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monetization enabled

  1. Cooclopos

    SOLD  5k subs organic Monetized channel Youtube. Original mail. 400$

    Active Organic youtube channel.(Monetization enable) ** Created 2019 ** Subs 5k ** Views 100k ** Videos 7 ** Original mail (safe channel) Payment Method: webmoney, Paypal(via friends family), Bitcoin
  2. B

    Selling  25K Sub, Music related, Monetization ENABLED

    Sub - 25k No Strike Monetization ENABLED Price - $900 Details: I accept BTC, ETH and Webmoney (Middleman accepted buyer pay fees) Note: If you purchase the account, it is up to you to decide what to do with it. I am not responsible for whatever happens with it and will not take any blame or...
  3. W

    Selling  DEAL! Monetized Enabled Account with 222k Watchtime and 1200 Subs for 400$

    Hey Guys! I am selling my MONETIZED Gaming Channel (Niche changeable without a problem). It is currently earning a few cents everyday. It has over 222k Watchtime, 70k Views and around 1200 Subs. I am selling it for 400$ 500$ via Paypal Friends and Family or Credit Card. Middleman possible.
  4. F

    ✅Selling Monetized Youtube - 30.000 subs | Real subs

    • Enable monetization • 30.000 subscribers • 1.900.000 views • Don't have strikes • Partner Verified Hello, i accept BTC/ETH. Very low and final price 300$ My Skype: live:zaebumba4255
  5. W

    750 subscribers channel

    Hey guys I’m selling a 747 subscribers channel for cheap $60 pm me for more info PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY ONLY SCAMMERS STAY AWAY FROM ME
  6. D

    Buying  Buying Monetized Enabled YouTube Channel - 1k+ subs - $300

    Hello, I am intereted in buying a monetized enabled YouTube channel with at least 1k subscribers for $300 or less. Please PM me if you are selling a YouTube account like this. Thank you.
  7. D

    Buying  Buying Enabled Monetization Youtube Channel 300$

    Buying Enabled Monetization Youtube Channel 300$ I just need a basic monetized channel 1k subs, 4k watch hours and enabled or approved monetization. I don't care if its botted or organic, as long as its enabled monetization, ill buy it. I need 3 channels
  8. D

    SOLD  Verified Monetized Youtube Channel with 84k Subs Gaming Niche

    Selling Youtube Verrfied account created in 2012,gaming niche. Channel is monetized. Subbed by - 1. CYRILmp4 - 4m subs 2. IULITM - 3.1m subs 3. Goorgo 1.8m subs 4. ThePlayGamerBR 533k subs 5. Alphyx - 467k subs Has 86k subs with 30+ M lifetime views. Channel has generated over $50k so far...
  9. A

    Buying  Buy monetization enable youtube account

    Hi im looking for youtube channel monetization enable but not have that high budget . My budget below 50$ if can get . Idc if have low sub but i just want monetization enable acc only . Thanks .
  10. Cooclopos

    Selling  AGED active Monetization enable 21 k Subs

    Price: 1200$ Payment method: Btc, Webmoney Monetization : Enable No strikes or copyright claims. Middle man: ARMIK
  11. D

    Selling  Monetized Verified Youtube Gaming Channel 86k SUBS

    Hi, Selling youtube verrfied account created in 2012,gaming niche. Channel is monetized with adsense account. Has 86k subs with 32 M lifetime views. Channel has generated over $50k so far. Only serious buyers please. I will sell it for $2.5k. Negotiable.
  12. D

    Selling  Selling Channel (1.1k subscribers & 9k hrs watch time) under review!

    Hi, I'm selling youtube channel with 1.1k subscribers & more than 9k hours of watch time. Channel is applied for monetization and it is under review. Gaming niche channel. Has few videos. Channel is not monetized yet! My final price for channel is $99! PayPal preferred. Channel link : Willie...
  13. Cooclopos

    Selling  23k subs active channel with enable monetization

    Subscribers: 23K Views: 1m+ Lifetime views: 4.3M+ Monetization: Enable ✔️ Subscribers are 100% real. ✔️ No copyright or community strikes. Price: 1250$ PM me if you are interested. Payment method: Paypal, btc, Webmoney. Selling only with personal middleman (ARMIK)
  14. B

    Buying  Monetized channels | +1k subs +4.000 hrs watchtime

    HI dear, i'm looking for channels to buy. My budget range for each channel is from 50$ to 600$ Please i can accept offers only with following requirements: >>> already monetized (so active monetization) >>> +1k subs >>> +4.000 hours watchtime in last year If want to send me offers please...
  15. W

    Selling  Monetized Youtube Account | 1000+ Subs | 250$ with Trade Guardian!

    Hey! I am selling my fully MONETIZED Youtube Channel with over 1000 Subs. Niche change possible without problems. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-zqQxZ8OP8P5Ip9-59N7gw 250$ Over Paypal with Middleman (Can Split the Fee 50/50)
  16. B

    Selling  YouTube Gaming Channel Monetization Enabled

    Hello, I am selling a YouTube gaming channel with Monetization Enabled. The Channel has 1k Subscribers. I will only use middle man but buyer pays the fees. Accepting Bitcoins or PayPal as Friends and Family. It’s only 1 Channel
  17. W

    Selling  Monetized Youtube Account for 299$ | Monetization enabled

    Hey! I am selling my monetization enabled Youtube Account for 299$. Payment via Paypal. Contact me here via PM or via email: [email protected] Middleman is required
  18. E

    Selling  YouTube Channel with 2000 Subscribers and 360K views!

    I'm selling my YouTube channel for 200€. It has 2K subscribers and +360K views, it's also ready to monetize. The audience is very active, so it's a good channel to start! ! All the videos are in private, I can send you screenshots! I only accept Bitcoin or PayPal (Family & Friends) What...