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new server

  1. Selling  K37 server 615

    Relatively new server selling k27 power is 25mil 6 excellent sub cities notable generals Roland 26 and queen jindeok 20 above 500mil-700mil of every resource looking for offers
  2. Selling  WaM lvl23 M98 vip5 click in to see account details

    I’m a student from USA, my school is starting in August, so I’m selling my game account. Account is bond to gmail. You can have the gmail account of course. Leave me your WhatsApp or Facebook if you are interested. Tell me how much you offer, as long as it’s fair, the account is yours. Here...
  3. Carmila 9.5k SG Mage

    Carmilla 9.5 SG mage 7k gold Message on discord with offers Aspirin#8624
  4. Selling  Slayer ACC Destiny's Promise

    - Dummy e-mail. - Slayer 135/70, Multis WL & Monk. - Full saint, older gachas pack bought. - 50 deposited cards, lots of oracle ones. - Every single blue gacha till april, minus the 1% of the first month, and april. - Some red gachas, one 1%. - Lots of big exp potions. - 2 alts Wizzard lv 85.
  5. Selling  New Server (1200+) lvl70, Vip11, All CPNT lvl10, 7 heroes 5-star $2500

    - New server 1200+ - Account Lvl70, VIP11 (64700 VIP points) - Full components Lvl 10 - 7 heroes 5-star (Nimitz, Bradley, Katyusha, Tywin, Simon, Hammer, Rambo) - Hero skills at a good level too - 6000 gems available - Amalia and Bassel were added to the account recently. $1500
  6. Selling  K848, SH 24, top 60, full redeemer, 20k gold, In #1 ranked alliance, 1k+ stats

    Hey guys. Due to a lack of time I'll be selling my account on K848. I am open to all negotiations and offers if you have any. The server is about 1 month old and my account is ranked 52 in terms of power. My account has a full redeemer set that's almost maxed. Since the account is in the top...
  7. Selling  New Server High Tier VIP8 LVL 115 $800 obo

    New Server about 2 months old Willing to negotiate price. Highest rank: JV #1, varsity #20, 413 test, all character challenges complete besides the new crystal one, house exam 30 human (various for others), Sanctuary can be solod with ithil up to boss every time without fail, expert patrol...
  8. Selling New Acct server 160 5177 diamonds 22 elite voucher 12 Epic $3 paypal

    $3 only via paypal
  9. SOLD  S136 - Day 1 | Lv22 | Unlinked | A.Samurai + G.Ball + 5 SR | 7$

    mrHazan#4077 Discord facebook.com/hazan.taurak Facebook [email protected] com Gmail Paypal & Bitcoin Payment Method
  10. SOLD  GT Reroll Service ||| 5 account NA ||| 2 acc with new hero eugene

    Yo Guardian Im opening services for those who want to get the best account in the new server 1.South America 2. Europea 3. Oceania Since the reroll system is bit hard (need ~40 minutes to gacha), I look for the best person who can make me satisfy enough Offer your dream account spesification and...
  11. Selling  New server 1566, 32 m power, almost vip 13, 338 USD

  12. SOLD  [Hades] Warlock 85lvl Horde

    Hello! Char for sale! Hades Level 85 Warlock Orc 344 ilvl (345, one item for offspec) Enchants done Gems Done (with meta gem!) One piece of t11 (head!) ~2k valors (capped in first week, this week ~50% but to wednesday still there is time) Tol Barad Recomendation 50-60 + honored (i did it...
  13. Level 80 (capped) VIP 13 investment account on new server #131

    Hello all, I am selling a capped level VIP 13 account in the server No 131, which is about 65 days old. Level 90 opens on 29th July (in 22 days). Currently only 5 players in the server are level 80. With this account you can get to #1 in arena daily. The account has following 80 lvl...
  14. Selling  [Server 115] level 60 (cap to 80 starts May 5)

    Here's what you're getting: Account Level 60 VIP Level 12 (22500 / 40000 to 13 - $750 + tax) Hero Name Level Star Rating Gear Rating Stones Left to Collect Admiral 48 2 Blue +2 9 of 50 41 Ancient protector ------ ------ ------ 0 of 80 80 Arcane Sapper 60 1 Purple 10 of 20 10...