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not forgotten

  1. D

    BOUGHT  PS4 Destiny 2 Accounts 90$

    Hi, I'm selling my ps4 accounts with my D1 and D2 accounts on it with all the DLC's up to FORSAKEN, alongside some other ps4 games. It's a PVP focused account with all the crucible weapons on it up to now. From MONTAINTOP to NOT FORGOTTEN. My discord : 6.nks#1128
  2. N

    Destiny 2 Cheap Account 120$

    Destiny 2 Account / Forsaken and Annual Pass Warlock 650 Titan 650 Hunter (not liveled) PvP Weapon: Not Forgotten Ace of Space Last Word Thorn Recluse Good roll shotguns and sniper Nice PVP stats Price negotiable
  3. L

    Selling  Destiny 2 PvP account (not forgotten and more) [PC] [450$]

    Selling my high-tier PvP Account with season pass. Main Hunter, also one eyed mask for titan. 1 more legend season for unbroken title. a lot of godrole weapons included. +overwatch and black ops 4. Link to PvP stats: https://destinytracker.com/d2/profile/pc/LaqqerPro-2533 feel free to msg me...
  4. Staswan

    ☑️PC/PS4 luna's howl | not forgotten

    Welcome to my store! My shop provides <PvP> services on platforms such as PC|PS4. There are no quest requirements for the level and strength of weapons in PvP. ========================================================================= Not Forgotten Full: PC-180$|PS4-200$ ( Duration PC - 1-4...
  5. D

    SOLD  PC Destiny2 account (685 Hunter), All DLC, Maxed out, ton of pinnacle weapons

    Notables include: - All 3 subclasses and trees fully unlocked for hunter - Catalysts: Colony, Borealis, Whisper, Vigilance Wing, Crimson - Quest Exotics: Wish Ender, Ace of Spades, Chaperone, Acrius, Thunderlord, Thorn - Notable Weapons: Midnight Coup, Alone as a God, 1000 Voices, Ikelos...
  6. C

    Destiny 2 PC Account with Unbroken Seal + Pinnacle Crucible Weapons

    Hey! Selling an Unbroken PC account (3x Legend in comp) with pinnacle weapons such as the Not Forgotten and Recluse. If you have any questions about ANY part of the account please contact me on discord at: chikn#4055. Thanks! *Account also comes with a grandmaster overwatch account*
  7. R

    Selling  PC/Titan 650,Hunter 650 Not Forgotten,One Eyed Mask,mountain top,redrix.

    Sold 3 accounts before this, battle tag change available, secret question available, email transfer available if u have any other questions they will be answered also u can pm or come to my discord https://discord.gg/qnHvhbB RusherTheMLG#5489 also can email me [email protected] Have Not...
  8. D

    Selling  Destiny 2 PSN with Not Forgotten and luna's howl, PvP account

    It is only a pvp account, so it doesn't have a lot of weapons from pve, it has got only a titan at 610, good stats, the id is GheSboroFioiii it has got the redrix and mt quest already started, you only need to finish them if you want some proofs or screenshots pm me
  9. Boostservice1

    Luna's howl , The mountaintop , Not forgotten , The recluse . 100% guaranteed.

    ✴️Welcome guardian !✴️ Boost your rank from any number of points . Boosting method : account recovery . Time to complete depends on your progress in the quest . Also we can do any winstreak in competitive playlist (such as 77 winstreak) . We accept PayPal . For more information ...
  10. J

    Selling  Destiny 2 Acc with lunas and notforgotten PC

    Destiny2 osiris and warmind dlc included, no forsaken and newer dlc not included Competitive KD is 1.5 overall Trials of the nine KD is 1.8 Quickplay KD 1.8 Lvl 30 with synthocepts,dune marchers and some other exotics, can send more info on request. Has Lunas and notforgotten, can get the...
  11. U

    Selling  Destiny 2 PC account. 600+ with Not forgotten.

    I will not ask too much for the account but I do wanna sell quick to buy division 2. Discord-Pucink#6265
  12. A

    Everything Account(NF,Lunas,Exotics,Redrix Claymore, etc.)

    Unbroken only PvP pinnacle weapon missing is the mountaintop. I have; Luna, Not forgotten, redrix(og redrix claymore), recluse smg, enough points that if you wanted, you could get mountaintop with grenade launcher kills(I just never use grenade launchers), warlock, titan, and hunter lvled and...
  13. T

    Selling  NF ACC All Three Characters. godroll weapons. raids completed

    Not Forgotten 1k voices Mountaintop Redrix god roll Armour and weapons. Exclusive emblems All dlcs and season pass B04 included Message itsT1kobruh#3448 on discord for more details or questions. 400$ paypal only
  14. R

    Selling  Destiny 2 profile with Not forgotten 500$

    i have all exotic armors not forgotten redix x2 650 charecters. titan, warlock, and hunter season pass dlc (so the account is covered for season of the drifter on January 1st)
  15. ArtesPRoSoul

    Selling  [Personal Accounts] 3x689/675/656, Pinnacle Weapons, 2 Seals, 95% exotics, etc

    AVAILABLE:________________________________________________________ Currently no accounts available.
  16. K

    Destiny 2 PC 3 Characters max level / 600+ Light w Not Forgotten - 1K Voices.

    Selling an account that has 3 characters and name change for blizz-id available. Destiny 2 Forsaken(with all previous DLC as well). !NO ANNUAL PASS! Not Forgotten - 1K Voices - Malfeasance - Wish Ender - Whisper of the Worm(Masterworked) - Sleeper Simulant - Ace of Spades - Chaperone -...
  17. F

    Selling  Destiny 2 (PC) Not Forgotten, Raid Completions, Unclaimed triumphs....and more

    Hello Guardians! I have a fantastic offer here today! Comes with creation email. I am the original owner of this account! This account comes with Destiny 2 and the D.L.C. Warmind, Osiris, and Forsaken. No Name change is available for this account. TONS of unclaimed triumphs Protect the...
  18. P

    SOLD  Destiny 2 Ps4 High End Account! Not Forgotten and More! price drop!

    This Account got the best Weapons and Gear in the Game! And really Rare Items/Emblems! !ALL CHARACTERS GOT MAX LEVEL 650! Lunas Howl NOT FORGOTTEN The Mountaintop ALL EXOTIC ARMOR 44 from 47 exotic Weapons super rare BUNGIE BOUNTY EMBLEM super rare REDRIX CLAYMORE EMBLEM Currated Roll kindled...