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paranormal detective

  1. Trading  UFT:all BSD skins and accessories, paranormal invest., luminary LF:Persona 5

    Hi all!! I am searching for an account with any Persona 5 Skins. Hopefully looking for Ryuji/Skull or Ren/Joker, but will look at any and all offers! Account is NA/EU Android, looking for NA/EU Android or iOS I have Ryunosuke Akutagawa (Seer), Chuya Nakahara (Prospector), Osamu Dazai...
  2. Buying  LF paranormal detective NA/EU account!

    Hi! Really sad I missed out on Prisoner's S skin paranormal detective, I really don't care whatever the account has else on it (would prefer smurf/ starter(?)) but I would love to buy a paranormal detective account! ^_^ Can pay via paypal, would prefer to send via G&S (I'd send extra to cover...
  3. SOLD  Selling NA/EU Paranormal Detective + Everlasting Night

    ☆ NA/EU. Android (transfer available). No email, no dmm. ☆ Can meet in game. ☆ It has 4-sided dice enthusiast, 400+ inspirations, 7950+ fragments, 1100+ spy glasses (enough for a S-tier) LF: money (via paypal fnf), echo recharge offers Dm me here to offer <3 Discord: eliinita
  4. Buying  Lf IOS NA/EU account with full Ada

    Hi I am looking for a NA EU IOS account with: Compulsory: Feathered Cloak + Everlasting Night + Paranormal Detective + Layla I also like Fugitive, Mr. Mole, Luminary and Dazai but they are not must haves My budget‘s max is $350. If you have any offers please message me through here or my...
  5. Trading  looking for accounts / or selling this one

    Account with Bai Ze, Paranormal Detective and Lady Bella. Offers with a good amount of skins and characters. Rank doesn’t matter, discord is scythe#5188
  6. Selling  DITS (full) | Evil eye host | Sands of time | Upright | Epitaph | Candy girl

    [Posting for someone else] Selling this account for 200$! Android Asia Transfer code available for both servers No DMM or Email bind Payment: Wise or Paypal Contact me on discord via Kilmee#0709 *MUST use MM on Freiioni or Illusion Hall, buyer pays MM fees*
  7. Risktaker, fugitive, firefly, paranormal detective (LF Maroon Crystal)

    Hi! :D I'm looking specifically for MAROON CRYSTAL. I would love to keep Risktaker if possible, and if you have an account with both, I'll be willing to put in money as well! (I'll also be happy with Mikan, Blossom of Rebirth, or any notable Doctor skins! :D If you have any cool Prisoner skins...
  8. SOLD  DiTS + Crimson bride + more

    looking for high ball offers or just anything i dont care. mainly lf FEW MSG ON DISCORD IF INTERESTED:: Nana;#1177 (with the ; ) )
  9. Selling  Indentity v account 6 s accs succubus

    selling those two accounts, the first one for 150-200, but i can go lower, the second one for 200-250, i also can go lower here too. I can sell both accs for 300 euros. buyer pays mm fee, i prefer to use a mm from a trusted discord server. ios naeu no dmm both accs, transfer core in the first...
  10. Trading  Paranormal detective smurf! Has limited portraits aswell.

    LF offers! Will IA anything with 1 limited a Tier or multiple crossover skins or candy girl!
  11. SOLD  Semi-Whale, 30s tier 80+a tier 18k frags

    Selling or trading my account. Send whatever offers, though I’m pretty picky. I really want soul catcher, though. I can’t take Asia due to lag. It’ll take way too long trying to show all the accessories and A tiers, but I’ve got quite a few coa and crossover skins, so yeah, HMU on discord for...
  12. Buying  i search ios/naeu golden ratio and paranormal detective with accessories

    i need to be ios and naeu! i don’t mind it is narcissus or golden ratio it can be either one but i want paranormal detective and his accessory. my max budget is 50$! my discord: jude#1700
  13. Buying  lf kyoko kirigiri or paranormal detective

    hiii im looking for either kyoko kirigiri or paranormal detective. no big accs please, and only IOS naeu mm is required discord: nui#9029
  14. Trading  small Ephemereal +acc and Paranormal Detective account

    hi i'm looking to trade this account:) lf: all offers ( offer here or on dc pat#6230) also, no dead dmm:-) can meet in game!
  15. UFT: Sophia, Paranormal Detective, Fugitive

    lf: maroon crystal, the fugitive, lady bella, majnun, auditorium, tabloid, eternal aurora and any offers ! ia: maroon crystal + majnun + auditorium + cony id: other games, money offers, dead/ghost/deact dmm, android unless transferable, instant decline if you don’t have any ench, ento...
  16. Trading  Three-faced God, The Fugitive, Death Note, etc. | Android NA/EU

    lf offers :) na/eu only, can take ios if transferrable
  17. Trading  Identity v IOS Na/Eu no DMM. Succubus, and Ryuk account!! + More

  18. SOLD  Firefly, Paranormal Detective + Crystal Palace Accessory, Deadly Invitation

    Selling low end account S Tier Firefly Paranormal Detective + Crystal palace accessory Deadly invitation Villain Charm A Tier -Apollo -Bloody Sword -Manchurian crane -Lunar Phase -Rhizotomist -Hamlet -Norman -Spring Demon -Aroma Therapy Sauna -Aging -Reservist -Cheese -Electrolysis A...
  19. Buying  LF: Paranormal Detective acc smurf

    Lf: Paranormal Detective No dmm / no secondary passwords / NaEu only / can be iOS or android. Paying with paypal only DM for more info and offers!
  20. Trading  desolated sand, viper and more

    ayo! im looking for Android (or ios transferible to android) acc with ORACLE + LADY BELLA + GEISHA SKINS.
  21. Buying  Buying/Trading account IDV

    Looking for account Eu/Na Must have: Spring Heated Wine or Paranormal Detective! 🥰 Most of the relevant info is already in the photo! !Mode of payment: Paypal! !Can trade other games accounts! For faster replies: Discord: UnknownPerson#6157
  22. Trading  Succubus, and Ryuk, plus more!! IOS Na/Eu

    Dm me with any questions you may have!! I’m mostly looking for an account with Sophia
  23. Trading  UFT: Sophia, Abyss, Paranormal det, Checkmate, Fugitive+ LF: Description

    NA/EU, deactivated dmm w/proof, transfer available. Also has paranormal detective. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. **MUST KEEP SOPHIA AND DREAM WALKER** Unless: - Full reptilian account (na/eu) - Highball with dream walker (na/eu) Might take asia if: - Highball with dream walker - Small asia mr...
  24. UFT paranormal detective, shiromuku, trickster + more!

    lf: source of evil, futaba, painter skins dm me on discord for more info!