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monetized channel

  1. L

    Buying  ⭐Looking to buy a large of number youtube channels with HIGH RATES (urgent)⭐

    Hello Everybody! ⭐I would like to buy a large number of Youtube Channels With Enabled Monetization. ⭐I need to buy from 15 to 20 channels every day. ⭐Contact me: ⭐Skype: luclv.lee ⭐Telegram: @leepossible Thank you!
  2. quangthuan223

    Selling  2 millions subs monetized kids channel for sale (100% safe)

    Hello, I am selling this channel, feel free contact me for more details and price :D Description: - Channel was created in feb 2015 - Subs 1.972.000 - Total views 502 millions - Life time revenue 175k $ - Audience traffic : all countries ( india, indo, vietnam, usa, thailand..) - Niche: kid...
  3. G

    Selling  Monetized Makeup Youtube Channel Botted - Manuel Confirmed

    Hello everyone! I have for sale channel with enabled monetization. Manuel Confirm have approved message & congratulation email Monetization on channel is already enabled Channel include 1140+ subscribers Channel have 10 unique videos / 17.500+ views No copyright or community strike Delivered...
  4. ekabrian16

    Selling  Monetized Channels With Congrats Email Very Cheap ($120) (Botted)

    HIGH QUALITY Monetized Channel - MANUAL APPROVED have approval message & congratulation email ++ 1000 Subscribers (+) and 4000 hours impression meets the requirement ++ ++ No copyright or community strikes ++ ++ Review and approved by google 1 or some days ago ++ ++ Botted ++ ++ Aged channel ++...
  5. Vennyyy

    SOLD  5000+ *ORGANIC* youtube subscribers youtube channel!

    - 5,050 subscriber youtube channel - monetization ineligible (has 15k watch hours but denied for reused content) - still gaining active views and subscribers - good stats - will use middleman $90 USD OR BEST OFFER (negotiable) PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: BITCOIN, AND ETHEREUM; ONLY PAYPAL AT A HIGHER...
  6. YTSeller18

    Selling  Monetized Channel For $199

    Monetized, no strikes, $199. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNNlPpFxiyFgeNSJlPbgGeQ/videos Price is final. BTC, ETH, USDT, Skrill. Buyer pays fee, as usual with a purchase. Skype: 1610pr [email protected] Discord: JohnSmith#5075 (ID 365874701043499009).
  7. K

    Selling  Selling YT Channel With 1k Subs | Monetized | Not Botted | Organically Grown

    This channel is in the gaming niche, it's monetized, there's already high-quality content. I will only take Paypal, if you want to buy through Trade Guardian, that's also fine but it has to be PayPal. Again, I've grown this channel fully organically, no botted subs or views, hence the price. The...
  8. warmembers

    Selling  Bulk Empty Step + Watch Time and Subs - 130$

    Empty Step + adsense + video + watch time + subs Prices: 1 channel - 195 2-5 - 185 5-10 160 10+ 135 12+ 130 skype Live: Startinganew92_1
  9. YTSeller18

    SOLD  .....

  10. YTSeller18

    SOLD  Monetized Channel

    Subs: 1,400, views: 117,500, created in 2018, no strikes, monetized, price: $230. Price is final. Buyer pays fee, as usual with a purchase. BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, Skrill. Not accepting PayPal. Skype: 1610pr [email protected] Discord: JohnSmith#5075 (ID 365874701043499009).
  11. YTSeller18

    SOLD  Monetized Channels.

    1. Subs: 7,800, views: 518,000, created in 2017, no strikes, monetized, price: $250. 2. Subs: 16,500, views: 1,500,000, created in 2015, no strikes, monetized, price: $250. Prices are final. Buyer pays fee, as usual with a purchase. BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT. Not accepting PayPal. Skype: 1610pr...
  12. E

    Buying  [WTB] USA monetized gaming based YouTube channel

    Looking to buy a monetized YouTube channel that has USA based subs. I need the channel to be gaming related as well. That's all, money ready no budget. Please hit me up on PM through website. PAY: BTC READY OPEN TO MM NO BUDGET ASAP disclaimer: it doesnt need to meet the USA requirement...
  13. S

    Selling  *CHEAP* Monetized Channel for sale

    Selling monetized channel 1 copyright strike (Expires on 18 Jun 2020 ) All videos available Fresh Monetized Price: BEST OFFER Original Email from you tube.
  14. SkyisTheLimit

    Selling  [HQ] Youtube Channels with Enabled Monetization [HQ] Botted

    Email - [email protected] Information: Channels include botted subscribers. Delivery Time: Instant delivery after getting the payment, sometimes can be longer - maximum to 96 hours. Refund/Replacement Policy: All Sales are Final. No refunds after accounts are delivered...
  15. A

    SOLD  1K+ Organic Views, Subs, Monetized for $300

    I'm selling my channel for $300 fixed priced Transaction via Middleman (I prefer ARMIK) Buyer's Pays the Fee Payment Method: Paypal (Friends & Family) or Skrill Channel comes with original e-mail and google adsense account There's still the congratulation message from youtube No Strike/Warnings...
  16. A


  17. G

    Buying  Looking to buy monetised youtube accounts

    Looking to buy monetised youtube accounts needs to include - monetized - no copyright strikes - no bots - will only buy through middle man on this site Paypal only
  18. YTSeller18

    SOLD  Monetized Organic Channel for $199 BTC.

    Monetized, no strikes, original content, created in 2012, 365 days hours: 7K, price: $199 BTC. Buyer pays fee, as usual with a purchase. [email protected] Discord: JohnSmith#5075 Skype: 1610pr
  19. warmembers

    Selling  Monetized 3 step channels for sale - 185 [adsense included]

    3 Step Monetized Channels For sale 180 with cashapp or skrill Paypal ff, stripe debit credit, btc, skrill, cashapp Skype: [email protected] startinganew92_1
  20. F

    Organic Channels With Monetization Enabled -> $200

    Channels were made with mutual aid groups. So it's organic, but users are passive Stock: 20x Channel Specifications * Channels have 1000+ Subscribers * Custom url can be retrieved * No refunds/replacements, all sales are final. Payment method: Skrill, BTC and PayPal (F&F) Contact: skype ->...