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not forgotten

  1. N

    Selling  destiny pinnacle weapons, gm top 200 overwatch, 60 games with 130 dlcs

    selling my main account (usa account) ps4, it has nearly 60 games, 130 with dlcs included. sony announced you can change psn id soon in the future so this account can legitimately be yours and changed to any psn you like or even to your current one you're using without anyone noticing. destiny...
  2. B

    Selling  [PC] 650 Titan|Not Forgotten|Redrix's|Breakneck|One-Eyed Mask| Low Price!

    Hello guys! im selling my Destiny 2 Main Account, this is mostly a PVP Account i dont play much PvE but all the new raids are cleared also have Forges Cleared This is the Forsaken Edition + Annual Pass Bundle so it comes with season pass aswell! I Am the original owner of this account and you...
  3. ArtesPRoSoul

    Selling  [Personal] 3x650, Redrix, Luna's Howl, Mountaintop, Not Forgotten, 95% exotics

    List of AVAILABLE:________________________________________________________ Offer you a Personal Battle.net account (one original owner). Account comes with: - Email change - Secret question and answer - FREE Battle.Tag change Games onboard: - Destiny 2 with all DLCs and 2nd year Annual Pass...
  4. C

    Selling  [PC] Destiny 2 Not Forgotten, Mountain Top.

    Hello guys im selling this beautiful acc, 1. 600 Titan, light level is reason to change since i play on this account fairly often 2. luna howl, not forgotten, mountain top GL most important guns. 3. This account is mostly a PVP account so thats why the light level is so low i dont PVE often...
  5. K

    Destiny 2 PC 3 Characters max level / 600+ Light w Not Forgotten - 1K Voices.

    Selling an account that has 3 characters and name change for blizz-id available. Destiny 2 Forsaken(with all previous DLC as well). !NO ANNUAL PASS! Not Forgotten - 1K Voices - Malfeasance - Wish Ender - Whisper of the Worm(Masterworked) - Sleeper Simulant - Ace of Spades - Chaperone -...
  6. F

    Selling  Destiny 2 (PC) Not Forgotten, Raid Completions, Unclaimed triumphs....and more

    Hello Guardians! I have a fantastic offer here today! Comes with creation email. I am the original owner of this account! This account comes with Destiny 2 and the D.L.C. Warmind, Osiris, and Forsaken. No Name change is available for this account. TONS of unclaimed triumphs Protect the...
  7. P

    SOLD  Destiny 2 Ps4 High End Account! Not Forgotten and More! price drop!

    This Account got the best Weapons and Gear in the Game! And really Rare Items/Emblems! !ALL CHARACTERS GOT MAX LEVEL 650! Lunas Howl NOT FORGOTTEN The Mountaintop ALL EXOTIC ARMOR 44 from 47 exotic Weapons super rare BUNGIE BOUNTY EMBLEM super rare REDRIX CLAYMORE EMBLEM Currated Roll kindled...
  8. K

    SOLD  Selling D2 high-end pvp account - Titan 587 with Not Forgotten

    I sell my account here are the statistics from Destiny Tracker With Overwatch. Rename still possible. Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten acquired. The price : $270. More info at [email protected]
  9. MilkyBear

    Selling  D2BS | last word | not forgotten | luna's howl | the mountaintop

    Game: Destiny 2 PVP & Trials boosting Platform: PS4/PC Bonus: 25% 20% 10% cashback if you will submit a review only AFTER successful boosting (does not apply on Last Word and custom orders). Service: Pricing: LUNA'S HOWL - 130$ THE MOUNTAINTOP - 130$ + NOT FORGOTTEN - 330$...
  10. P

    Selling  [PC] 3x 650 HTW; NF, Luna's 43k Triumph, 101 Exotics - Epic

    Epic Destiny 2 PC Account with 650 Hunter, Titan, and Warlock for Sale - $950 $800 TOP ACCOMPLISHMENTS: * Not Forgotten/Luna's Howl * Unbroken Title Progress 8/10 (Need 1 More Season of Legend Rank) Rivensbane Title Upon Tomorrow's Challenge AND When 1k Drops HUGE Collection of Exotics (101...
  11. S

    Destiny 2 PC maxed out characters+Not Forgotten+ Exclusive Emblems CHEAP

    BO4 and Overwatch are bonus items and are not factored into the costs due to them being on the account. (Prestige 5 BO4) 1 name change is available DM me on Discord at EMP-SHOCK-22#4947 for any offers or extra information PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE starting at $625 Triumph Score Of 33000 Not Forgotten...
  12. A

    Selling  Top PVP Account, 5.47 Kda emblem, not forgotten, one thousand voice, and more!

    Warlock 650, Hunter 650, Not Forgotten, One thousand voice, Luna's howl, MountainTOP, Redrix claymore, etc. HIGH KD, KDA emblem 5.47 with 30,000 kills , hit legendary rank twice in Glory All year 1 exotic weapons and gears, year 2 exotic only 1 short Lots of legendary sparrows, ships and...
  13. P

    Selling  🚨 Ps4 | Iron banner Gambit Crucible Lunas | Quests 🔶

    Greetings, guardians. I am offering service for quick play & Iron banner. These services includes the following: Quick Play Reset single or full three characters Iron Banner Bounty completion single or full three characters Redrix Full Quest Why my services? * Verified * No hacks are used...
  14. PackMaster

    Selling  Titan 650, Hunter 650, Not Forgotten, Luna's howl, Mountain top, Redrix.

    Titan 650, Hunter 650, Not Forgotten, Luna's howl, MountainTOP, Redrix claymore, OneEyedMask etc. price is 800$ platform- PC Just contact us to discord: PackMaster#8909 or Skype: PackMaster999 Im trusted trader, sold 4 accs already, its 100% safe, battle tag change unavailable, secret...
  15. N

    Buying  Comp account with Luna's / not forgotten

    I am looking for a comp ready account with Luna's and preferably Not Forgotten. If it has Galanor and/or One Eyed it's even better. Contact me with info and a price on discord: Nuzzly#0472
  16. DreamBoost

    Selling  Bonus for regular customers | Cheap price | Friendly support

    Starting with the 10th order, you will receive a permanent 5% discount on all our services! if you don't found the service you need – use our contacts, we can always reach agreement on everything you want ;) ★ CONTACTS: Skype: live:9005475445f43fbd or find us in search: DreamBoost...
  17. PackMaster

    Selling  Luna's howl/ Not Forgotten/ the mountain top/ PVP/GAMBIT rank points/ selfplay

    100% Guarantee Fast gaining(3-7 days) NOT illegal NO CHEATS/HACKS/SOFT/BANS CHEAP Just contact us to discord: PackMaster#8909 or Skype: PackMaster999 We will do it fast and give you discount, and work with any situation. with game tricks or without, contact the seller to know more
  18. C

    Selling  D2 PC Not Forgotten Account! Exclusive Emblems! and 2 characters! $500!!!

    D2 (PC) NOT FORGOTTEN Account! Exclusive Emblems! Amazing Stats! 1K Voices!!!!!!!!! > Great Deal! > Two Characters 570 Light (Warlock, Hunter) > God Roll Armor on both Hunter and Warlock for PVP > Has a Free name change available > Has Not Forgotten > Great Stats > God Roll Dust Rock Blues and...
  19. L

    SOLD  D2 PC Acct: Not Forgotten, Lunas, Redrix $400 (Description Below)+Black Ops 4

    Letting go of my Destiny 2 Account. - Acct has one of each char 580+ - raid gear - has ursa, one-eyed, and shards of galanor - Not Forgotten, Lunas, and Redrix - 21 wins on emblem from reaching legend. - tricorn and hearts emblem + other exclusive emblems no longer attainable - 1.5 trials kd...