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maplestory account

  1. Selling  Reboot NA >< PF Liberated 27x higher then 275 / 55k stats ! 8.7k legion !

    For Sale ! OG Email PF 27x ( 275 - 279 ) 55k stats ! Liberated ! 8.7k Legion ! wonderfull account ! some PF ss & Kanna 27x ! 43k stats ! 3k nodes left co : 2k aw : 5k : nAyz#8611 (Asking everyone who adds me to check that it's really me through matching from epicnpc)
  2. Selling  OG mail Ark 250 33k statt / 4k5 legion / GSE Bagde 3 Arcanes and Sengoku Totem

    Equips: - Max Node - at least 17*, CRA 21-22*, belt gollux 21*, abs shoes 19* - Have set drop meso - 720 Arcane without Guild Inventory: - Legion: 3k -14k Nodestones left Able to trade account other job Discord: Kỳ Anh#0787
  3. Selling  RistoniaMS Account! 50K Thief!

    Selling my Ristonia account with 50K stat Thief with crazy unfinished items! PM me here if interested! Thank you :)
  4. Buying  [Reboot] lv 250+ Shadower/NightLord 40k+ Stat

    Hello, Just like the title I am looking for a Nightlord or Shadower with 40k+ stat. Feel free to add me on discord at Annooo#2742. Legion above 6k. Thank You.
  5. SOLD  [Reboot] lv 250 Ark 31k stats. Potable Badge. OG email!

  6. Buying  Buying bera account with 8k legion

    Looking for an account in the BERA server. I don't really care for anything else except 8k legion. Hopefully the link skills are complete as well. Once again, I'm only interested in legion. My budget is 500$. Please message me on discord Christopher#3236
  7. SOLD  [Reboot] Lv 238 Night Lord 29.4k/3Dark Totems/ 3k Legion

    Hello Maplers, - I have a Night Lord Lv 238 for sale, come with OG email. All transaction will be through a middle man, buyer will be responsible for the fee. - Everything is at 16* - 3k Legions Account, LV 3 link: Beast Tamer/Demon Avenger are completed. - Bossing/IED familar (Epic) + Large...
  8. SOLD  S > 26x DS almost 40k stats ! 67xx Legion and much more ! ~~~

    hey everyone im looking to sell my account at Reboot NA DS lvl 26x with 39k stats almost 40k 67xx Legion importent ls lvl 3 some photo's c/o : aw : 1500$ deal will be here with mm.
  9. SOLD  FlashSale MID GAME Shadower 233 and 35k Statt Kanna 600$

    --------------------------OVERALL------------------------------ My account is 4k4 legion and included 16 char above lv 200 Cuz i didnot spend much time on farming legion - Have about 200+ NX items , many special limited item in different character included cash inventory ( hope you in join...
  10. Buying  Buying a reboot account with 4 toons that can solo up to lomien

    Just like the title says, Buying a reboot account with 4 toons that can solo up to lomien including a 26x character that is at grandis. DM me on here if you're interested in selling or trading for a whale epic7 account. Cheers
  11. Selling  EU luna maplestory- end game shadower with genesis weapon

    27x - shadower with unsealed genesis weapon it has petite and fs ring also. pm for discord tag and more information
  12. Selling  S> BT 24x , NL 23x NW 23x PF 23x Kanna 23x Account with almost 8.4k legion

    Account currently unavailable in rankings due to getting banned for inappropriate name (wifebeater) Until 7/17 xx00 CST. Quitting game because of this. Beast tame is 24x 24k stat with 4/5 arcanes and full meso gear. Nightwalker is 23x with 15k stat w/ meso gear NL is 23x with 3L attack Abso...
  13. [SCANIA] Lv275 Liberated Adele, 8.2k legion, original e-mail, and much more!

    8.2k legion semi naked acc 23k stat Genesis weapon! Ror3 120% drop items Leg familiar %boss, drop, ignore def familiars Links lv3 Expensive cosmetic Current offer: 1700$ Price: 2800$ Payment, binance or paypal F&F Buyer must cover Midleman fee! Discord: Eliz#1569
  14. Selling  [NA - Bera] 27x Ark 23x Dawn Warrior 8k+ Legion Level /w Plenty NX Cosmetics]

    Account is almost gear-empty, has a few untradeable high-quality items. However the amount of Meso, Cosmetics, Legion Levels, Arcane nodes, Perm Items, etc make up the worth. Account has multiple high level characters with a plentiful amount of items in inventory including a Level 270 Ark that...
  15. SOLD  QUICK SALE 117b Reboot NA maplestory

    $450 1k legion 117b meso NA reboot account has 1k legion with all destiny rewards claimed and used. I bought this account from springonion (member here) for $590 and originally it had 140b used some mesos to make this hero and used some on db. now it has !117b left REASON FOR SALE~ it was...
  16. Selling  BERA Lv247 Pathfinder 28k dex, original email, 4.4k legion

    All equips are 17 stars or at least most of em, cubbed and scrolled good, got perma pets and some cash items that will be shown in a picture, never banned i made it myself from 0, its 2-3 years old account... Price 180$ Payment Paypal f&f Discord: Samsa#9476
  17. Selling  [Reboot NA] 34.5k Adele 7k Legion

    34.5k stat 25x (post eow) adele, 342% BD, 95% IED with IED familiars out 184% drop gear + 100% drop fam, +wap +legion drop = 354% drop in stat window makes 900m/hr + avg 5-6 droplets per totem at VC3 can solo hard lotus if you have good mechanics several lvl 3 links: merc, beast tamer, phantom...
  18. SOLD  Reboot maple 2k legion account for $80

    Selling a 2k legion account for dirt cheap price! has a level 204 hero, 200 DS, 200 NL, 200 DB 187 kanna, 167 phantom and list goes on have the important/main links like aran/evan/merc. can even sell it for higher if you have the patience :) Discord RapWalaKavi#1828
  19. SOLD  NA reboot 13k stat hero $100 level 220

    Fantastic Bosser can solo upto cra! 3.9m-4.4m range with maple warrior/rage/combo orbs 4.9m-5.5m range with enrage. Account has very low legion around 600, so if you work on legion plus link skills this hero can easily reach close to 6-7m OR even higher range. with destiny around the corner its...
  20. B> Luna maplestory account

    lf maplestory account
  21. Selling  Account-Huge,Sale-Verified-Gifts-1+2-QuittingSale

    The Accounts is cheap ! For What you're getting Accounts got everything you need literally Everything SEND MASSAGE FOR PRICE *ALL SETS ARE 25*10 AVG (excluding dr set)!!* JamboJump#3643 add as a friend and massge for Price Payment Method : Paypal
  22. Selling  [BERA] ACCOUNT (240 demon slayer 30k stat clean 4681 legion)

    Has over 10b of NX cash item outfits, 2 perma pets, 6b mesos with around 5b of nodestones. Everything else is shown in the pictures. DM if you have any questions taking offers.
  23. Selling  Reboot - Kanna 27x, 50k Stat, 8k Legion

    8k legion, 50k INT Max nodes Max Arcane - lvl 20 Cernium 5, Arcus 3 3b 5 perm pets 240% drop gear; 120% meso gear Gear 17*-22* Other: 25x Pathfinder, 25x Adele Price is 1k$+ Payment methods accept : CashApp Crypto (-10%) Paypal (repped) I will rarely check here, contact me discord ...
  24. SOLD  REBOOT 25X Adele 35K Stats Fashionstory

    COMES WITH ORIGINAL EMAIL Adele Level 25X 6.5k Legion 35K stat unbuffed 20-23M range unbuffed Full 17 star 5 set arcane in the corner, almost done upgrading 3L Att Emblem 1320 AF 2 Perm Pet Wondroid Heart Tons of EXPENSIVE NX, Penguin set, the White Tiger Pajama set, Lovely Round Glasses 109%...
  25. Selling  scania 24x DS

    selling scania account, 24x DS 23x XENON with good links, DS hits 1b per line with barely any equips, has lucid earring and perm tp rock and thousands of dollars spent on perm nx legion is not that good, im looking to get a fair price on it, any questions you can talk to me on discord KI#1722...