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    Selling  Sunwell TBC FULL BiS Horde Druid

    Selling my Nightbane account, I've got too much going on with school and work to play T6 release with my friends. Included is Horde Druid with FULL BiS T5 Resto set, nothing better until T6 releases. Has BiS professions including all secondaries. Random: Full 36 slots Exalted Aldor 1900 Bonus...
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    SOLD  Nightbane lvl 70 Warlock Orc 2700GS Spellstrike, 2x T4, Leviathan...

    Hello, im selling my lvl 70 Warlock on Nightbane. The account comes with original Gmail account. Gear: Spellstrike Hood+Pants with epic/blue gems T4 Shoulders and Hands (T4 Head on bank) Robe of the Elder Scribes, Brute Cloak of the Ogre-Magi, Icon of the Silver Crescent, Ritssyn's Lost...
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    Selling  Selling Nightbane Gold

    Selling gold on Sunwell TBC Nightbane 21k on Alliance 13k on Horde add on skype Deadnisse or add offer here Can use trusted middle man Tim - Bearededman
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    SOLD  Nightbane TBC 70 NE Druid.

    Selling my NE druid on Nightbane: -Level 70 -Gold in bags -280% flying -Gear for all three specs but mainspec is Balance. Geared enough to start tier5 progress. -Dualspecced worth 500g -All bank slots opened and equiped with 16 slot bags. -Almost maxed Alchemy & Enchanting. Maxed out FA...
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    Selling  Sunwell Nightbane Accounts for sale (Warrior, Mage, Druid, Warlock) + gold

    2 Accounts for sale. All acounts have recovery emails. Looking for quick sales, so prices are reasonable/cheap. Paypal + crypto accepted, will do discount for crypto payment. Discord: thri2#2354 Email: [email protected] 70 Gnome Male Mage (2650 GS) - Nightbane server 500 gold in bags...
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    Selling  Nightbane Rogue 2364gs

    Server: Sunwell Nightbane Race: Undead Class: Rogue Gearscore: 2364 Att. for Kara Professions: 361 engineering / 375 mining It has Clean bags, so you can start right away It has an email comitted ofc! -------------------------- Payment: Price: Give me a realistic offer! Scams will be...
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    Sunwell Nightbane - Gold for sale (North American Seller)

    Looking to buy Alliance gold? Look no further! You are getting the following: ✔ Safe transaction (no direct trading or mailed gold) ✔ Friendly dealer ✔ Excellent price ✔ 100% Hand-Made Sunwell Nightbane Current price is 1.9usd for 100g (accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Paypal) Discounts...
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    Selling  70 druid with alot of good stuff.

    Hello EPICNPC forum users. I am selling my account on Sunwell's Nightbane server. On the account: -Level 70 female nightelf druid main specced and geared for balance. -Mostly epics, including spell dmg dagger from Price. -Fully enchanted gear. -280% epic flying mount. -Gold in bags -Dual...
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    Selling  Sunwell Nightbane fresh 70 hunter with 2.2k gold

    As title says, I am selling fresh lvl 70, on sunwell Nightbane server. It has 2.2k gold and questing gear. If you are interested add me on skype. Skype name: stegic94
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    Selling  Sunwell TBC T5 geared T6 ready mage.

    my mage is geared from T4-5 and ready for T6 release. I planned on playing it for a long time but eventually grew bored with the server and could use the extra money. The character has about 20k worth of crafteds spent and weeks of consumables for raid. You could essentially buy this toon and...
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    Selling  WTS Resto druid w/ pvp gear. Nightbane HORDE. lvl70 Sunwell nightbane

    WTS a lvl 70 resto druid from horde side. Low price. - Epic ground mount - All skills purchased - Cenarion exalted with mace in bank - ~500Gold - Transmute mastery Also has some PVE items. Like neck, belt, and shoulders. Account is on personal email. Contact me via Discord Rico Suave#8263...
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    Selling  Nightbane Gold. Cheap & Safe!

    HAND-FARMED gold at Sunwell [NIGHTBANE] server. skype: live:andreynort
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    Selling  WTS very geared human Warlock - Sunwell Nightbane

    Hello, I'm selling my Human Warlock on Nightbane Sunwell, email will of course be included. I'm the original owner. If you like to use middleman that's no problem as long as you pay for it, although I've some rep here on EpicNpc. Very good geared for both PvE and PvP. Spellstrike, boots of...
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    WTS Sunwell Nightbane Top Troll Hunter

    Sunwell Nightbane Troll Hunter level 70 Selling a perfectly geared hunter to start raiding at T5 level or to dominate PvP. Can pull high DPS numbers easily with BM spec in raids. The account is registered to an personal e-mail. Professions: Leatherworking 346/375 Skinning 375/375 PvE Gear...
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    Selling  WTS 70 Warlock and Druid Nightbane Alliance

    Hello due to less time I'm selling my warlock and druid on Nightbane. Druid - Full pvp gear, about 330 resil, and good PvE gear, about 1400 BH. Tailoring, flying and dual spec and tailoring. Warlock - Full pvp gear, great PvE gear - Spellstrike, T4 etc, about 1200 shadow damage unbuffed...
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    Selling  Nightbane - 70 Rogue for sale!

    Selling my 70 Rogue on Nightbane. Server: Nightbane Race: Undead Class: Rogue Proffs: Max Mining and 361 Engineering. Epic ground mount, normal flying. Almost Att. for SSC It has a email comitted ofc! )=)=)=))=)=))=))=)==) Come with a realistic offer please. I use Paypal only...
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    Selling  prot paladin on Nightbane

    1800 prot gs 60% mount skype: live:andreynort
  18. P

    SOLD  Nightbane 2527 Gs - SSC Att. Orc Elemental Shaman

    Server: Sunwell Nightbane Race: Orc Class: Elemental Shaman Gearscore: 2527 Att. for SSC It has a email comitted ofc! -------------------------- Payment: Price: Give me a realistic offer! Scams will be ignored :-) I use Paypal only. ------------------------------- Contact: Skype...
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    Sunwell lvl 70 Troll Mage - Well geared. Trading for warrior!

    Hi Guys, I am selling or trading my mage on Sunwell Nightbane. It is revered with most factions and has quite a decent amount of epics including Spellstrike pants and 3-4 epic from Kara. Furthermore it has 60% flying and 100% ground mount. The price is going to be around 120Euro or a...
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    Selling  WTS 3 70 Alliance on Nightbane! Druid, Hunter, Warlock!

    70 Druid- 2600 gs, 375 Tailoring, 300 Enchanting with a lot of mats. 3/3 Primal Mooncloth set, MH-Lights Justice, OH- Windcaller's Orb. Full prebis t5! Ready to progress through T5 content. Has a 2400 Offspec Feral Tank with all Prebis/Kara. comes with 365 Nightbane coins and has an 80 warlock...