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  1. M

    CP 1200+ alliance rank41 13chars 1m gold 700 crown gems pve skins

    PC-NA ACCOUNT List of Characters: 1. PvPVE Stamina DK (Main character/9 Trait crafter/ every skill lines maxed/ 429skyshards Argonian AR 41) EP 2. PvP Stamina Sorc (AR 20 Emperor/ Orc/ 235 SS) DC 3. PvPvE Stamina Templar (AR 16/ Orc/ 136 SS) DC 4. PvP Stamina Nightblade (AR 17/ Wood Elf/ 168 SS)...
  2. F

    SOLD  [NA] $30 | S10 PLAT 4 | 79 Champs+ 58 skins | LVL121

    Selling since I am quitting. Paypal & e-transfer only 4 Rune Pages S6 Account; 300,000 Mastery on Yasuo Hand levelled; Normal Gold-Plat MMR (+15 - 21LP) Currently in Placement. Discord: FaithinLight#2665 $30 Basic Info Skins Icons
  3. F

    Selling  [NA] $35 |Gold 4 | 49 Champs + 20 Skins + 11K BE | LV64

    Paypal & e-transfer only Bought: True Damage Ekko + Spirit Blossom Yone (boarder + icon) Hand levelled; Good MMR (+18 - 24LP) Discord: FaithinLight#2665 $35
  4. A

    Trading  Diluc Xiao Qiqi Mona Keqing up for trade, LF: read post

    discord: matcha#9167 i have an AR 44 account with the following 5 stars Diluc Qiqi Xiao Mona Keqing and many four stars + 5 star artifacts and weapons! must be on NA server looking for accounts that are equal to mine with at least four 5 stars 5 stars like Diluc, Xiao, Qiqi are preferred...
  5. A

    Zhongli & 4 stars

    discord: matcha#9167 zhongli account (also has barbara newly added, characters have been ranked and ascended a bit) AR15 looking for 5 stars like: venti highly, childe, diluc but willing to look at offers must be on na server preferably not linked to anything
  6. A

    Klee + 4 stars, make offers!

    discord or here works, discord: matcha#9167 i have a klee AR8 account up for trade, offers must include 1 5 star, rank does not matter. 5 stars i’m interested in are: venti, keqing, childe, jean, but i’m open to any offers! it’s unlinked and on the NA server, accounts must be on NA server...
  7. D

    Selling  21 C6 Characters - ar55 NA - C6 Diluc/Ganyu/Keqing/Qiqi/Childe/Zhongli

    Really, I have no idea if anyone has sold an insane account like this before - I just know my time with this game has come to an end. Moving on to other things and I want someone else to get the opportunity to experience what insanity looks like in this game for a fraction of what it cost me...
  8. C

    Selling  AR 42 NA Mona C1 + Venti + Zhongli account

    Selling this because I'm burned out on the game and it's my second account. I stopped playing a bit after mountain release, so I didn't get the sword from the event, much to my displeasure. Account contains Mona C1 + Zhongli + Venti. In addition, it has Skyward Spine weapon that goes well with...
  9. A

    Trading  Trading 2 Accounts w/ Two 5* Each for Klee + Ganyu

    ADD ME ON DISCORD Aries#9987 Alright I got one that has Ganyu + Mona (NA AR11 And another with Klee + Jean (Europe AR33)
  10. Z

    SOLD  WTS>Whale account for $1000 (1/4 spent, cheap, $1500 in primogems left 129k)

    AR55: 5 stars: c4 Ganyu, c2 qiqi, c2 keqing, c1 tartaglia, c0 klee, c1 diluc, c0 zhongli, c3 venti, c4 jean, c1 mona, c0 albedo, c0 xiao, 4 stars: c5 bennett, c6 noelle, c6 ningguang, traveler, c6 beidou, c6 xiangling, c6 fischl, c6 sucrose, c6 diona, c6 chongyun, c6 razor, c6 xingqiu, c6...
  11. C

    Trading  trading account for golden ratio!

    im looking for an account with golden ratio! i dont have a lot to offer but Hajime Hinata Mikan Tsumiki Nagito Komaeda Mary pet
  12. S

    Trading  Wtt/Wts NA ar 30 Xiao & Klee

    NA AR 30 Xiao & Klee -5-stars Xiao, Klee (Traveler female) -4-stars RazorC1, BeidouC1, Bennett, Barbara, Xiangling, XingqiuC1, Sucrose, NoelleC1, Kaeya, Lisa, Amber, Diona, Fischl, XinyanC1. -8 4* weapons -0/90 No guarantee promotional banner! -15 4* artifacts !(Xiao is lvl 1)! I'm open to all...
  13. S

    Trading  Wts/Wtt NA ar 28, Zhongli, VentiC1, Mona, 5* Weapon.

    NA AR 28 -5-stars Zhongli, VentiC1, Mona, (Traveler male) -4-stars Bennett, BarbaraC4, XianglingC2, XingqiuC1, Sucrose, Noelle, Kaeya, Lisa, Amber, DionaC1, Fischl. -7 4* weapons -1 5* weapon - Aquila Favonia -24/90 No guarantee promotional banner! -11 4* artifacts I'm open to all offers at the...
  14. I

    Selling  Dragon Nest NA - selling gold 39$/mil

    Hi feel free to pm me or add me on discord Cur$e#2744 if you are interested, i'll be closing this tread once everything is sold, Thanks
  15. A

    AR49 Diluc, Mona, Qiqi, Tartaglia, Venti + Wolf's Gravestone and more

    I am selling my Genshin Impact account. The account is for sale only and I am not accepting trades. I will only use the MM service on this site and Paypal Friends & Family to conduct the transaction. Please message me on Discord (username mason#2957) as I will respond much more quickly North...
  16. K

    Selling  [NA] Great account with Smolensk, Puerto Rico, Missouri, +80 premium ships.

    I'm tired of playing, too much spent in this account and game I hope to sell this as soon as possible This account has a lot of weeaboo content lol -More than 5 years of activity -10+ TX ships (Yamato, Shimakaze, Yoshino, Hakuryu, Montana, Worcester, Puerto Rico, Smolensk, Grosser Kurfust...
  17. G

    SOLD  [NA] [AR22] Quicksell Unlinked Cheap Venti Account + Good 4* Characters

    Completely F2P, No Top-Ups Used, Original Owner. Includes C2 Xinyan, C2 Barbara. and C1 Diona. Includes Sac Frags, Favonius Warbow, Favonius Lance, and Lion's Roar weapons. Price: $7 or best offer. PayPal F&F preferred. Discord: Mizu#5812 People are trying to impersonate me. My unique...
  18. G

    SOLD  or WTT [NA] [AR38] Cheap Klee + Ganyu + Good 4* Characters

    Also trading for any Venti account with Male MC. Completely Free-to-Play (F2P), No Top-Ups, Both Event & Standard banners ~60’s/90 (approaching 76 soft pity). Nothing touched except for normal daily progression. Both Anemo & Geo statues maxed, Dragonspine Tree Level 9. Includes C6 Xingqiu, C4...
  19. P

    Selling  [NA] [AR31] [PC] - Klee - Mona - Fischl - Sucrose - Xian

    Hello, I'm selling my NA AR31 account with C0 Klee, C0 Mona, C0 Fischl, C0 Sucrose, C5 Noelle, C1 Xian, C2 Barbara, C0 Diona, and C0 Kaeya. My weapons are Eye of Perception, Favonius Codex, Sac. Greatsword, Prototype Rancour, Sac. Bow, Favonius Warbow, Favonius Lance, and Lion's Roar. I...