1. Selling  Selling my puzzle and dragon NA acc

    496 magic stones 152 rainbow snow globes 1568 tamadras Feel free to DM me on discord at Selunis#0307 whether it be offers or any questions about the account.
  2. Selling  [NA] Rank 938 with 3000+ monsters; Phenom, Raffine, Ina, Lavril, Orihime

    Looking to sell my PAD account. - Veteran Account with 2792 Cumulative Login Days - 14 Crowns - 3000+ monsters in inventory - 1400+ TAMADRAs - Has many meta leads including Raffine, Lavril, Sea Wolf, Phenom, Ina, Orihime, Kurapika & more - Many Collab & GFE Units Initial Asking Price is USD...
  3. SOLD  $50 - [NA] Rank 482, Collab/Seasonal, Demon Slayer, Ideal, Exclusives

    $50 - Paypal Friends & Family only. You will pay first, Transfer Code will be given after. DISCORD: Eevee Trainers#3054 I have not played in maybe a year. If you ask me things I probably won't know what you're talking about. 1.7 Million Monster Points.
  4. Selling  SELLING [NA] rank 773 with meta leads/teams + more ($120)

    Selling my account for $120 Currently has 95 stones Account also has a ton of other resources that I have not spent. Prefer PAYPAL Notable cards: 2x Nautilus JJK: 2 Gojo Yuuji Most Demon Slayer cards: Tanjiro Nezuko Muzan 2Yugi 2Bakura Power Ranger Cards SAlter SAO Cards Monster Hunter...
  5. Selling  NA endgame Whale account with all key heroes, all mystic heroes

    I am looking to sell my NA pad account. Notable heroes 3 NY Lajoa, ny artemis, ny tsukuyomi 3 Santama, c grimory, c romia, 3 ferule, 1 gileon, 1 euchs 1 seina, 3 mikage, 7 ryumei 3 menoa, sofie, yurisha Summer Planar 2 norza, 3 nelle, 2 fasca, 1 remu Yugi, kaiba, yami marik And many more. I...
  6. NA Rank 651 Puzzles and Dragons account

    Rank 651 account with very good units. Attached are pictures of the box. Add my discord for more info GucciManDan#8800.
  7. Buying  Looking for JP PAD with 2 or more feruru or eux

    I want to buy JP PAD account which have 2 of the key hero eux or feruru. My budget is 50$. Please dm or post here your box. Thanks
  8. Selling  NA whale acc: Norza, 3x Aljae, Fasca, Menoa, Collab, 1160+ Stones & More

    As stated in title this is a whale account with most of the Great Witches, many Collabs, Evo/skill-up/exp materials. Highlights include: -Norza -Aljae -Fasca -Menoa -Tsukuyomi -Reginleif -Most great witches -Collabs (even Vergil from DMC) -Cotton -Spring Forward Medal available for (Yuri...
  9. SOLD  S> $100 NA 691+, 2100+ login, 182+ DS, 2k box

    Monster box has 2k+ monsters. Send me offers. Notable monsters includes Yugioh, Bleach, FF, Shaman King, Power Rangers, Slayers, Monster Hunter, Yu Yu Hakasho, Fist of the North Star, Justice League, Evangalion, Gunho - Yami Marik - Dark Magician + Dark Magician Girl - Blue Eyes WD - Gandora...
  10. Selling  Rank 483, 85 Million Coins, 427 MP, Exclusives, 400K MP, $25

    Hi, I don't really play PAD all that much anymore with me not having interest in the game. It's a pretty well stocked account, and I've attatched a link to my boxes down below. I'm willing to negotiate the price, but I'm not 100% sure on how I would alter the listing given that I haven't really...
  11. Buying  Buying global account with over 1k stones

    As title says - thanks!
  12. JP Server - RANK 928 - Lots of monsters + 100 SGF rolls to do :)

    Hi, I'm selling my main account which is high ranked with crowns. Rank 928 ! I only screenshoted +297 monsters so I have others too. ALL OF THE MONSTERS IN THE SCREENSHOTS ARE +297 EXCEPT THE LAST ONE I stopped playing months ago and I think it's time to give it away :p. PM for offers :)
  13. SOLD  NA PaD endgame account rank 647 +1300 days 150$ OBO

    Selling my old account with lots of good leads/units. 150$ or make any offer by PM.
  14. S> NA rank684+, 2100+ logins, 70+ Stone+, tons of collab and high rarity

    Send me offers. Notable monsters includes Yugioh, Bleach, FF, Shaman King, Power Rangers, Slayers, Monster Hunter, Yu Yu Hakasho, Fist of the North Star, Justice League, Evangalion, Gunho - Yami Marik - Dark Magician + Dark Magician Girl - Blue Eyes WD - Gandora - Yoh Asakura - Hiei - Yusuke -...
  15. Selling  NA PAD Rank 864 Semi Whale Account

    Don't really play the game as much anymore and only log-in for bonuses and stuff so it'd be best for someone to take over this account. Account was created on May/31/2014. Have most meta leads, 15 crowns, Best Friend Selection still available, over 2 million monster points, and A LOT of...
  16. For Sale; CHEAP Phat NA Acc 968 days old

    Hello everyone, After many years of Puzzle and Dragons it's time for me to call quits. I've been playing other games lately, lost a little interest in this one and its a waste to let my account collect dust. My account is 968 days old, before my NA account I had a EU acc that was 1500 days...
  17. Puzzles & Dragons Account Rank 522; 116 Stones, 1,442,742 Monster Points $50!!

    Monster Box contains the following among others. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested, want to see pics, or have any other questions. Looking for $100 but negotiable. Thank you! Investigation Pursuing Dragon Caller, Nees (+297) Reincarnated Viper Orochi (+297) Savage...
  18. Selling  Rank 376: 686MS: 1275 days: 3500 Slots: 1mil MP

    Played this game everyday when I first started playing, but after time I just logged in every day and did daily dungeons since I lost interest in the game. Willing to negotiate with price. Apparently screen shot and imgur files are too large, so if you are interested, msg me on discord for...
  19. Selling  rank 400+. All 4 Yogs, Saline, Veroah, Rex, and more. $65 Price negotiable

    Second time selling an account on this site! Im trying to wuit my gaming addiction and maybe make a dollar on the side. Most monsters max skilled, leveled, latented. Blue yog is my favorite lead, but I have plenty. See the box below! My email is [email protected] MP:950k Stones: keeping 100...
  20. Selling  [NA] Rank 960, 27 crowns, 67 BF, end game whale acc

    493k MP 3,400 + pts Many collectibles Almost all top tier leads Many push button bases and utility inherits Lots of skill boost equips 1080 box space Discord: Koukasen#4981 Asking $450, PayPal only, non refundable. Will send transfer code AFTER confirmation. Also comes with alt account if you...
  21. Selling  PAD Rank 338 Endgame Account (Dmeta, Reeche, Zela, and More!)

    Hi, I’m looking to sell my endgame pad account for $80-$100, prices are negotiatable. Payments through paypal / venmo. Here is my monster box: I also have 1.1mil MP. If you are interested please reply, PM, or add me on discord: Ashten#6690
  22. Selling  NA account - 840 rank+ 2050 days+ tons of meta leads/subs

    Just getting too busy to give the game proper justice, and someone should have this killer acct. Over 2050 days playing, around 850 and climbing, 1.8Mil MP, lots of Pi, latents, enhance gems, and snow globes. Many desirables including: DMeta, Madoo, Scheat, Cotton, Ameno, Zela, Reeche, Blonia...
  23. Selling  [JP] rank 920 whale account $200

    Whale account (Japanese). Rank 920 600+ magic stones. 400+ +297 monsters. 2100 monster box. 130 friends. (14 best) 4.1 million monster points. 2400+ days played. 25000+ points Can send more pictures. One of the oldest accounts in the world.
  24. Selling  PAD account for sale

    Selling PAD account. Rank 305 with 103 Magic Stones and half a million MP. Many fully evolved rare items- played actively for a year (spent too much money -_-). Selling for $100. price very negotiable. I accept Paypal. Message me for more details.