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  1. T

    Selling  Zandalari Paladin 403 - 900 io 6/9H - 22k dps - 199$

    -Kings rest unlocked -Siege of Boralus unlocked -720 Titan Residuum, HoA Neck 44 -6/9H BoD, 900 IO, so you wont have problems to pug keystones. -Keystone 10 completed this week, so you'll get titan residium and a 410 item this tuesday. -Fully geared for Tank and Dps specs. Healer lacks weapon...
  2. M

    Selling  Netherwing [A] Human Paladin 2500+ GS all 3 specs.

    Hello im selling my very well geared paladin account on netherwing. Got 2500+ GS in all 3 specs, with holy as mainspec. Got 3 Kara Prince Loot (T4 Helm, Healing Mace, Gorehowl) ( and LOTS of other epics for all specs) Many BIS items.. 375 - Alchemy 365 - Tailoring (got recipe and mats for 375...
  3. M

    Selling  Icecrown accounts for cheap.

    Hello I am willing to sell warmane accecrown accounts 1) Pve 6350 Protection paladin on health gear and 6300 on armor gear - Off spec 5,900 Holy , it has great tmog , lot of epic mount , achivements , profession : blacksmithing , and 3-4 80 lvl characters . lot of bis items , heroic sanc + ...
  4. C

    Selling  Warmane pala 5k gs icecrown

    Want to sell pala with 5kgs in icecrown server, 280%mount speed, around 3k gold. Price is 40euro (only paypal), account is premium, has full alchemy and erbalish at 450. Msg me here or skype(odiolebestie).
  5. I

    Northdale LvL 50 Dwarf Paladin

    - 50 lvl dwarf male, paladin (make your own rush to 60 ^^) - 5x 14 slot bags - Paladin mount - Protection and Retribution sets up to lvl 50 (blue/green + epic ring), also some Mana items for healing. - 260 Herbalism - Hallowed wands!!! For those who interested in trying paladin tanking, I have...
  6. N

    Trading  [Netherwing] Trading 70 Belf pala Pre-BiS Prot and holy sets for 65-70 Feral

    Looking to trade a 70 Blood elf Paladin with FULL Pre-BiS Prot and holy sets (Both 2350 gs) with Max Tailoring AND Jewelcrafting for a Horde Druid between the level of 65 and 70 (Don't care about gear) 70 Blood elf Paladin 2350 Protection set 2350 Holy set Max Jewelcrafting Max Tailoring 5/5...
  7. simonm29

    Buying  Wtb shaman character/account, prefereded with Cm mop/wod

    Hi Im looking for a wow account/character with some ach and some transmog gear, CM mop/wod shaman. = horde side pref With Legion/wod flying is a + :) Skype simon.matosevic Thx
  8. K

    Selling  415 iLvl Paladin 9/9HC Curve 3/9M BiS gear, Wrathful gladiator tabard + mount

    Hello, The character is great for any holy paladin fans and it can guarantee you top spots in any top pve or pvp guilds. Link to armory: https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/e852ca79586ee8034b5a300623bfc6cb The character achieved gladiator in Wrathful season Wrathful gladiator mount -...
  9. B

    Selling  Northdale - Human Paladin with T2.5 Gear + ZG Raptor

    Hi guys, I'm selling my Human Male Paladin.Only character in the account. It has: T2.5 Head and T2.5 Shoulders (Looks Sick) 5x T2 (Chest, Legs, Hands, Boots, Belt) 3x T1 (Helm, Chest, Boots) Jin'do's Hexxer Healing Wep - Jin'Do's Evil Eye - Lei of lifegiver...
  10. T

    Selling  World of Warcraft + Heathstone + Diablo 3 + Starcraft II + Battle.net Account

    Hey, I wanna sell my B-Net Account including : Diablo 3 (all Expansions) more than 700h Playtime (all classes,sets, lots of outfits, rare wings and pets) Starcraft 2 (all Expansions) lot of Achievs such as gold 1v1 and 2v2 etc. ( skins and decals some rare) Hearthstone (lot of cards, decks...
  11. R

    Buying  Netherwing Fresh Paladin or Shaman Alliance Only

    Looking for a newly dinged 70 budget is $75, must have email
  12. R

    SOLD  60 Dwarf Paladin - Northdale

    Selling my level 60 male dwarf paladin on Northdale. -60% mount. -Retri specced and geared. -AV exalted. -26% unbuffed crit chance. -Fully enchanted, except head- & legpiece. -Lionheart helmet, The Unstopable Force, HoJ are some of the items. -Original mail included. I probably left something...
  13. F

    SOLD  Northdale | Alliance | Human Paladin 50 lvl + EMAIL

    Selling my Male Human Paladin 50 lvl on Light's Hope - NORTHDALE - 4x(16) Traveler's Backpack - Skinning (300/300) - 180 gold in backpack - All skills learned(50lvl) - Good green/blue leveling gear from quests and dungeon(str,stamina,intellect). Also have cloth heal gaer in backpack(int...
  14. D

    WTT Balance Druid (2400 GS) vs Ret Paladin (Netherwing)

    I want to trade my Balance Druid on Netherwing vs a Retribution Paladin on Netherwing. (also willing to sell you the druid and buy a paladin from you, if you are a professionell seller) What i can offer: Female Night Elf Balance Druid - Atlantiss Netherwing. Gear: - Gearscore over 2400 -...
  15. Safepoint

    Selling  382 Paladin | 10 Elite Sets, 12 Weapons | 8/8 Tier 3, MoP/WoD CM | Spectral

    Top Human Paladin! • 382 ilvl; • Gladiator: BfA Season 1; • 32 Azerite lvl; • 80 Honor lvl! Unique Items & Appearances! • Elite Gladiator’s Sets for Paladin: Season 9 (Except Chest/Belt), Season 11 (Full Appearance + 6/7 in Bags), Season 12 (Full), Season 13 (Full), Season 14 (Full), WoD...
  16. C

    Trading  Northdale - 36 dwarf Paladin -> Gold on Netherwing server

    Northdale lvl 36 dwarf paladin up for trade for gold on Netherwing server. Feel free to make contact. Br, chas
  17. V

    Selling  WTS EU Glad BFA/Wod CM 4x 120

    Hello want to sell great account with 4x 120 lvl ( main hunter - pala-priest-dud ) realm: Drakthull EU faction: HORDE ( some low lvl alts aly ) many alts 110+- all classes BFA s1 glad + mount WoD Challenger mode fully professions on all characters 16500 achievements armory of main char hunter...
  18. F

    Buying  70 Alliance Paladin Netherwing

    Hi guys, Looking for a fresh 70 Paladin with holy gear. Or a semi geared holy Paladin alliance netherwing. Message me on skype Nimibini
  19. I

    SOLD  404priest(Bis Traits with 415armor)/397Paladin/370hunter $350.

    Looking to sell off my wow account (week 1 aotc both in uldir and draz!) with 304~priest- BIS shadow traits has 2 400+ leech (bis) trinkets. (main spec shadow/disc- has a great holyset)- HAS MANY sets of 400 ilvl azerite. 397 paladin- prot mainspec- has many 400 pieces for ret +ret weapon. 375...
  20. momakeemo

    SOLD  [EU] [OO] 410 lvl Paladin 221 Mounts 22k+ Achievements & More // 500 USD

    Blood Elf Protection Paladin Howling Fjord Account Info: ● 120 Level | 410 Item Level Blood Elf Paladin ● Achievement points: 22165 ● 221 Collected mounts ● 52 Unique Pets ● Safe-Armory Link: Click ● Additional info: OO (Original Owner), sercret Q & answer included. Account was created in...