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  1. Selling  Global 45k Pyro Y.Shun / Haruna / Izuna / Twins / Koharu / Azusa more Level 70

    Selling Blue Archive account with lots of 3*. Level 70 with nearly all important characters having T5/T4 Gear. Price: 45USD If you are interested or have questions contact me here or on discord: Macross89#2097
  2. SOLD  Global Blue Archive High-end account Hibiki, Shun, Iori, Azusa,Haruna 26k Pyro

    Selling huge High-roller Blue Archive account with over 26k pyroxene saved up and ALL meta characters. Some other 3*s too. Level 60 with nearly all meta characters having T5/T4 Gear. If you are interested or have questions contact me here or on discord: Macross89#2097. I'm always on.
  3. Selling  [BLUE ARCHIVE] 3 x 3 stars aru, midori, maki (global starter level 2) $4

    Account Name: FileD Account Type: Global Starter Level 2 With 3 x 3 Stars Characters: Aru, Midori, Maki Contact Info: Discord Mozzie#7777 or Saber546#8152 Excellent customer services, quick, and easy :) Many other accounts for sale check them out! DM for detail and buying help A review is...
  4. Selling  Asia | $25 blue archive acc full meta

    Wts Full meta acc ( iori hibiki shun haruna aru ) Log nexon w gmail Stage 7-1 hard 6-1 Playing until sold Open price in $30 negotiable Pm me on discord for more infos: Katoooòu#0177
  5. Selling  selling hoyung main 11.6k+ luk hoyoung NA reboot w/ lv 220 kanna mule

    Unexpected expense has forced me to sell the account. I only accept PayPal F&F. If you want to use Middleman/Trade Guardian you'll be paying for fees. Fantastic starter account with decent main. 2.4k legion. Important links at LV 140 with some at LV 200+. Account is on REBOOT. If you have...
  6. SOLD  [Global]Mid Iori + Haruna + Shun + Hina + Tsurugi 2x10 Pull

    Selling mid game with Tutorial summon and 2x10 multipull only Area 1 Normal & Hard done Area 2 Normal done 4,9k ++ Crystal for 4x10 more pull Linked to Nexon ID ( Will help change email later ) Price : $35 Payment : Paypal FnF Only Discord : Sijevelo#6707 Thanks
  7. SOLD  [Global]Starter Hibiki + Iori + Hina + 4Star Shiroko

    Starter Unbind , Version info : Asia Tutorial Summon + 3x10 Multipull + 1x pull Hibiki + Iori + Hina + 4* Shiroko + Izumi NB : 2* Tanker Tsubaki Price : 35$ Payment : Paypal FnF Only Discord : Sijevelo#6707 Thanks
  8. SOLD  [GLOBAL] Starter Iori+Hibiki+Karin Tutor+1x Multipull

    Unbind starter acc with Tutorial Summon + 1x10 Pull Iori+Hibiki+Karin Price : $40 Payment : Paypal FnF Only Discord : Sijevelo#6707 Thanks
  9. SOLD  [Global] Hibiki + Iori Tutorial+12x Summon

    Hibiki + Iori Tutorial Summon + 1x10 Pull + 2xSingle Pull Linked to Nexon ID ( Will help to change Nexon email and password to yours ) Price : $25 Payment : Paypal FnF Only Discord : Sijevelo#6707 Thanks
  10. SOLD  [Global] Hibiki + Haruna Tutorial Summon Only

    Tutorial summon only > Hibiki + Haruna Price $25 Payment : Paypall FnF Only Bind to Nexon ID ( Will help to change Nexon email and password ) Discord : Sijevelo#6707 Thanks
  11. SOLD  [Global] Unbind Starter Iori + Hibiki Tutorial Summon Only

    Tutorial summon only > Iori + Hibiki Price $50 Payment : Paypall FnF Only Discord : Sijevelo#6707 Thanks
  12. Buying  Buying MapleRoyals Account | see post for details

    I would like to buy a MapleRoyals account. I WILL ONLY USE MM to buy said account. Requirements Main must be Bowmaster/Ranger, Dark Knight/Dragon Knight, or Night Lord/Hermit Having a bishop mule on the account would be nice although this is not required Level 100+ Decent Gear That's it...
  13. SOLD  S > 278K NX Prepaid

    Selling 278k NX Prepaid account, if interested offer/pm me on discord: Jahannam#0768
  14. Trading  Trading Hoyoung 11.6k luk NA reboot w/ kana mule for less button mashing char

    I want to trade my Hoyoung level 223 11.6 LUK main with DAWN WARRIOR OR ADELE OR DB OR PATHFINDER (OPEN TO OTHER CHARACTERS AS WELL). Hoyoung is fun and all, but I've become lazy. I do not want to press all the skills that Hyoung needs to get the most DPS. I want to trade it with a class that...
  15. Selling  [NA Latz 1] Selling Top 20 Rank Knight

    Selling the knight please see attached photos and DM me if you have any questions. Joomong#7571
  16. SOLD  Latz 1 452k CP Lvl 75 Gunslinger $250

    Server : Latz 1 Character / account has been heavily invested in. Please see attached photos. Has 2 Epic Baktar demon stones, 2 Epic Dinuks and 1 Epic Ruskal. Upgraded storage space to maximum capacity 100 slots. Bag has also been upgraded to 190 slots. Both bag weight gem increases have been...
  17. Selling  Nexon Account with 400k NX inside it, Selling under value

    Selling Nexon NA account with 400K NX in it that you can spend in any game you want, and gift your main afterwards, Pm me for details and price https://prnt.sc/vnitmd
  18. SOLD

    Sold for 150$
  19. Buying  prepaid nx accounts

    Willing to purchase prepaid nx accounts. Must be 100k+ prepaid img#4087
  20. SOLD  Selling Nexon Account with 950k NX Prepaid

    Hey, With the recent closing of Maplestory 2, I got a bunch of NX back and I am not interested in any of the other games. I'm selling here my NX Account with 950k NX Prepaid and it's a blank account and soon in the process of unlinking it from my Steam Account. Dm with offers please. /Edit...
  21. SOLD  **Offer Me** S>Nexon Account NX Prepaid

    Selling Nexon account used for MS2. I'm looking to sell this account after May 27th (or maybe sooner than that.) Must use middleman **Click Buy With Middleman** (I will refund you the amount for middleman after the transaction is complete.) DM me for offers. **Note that if you're going to use...
  22. S> Nexon Account 63,750 prepaid / 317,500 credit

    As title says: S> Nexon Account 63,750 prepaid / 317,500 credit PM: Factor#3875
  23. Selling  Karma Koin Card

    I have a Karma Koin Card with a balance of $160.00. Send me a PM or contact me on Discord if interested. Asking for Paypal , bitcoin, venmo, or amazon paid via cash. Winterforce#9141 (Case sensitive)
  24. Selling  [GLOBAL] Endgame account with 30 SSR units

    Hello! I want to sell my very personal legit high-end day one account. The time I spent leveling this account is unimaginable - I even purchased a lot of in-game packs! The account has a lot of very good equipments, heroes, and grimoires. All PvE content cleared, including the story in hard...
  25. Buying  Global Teze+Luna Starter Account

    As the title suggested I am looking for a starter account that has Teze and Luna I prefer before story 1-4 but can go up to story 1-10 if need be. I would like at least a total of 3+ SSR's preferably waifus not including Ash and 2x Sophia but it's not a requirement just send me some screenshots...