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  1. P

    Selling  selling monetized youtube channel 5k subscribe [550$]

    4750 subscribers joined aug 1 2017 enable monetzation views 2.1m lifetime watch time 6.9m minute lifetime revenue 870$ lifetime country Russia/United States contact me to pm for details Payment method: paypal, btc
  2. Jhon Matt

    Selling  Channel 228k Monetized (0 Strikes ALL Active) 1800$!

    Buyers pay MM Btc, Western Union or Transferwise Amount of subscribers: 228k Country of subscribers (majority): Brazil USA Topic/Niche: Free fire games Description: Great channel, focus on lives and no problem of Copyright, Strikes or Warnings. Everything in the prints...
  3. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  Channel 38k monetized / all active / active and organic subs

    38,816 subscribers 2,294,958 views Joined Apr 15, 2018 The 2 strikes came out in less than 1 month, other than that the channel is all ok, I've posted video test and monetization is not limited Prints : https://prnt.sc/p2prh0 - My videos https://prnt.sc/p2prmi - Strikes / Warnings...
  4. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  50k Monetized Channel / 3M views (700$)

    All in prints : https://prnt.sc/p19gf9 - Dashboard https://prnt.sc/p19h3x - My videos https://prnt.sc/p19h92 - Features https://prnt.sc/p19hsw - 365 days https://prnt.sc/p19hzc - 28 days https://prnt.sc/p1ax8f - Lifetime https://prnt.sc/p19if3 - Geographics https://prnt.sc/p19imk - Demographics...
  5. Jhon Matt

    Selling  Channel 173k Review at 3 week / active 400k views 28 days /

    173,288 subscribers Joined Aug 8, 2016 has been monetized before and is under review for 3 week, the channel is over active rising views all the time 0 strikes / 0 warnings niche : anime monetization : Review He did have some deleted videos Prints :
  6. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  Gaming Channel 200k Monetized / 0 strikes

    200,465 subscribers 711,019 views Joined Aug 27, 2016 Niche : Gaming Free Fire Monetization : On Livestream : OFF Warning : URL you posted to YouTubeReason: Violation of YouTube’s Community left 5 sep Prints : https://prnt.sc/oyf6fn - Features https://prnt.sc/oyf6ip - Monetization...
  7. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  Gaming Channel 10k Monetized / Organic Subs / Active / 500k views

    BTC or Paypal Buyers pay MM Monetization : ON All ok 0 Strikes / 0 Warnings 9,752 subscribers 493,729 views Joined Jan 4, 2018 prints : https://prnt.sc/oxwylx - Features https://prnt.sc/oxwyqv - Monetization https://prnt.sc/oxwyw0 - My videos https://prnt.sc/oxwz16 - Copyrights...
  8. Z

    9K subs + monezation ENABLE

    Monetization enabled Price $ 350 Bitcoin only MM at your expense Final price [email protected] [email protected] after purchasing the channel, I don’t have any responsibility for it, the guarantee is only at the time of purchase
  9. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  Gaming CSGO Channel 34k Monetized / 6M Views / All Active on features

    Only BTC and Paypal Buyer pay MM After purchase of the channel, it is the buyer's responsibility 34,740 subscribers 5,702,215 views Joined Mar 28, 2015 Prints : https://prnt.sc/oxmngi - Channel https://prnt.sc/oxmnnn - Vídeo Manager https://prnt.sc/oxmo7x - Copyrights https://prnt.sc/oxmobf...
  10. FrontSightMedia

    Selling  ► Monetized Channel 18.5K+ Subscribers, 1.7M+ Views, 11M Mins ◄ | Organic |

    I am selling a Monetized youtube channel, It's all clear with no strikes. it has 18.5K+ Subscribers, 1.7M+ Views, 11M Mins Lifetime. It has more than 250 videos on. The channel already monetized. All Organic not botted. Properties: No Strikes Monetization Enabled & got $40 earnings on. Custom...
  11. M

    Selling  5.8K subscriber channel

    I am selling a channel 5.8k subs and many views (1.4 million), gaining 5-6k views daily and many comments 4/4 eligibility monetization mm or you must go first price is 130 paypal friends and family or btc accept
  12. Z

    YouTube - 77k subs + Monetization

    Monetization enabled There are 77k + subs No copyright or community infringement Price: 600$+ Payment Method: BTC(Bitcoin) Of your choice. Through an intermediary epicnpc or 100% prepayment. I give a guarantee on the validity of the account, but after the sale I am not responsible for it.
  13. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  deleted

  14. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  deleted

  15. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  Channel 9k monetized / 600k view / SUPER Active / 80$= 28 days (accept offers)

    Paypal or BTC Buyer pay MM http://prntscr.com/osubg6 http://prntscr.com/osubj1 http://prntscr.com/osubkw http://prntscr.com/osubpy http://prntscr.com/osubs7 http://prntscr.com/osubuf http://prntscr.com/osubwk http://prntscr.com/osubye Views : 593k Subscribers : 9k Last 28 days : 80$...
  16. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  Channel 21k Monetized / 4M Views / 0 strikes / 100% organic subs

    BTC or WesternUnion Buyer pay MM 21,545 subscribers 3,954,653 views Joined Sep 7, 2011 Vídeos : 66 Monetization : ON Prints : http://prntscr.com/oqr1la - Canal http://prntscr.com/oqr1pv - Vídeo Manager http://prntscr.com/oqr1uv - Features http://prntscr.com/oqr20z - Analytics 28 days...
  17. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  deleted

  18. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  Gaming Channel Monetized 34k organic subs (100% own content) accept offers

    Only BTC or Western Union 34,530 subscribers 1,929,530 views Joined Apr 8, 2017 Monetization : ON Strikes : 0 Warnings : 0 (left Aug 29) All ok (nothing disabled) Prints : http://prntscr.com/okk2vo - Channel http://prntscr.com/okk30d - Warning http://prntscr.com/okk33g - Dashboard...
  19. ekabrian16

    Selling  A Monetized Youtube Channel For Sale Botted Channel ($499)

    Hi I would like to sell a monetized youtube channel. -3000 subs -Custom URL is available -Botted -No strike Payment method : -Paypal -BTC Thanks
  20. Jhon Matt

    SOLD  81k channel / 100% organic subs / recent videos (4k subs last week)

    Buyer pay MM BTC, Paypal or Western Union in review : 1 week Joined Jan 4, 2019 15,458,276 views 79,029 subscribers Monetization : in review Prints : http://prntscr.com/ofvs1h http://prntscr.com/ofvs8g http://prntscr.com/ofvsfd http://prntscr.com/ofvsia http://prntscr.com/ofvsok...