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  1. B

    Selling  [NA] Lvl62/61's - 265/329 Kutum - LifeSkill Ready - 19 Maids - OG Email

    Looking to sell my account. - Original Email (Website Linked, Not Steam) - Full Tet Gear, C3 Armor, C4 Kzarka. - Upgraded Epheria Sailboat - T8 Courser (3 T9 Attempts, Half Matts) - 19 Maids. 12 Marketplace, 7 Storage Maids - P2W Tent. - x4 T4 Pets, x1 T3 Pet - Spent upwards of $6000 on this...
  2. kingprodijae

    Selling  NA 560GS Kuno/Hash, 4B Liquid Silver, T8 courser, weapon exchange coupons etc

    This is my own original BDO STEAM account meaning you will have FULL ACCESS and CAN CHANGE ALL information including the original email. Screenshots: Can hit 259/316 after you finish adventure logs Asking $300 Payment via PayPal Friends & Family (I am a verified PayPal user so I hope you are...
  3. kingprodijae


  4. R

    Selling  NA AR38 Tartaglia + Diluc $45

    Selling acc with Tartaglia + Diluc $45. Details: - AR 38 - All anemuculus and geoculus collected. - Map fully discovered. - 1.8M Moras - Lots of mats to craft and upgrade - 20 more rolls on permanent banner - NA Contact through discord: Ilezard#2113 Payment through Paypal F&F
  5. P

    9 SSR (11 wNP) Endgame [NA]

    I'm selling this account because I no longer have time to maintain them. Some welfares are missing because my phone screen broke around those events :( - Account 1: Story: At Salem. Have some decents CE which are displayed in the screenshots BD Set Price: 35$ PayPal f&f Album: PM me here or...
  6. D

    Selling  [NA] 63 Witch 287K/280/339 With Full TRI Manos Set on Shai

    63 Witch 60 Dark Knight 59 Witch 58 Shai (Lifeskill) Gear(63 Witch) C4 PEN Griffon C4 PEN Dim Tree C4 PEN Bhegs C4 PEN Urugons TET Blackstar Staff TET Dande Aad PEN Kutum Dagger 2x TET Tungrad Rings 2x TET Black Distortion Earrings TET Tungrad Belt TET Tungrad Necklace Gear(Lifeskill)...
  7. T

    Selling  NA AR7 5 * Diluc 4 * SEE PIC

    Levelled manually. %100 safe, Send account information by email. We have sold many accounts of Genshin impact, But no one has been banned. If an IP ban occurs from the date / time of purchase, we will provide a refund or exchange within 48 hours. EU Server AR7 Price can be negotiate ,please...
  8. F

    [NA] ar25 qiqi/venti/fischl UNLINKED

    -NA account -lvl 8 ameno statue -lvl 6 geo statue -plenty of content still left to do on the account -can no longer obtain venti in any available banner, limited character -any questions you can dm me on EpicNPC or discord at froggy#0089 -can screenshare/take more screenshots -pref using trade...
  9. D

    Selling  60 Orc Rogue US/NA Pvp ZG Raptor $400

    Check out the Gear link: AQ40 ready ZG Heart in bag, Gutgore ripper and various mc and zg gear in bag. https://classic.wowhead.com/gear-planner/rogue/orc/AjwAAVi-AkyhA017BU16BkIOB0G2CEIKCUG5CkILC03VDE26DTaNDkqwDzQckEKzTkKRU_pOQhJCsA Lock picking: 300 Poison: 300 First Aid: 300 Riding: 300...
  10. ZeroTrash

    SOLD  NA: Endgame Semi-whale account [34 Unique SSR (43WNP+)]

    Account is ready for any future Event or Story content. Just don't have the time to play FGO anymore. Tons of time and money invested into the account. Still has plenty of farmable SQ left. Ready for upcoming Christmas event that hasn't gotten a rerun on JP yet (2 years). 34 Unique SSR (43WNP+)...
  11. K

    Trading  NA Venti + Jean C1 + Qiqi LF Offers

    Hey there im trading my account with battle pass weapons and daily bonus lf offers pm me discord Bea.#7685
  12. F

    AR 40 [NA] Unlinked, Diluc, Klee 5* Lost Prayer, 2k Gems

    AR 40 NA Unlinked Diluc and Klee Barbara C3, Fischl C1, Xingqiu C3, Lisa C1, Sucrose C2 and Xiangling C1 Bennet, Diona, Ningguang Noelle, Kaeya and Amber Lost Prayer 5* Book 2k of Gems 40 Flagile Resin All Geoculus and Anemoculus collected 38 Pulls for the next 5 star guarantee Sell or...
  13. D

    SOLD  Global EoD Account LvL 65 - Kappa - 100M Stash - Maxed Traders/Bitcoin

    Discord: jacku#6222 Selling my personal account I've used over the past few years. Bitcoin Farm 50/50 Hideout/Traders are complete. 40 Million Rubles Cash 100 Million total stash value 9.2 Kill/Death 1600 PMC Kills I am the first and only owner. No cheats used, account totally clean...
  14. E

    SOLD  [AR43]⭐ Mona, Klee, Venti, Qiqi ⭐ Clean High end account

    Constellations: Noelle: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sucrose: ⭐⭐⭐ Barbara: ⭐⭐ Fischl: ⭐ Xiangling: ⭐ MAXed out Mona/Klee potential: *UNLINKED* ALL GEO & ANEMO COLLECTED Currently on ABYSS 11...
  15. E

    SOLD  NA AR40 Ultimate All Characters!!! See for yourself.

    Everything is in the image provided. You can reach me here or through discord for more information. KingErl#7226 Will only cater midman here on epic or you go first fnf.
  16. S

    Selling  NA - Ar32, Ar10, Ar7 - acc,s Venti, Childe, Klee, Keqing, Jean, Mona, Qiqi

    NA - Unlinked AR32 - Venti, Jean 60$ for more details, ask me AR10 - Venti= 10$ AR10 - Jean = 3$ AR10 - Qiqi = 4$ AR7 - Tartaglia (Childe) 5$ AR7 - Jean = 3$ AR7 - Klee = 4$ AR7 - Keqing = 5$ AR7 - Mona = 3$ Paypal Discord: Hazen#1168
  17. M

    Trading  [NA] FT: AR43 account, 6 five stars, LF similar value account

    FT: NA, Male MC, AR43 5 Stars: -Qiqi c1, Mona, Jean, Klee, Diluc 4 Stars: -Fischl c3, Xianling c1, Bennett, Chongyun, Noelle c3, Lisa c3, Sucrose, Razor, Xingqui c1, Barbara c4 -Compact Bow r2, Solar Catalyst, Eye of Perception r2, The Widsith, Prototype Rancour r2, Favonius Bow r3, Dragon...
  18. S

    Selling  NA - Ar31 - Venti, Jean

    All Geoculus and Anemoculus collected Price: 65$ Paypal only Discord: Hazen#1168
  19. E

    SOLD  [NA][AR 43] [5⭐] Keqing - Diluc - Jean | Patch 1.1 ready

    Ready for the new 5***** Characters coming out in Patch 1.1! (Or unless you're obsessed with Klee...) ________________________________________________________________ Price is negotiable! ________________________________________________________________ HMU here on EpicNPC or...
  20. B

    Selling  NA Accounts Store

    FS: NA Accounts, LF Paypal Account1: 259,015,938 (Arjuna, Jack the Ripper + 11 SR) 6$ Account2: 850,422,093 (Ereshkigal + 13 SR) 3$ Account3: 539,574,274 (Iskandar + 5 SR) 3$ Account4: 733,660,094 (Ereshkigal + 3 SR) 3$ Account5: 172,715,098 (Sigurd, Nero Claudius (Caster), Xuanzang Sanzang...