Riot Squad Singed, Riot Girl Tristana, and Judgement Kayle. RP:813, BE:199...
  10. Selling  850 skins, pax tf, pax jax, triumphant ryze, 25 mythic skins, s5-present gold

    discord davidL3 price negotiable, all champions level 450+
  11. Selling  120€ Lvl 22 euw pax jax, clean account

    Unranked lvl 22 euw account, never has been banned or restriction. Buy now 120€
  12. Selling  Riot Squad Singed, Pax Jax, Pax Sivir, Pax Twisted Fate, Silver Kayle and more

    Hi there. Selling an account with Pax Jax, Pax Sivir, Pax Twisted Fate, Silver Kayle, Judgment Kayle, Rusty Blitzcrank, Young Ryze, Surprise Party / Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, Prestige Star Guardian Soraka and more. The account currently has 121 skins and 3.5k RP left there, it's in Silver 3.
  13. Selling  Selling account ALL skins including rare opens. Master rank 5000$

    5000$ This account have all rare skins open + all prestige edition skins open + all skins open Master rank All recovery info for support included. Original owner Im open for offers discord DarkBoosting#7339
  14. SOLD  [Garena SG/MY/ID] Plat 140 champs,149 skins(6 myths, 2 ults, Pax Jax) $60

    - Garena SG/MY/ID Account - Original Owner, Stopped due to losing interest in the game - Both Email and Phone Number are changable - Price: 60$ [Paypal, Crypto] or Free offers mainstream games (Genshin, Valorant...etc.) - Buyer go First or Cover MM - Pm me on: Discord: Enveed#9738 Facebook...
  15. SOLD  Pax Jax - level 23 - 16K BE / 540 RP

    Wts pax jax account ,Mail verified to mine so when you buy the account i'll change it to yours DM your offers
  16. Selling different account with TF Pax, Black Alistar, Jax Pax...

    Im Selling different acc. 4 screenshots, 4 acc, pm me for info, i dont have price just make an offer, Discord: "Mon Chaton#0005"
  17. Buying  WTB PAX Jax Unverified account

    Hey, I'm currently willing to buy a PAX Jax unverified account on EUW. I prefer it to be inactive and so unleveled as my current budget is about 80€.
  18. SOLD  $300 [OCE] All PAX Skins | Extremely Clean Account

    Purchased off-site, was level 1, currently Level 20 - super clean account, not many around anymore. My personal email is the first verified email, previous email was a non-existent dummy email. 465RP & 20000 BE with some minor loot shards. Other than the PAX skins, it's basically fresh. If...
  19. Selling  NA | Pax TF, Pax Jax, Triump Ryze, 689 skins, 14 mythics, 540 summoner icons.

    Pax Twisted Fate, Pax Jax, triumphant Ryze , 689 skins(14 mythics,48 legendary, 223 legacy) 4 ultimate skins, 540 summoner icons, 58 wards, 191 chromas (18 epic chromas, 42 rare chromas), 234 emotes, ALL champions as of Nov 21 2021. 7 year old account, Rare icons , rare chromas , rare emote s...
  20. SOLD  [EUW] Pax Twisted Fate/Jax,Championship Riven 2012, 350+ skins

    Level 122 - EUW - 2021 Unranked in all queues. 345 Skins (2 Ultimate, 18 Legendary, 47 Epic, 135 Legacy, 13 Chroma) Pax Twisted Fate, Pax Jax and Championship Riven (2012) Victorious Elise, Morgana, Sivir, Maokai, Graves, Orianna, Aatrox Many rare old icons: Worlds 2012, Halloween event 50€...
  21. SOLD  Pax Jax/Judgement Kayle +2 ultimate skins 47 skins total 127 champ

    47 skins| 127 champs Price 250 usd,new in league selling so you can offer,ill consider checking other's prices Last ranked season 7 8 rune pages Will deliver tft diamond 4 or more
  22. Account with 1083 skins , pax jax and several little legends. Server BR

    Account with 1083 skins , several prestiges and pax jax. Original owner Full access. Will provide RP transaction history. Never banned or suspended from chat. In the riot account there is still valorant with some skins 207 emotes 742 icons 94 wards many little legends 1000$ I can negotiate...
  23. SOLD  League of Legends, 2 Accounts [EUW] - Black Alistar and more

    Hello everyone, i'm selling two accounts with full access (pw, username, email change). Both accounts come with some (very) rare skins. 1. Account 32 Skins total, rare skins such as UFO Corki, Black Alistar and Judgment Kayle Price: Send me your offers :) 2. Account 96 Skins total...

    GUYS, 256 skins, gold 4 EUW last season plat 1, pax jax, pax sivir, neo pax sivir, golden champ riven chroma, dm me fast, or message me...
  25. BOUGHT  League Account with all rare skins!

    I'm searching for a league account with all the rare skins, I don't really care about victorious skins, So it doesn't matter if you have them or not, just looking for the best offer.