1. Selling  S> Mabinogi Gold - $15/10m [Erinn]

    WTS> Mabinogi Gold for a decent price! If you want to offer, let me know on Discord. I do trades through I also sell lots of end-game gear for $/gold. Discord: R.E.D#0048
  2. SOLD  ERINN | S>Cumulative 13k+ Human with 59 pets + gear + more

    Selling > Cumulative level 13k+ human with gear, pets, and tons of items including Height-Boosting Insoles (M) Screenshots of everything are included in the post. ★★★ Looking for GOOD FAIR OFFERS. PayPal/Cashapp ONLY (USD) ★★★ Most of the pets are filled with enchants, materials, ingredients...
  3. SOLD  S>End Game Elf Archer R1 Everything (Almost)

    R1 All combat skills (except heavy armor since elves have no use for it) R1 All magic R1 All chain R1 All alchemy, construct alchemy included R1 All fighter R1 All music (except comp and knowledge) R1 All puppetry R1 All dual gun R1 All ninja R1 All apothecary R1 All tailoring R1 All chef R1 All...
  4. Buying  WTB Mabinogi Gold Fast Payment! 100% legit!!

    Buying Mabinogi Gold Everyday will pay fast! and 100% legit! Please add me on Discord or message me here, but faster response on discord!! Discord: kikiyo#9234 -Good Price on Market~ -Safe and Easy trade~ -Professional~ -Am Paying with Paypal~
  5. Buying  WTB gold for mabinogi with good price, 100% legit, Fast payment

    Buying golds everyday!Instant trade! + Good price in market! + Security! Professional! + Fast payment (we support many kinds of payment methods ) Please contact us for the details: Discord: goldicq#9949 / Goldicqmanager#8745 Skype: live:320123364 / live:moolin_goldicq
  6. Selling  S>29k Nao Human Full Access

    S>29k Nao Human FULL-ACCESS [Lots of B/W clothes for F, end-game/exclusive mounts. Will be selling these items separately on a Google Sheet as well] Exp. Lvl 6k All GMS except Adventurer, Chef, Construct Alch, Tailor, Carpenter, Merchant, Blacksmith (Masters) 90% skills are R1/Dan 1 (No new...
  7. Buying  🔥Buying / Selling Mabinogi Currency and Items

    Boostroom is buying and selling Mabinogi currency and items. Greetings to all gamers around the world! We are a company that is oriented towards providing professional gaming services in the game industry. It all started as the idea of a small boosting team that, with a good work and...
  8. S>NAO HUMAN 13.5k

    I don't have time to play anymore :( Details: Race: Human (F) Total Level: 13.5k Skills: COMBAT - Mostly R1 (except for lance counter, rage impact, shield mastery, heavy armor mastery) MAGIC - Mostly R1 (except for Inspiration, Snap cast, Enchant) FIGHTER - All R1 MUSIC- Mostly R1 (except...
  9. S>Mabinogi Alexina Gold 0.70$ for 1M

    i accept paypal ign emmylie i currently have about 100m
  10. Looking to buy high level account

    Looking to buy an account. dm me prices on here discord 61ad3#8861
  11. Buying  Buying Alexina Elf Account

    Prefer total 8k
  12. Buying High Lvl Mabinogi Account! (Nao Server)

    Looking for elves or humans ONLY. Please have screenshots of the account ready for me when you contact, I would like to see; Gear Skills Total Level Inventory Pets (Not every single one, but highlight the important ones for me) Mastery Titles Please also have a price already in mind when you...
  13. Selling 19.5k Alexina Account

    Hello Ive been wanting to sell my account for the longest time, but been delaying for the longest time. Here are some pictures of the account, if you give me reasonable offer we can work something out. Here are some pictures of the account, if you wish to want some information as well you can...
  14. SOLD  [Alexina] Account Elf 75$

    level: 9136 exploration level: 2364 has more than 20k AP upon reset done training with all skills on Combat, Magic, Alchemy(has Hydra transmutation Master title), Ninja, Gunslinger tab, r1 Judgement blade and Divine link Pets: unused Crystal Deer age1 pet medal, festival sheep pet whistle, ice...
  15. SOLD  S> Mari Gold, $1.10USD:1m - quick deliveries!

    About ~70m in stock Rates: $1.30:1m Add+DM Lexi#9999 on Discord, or PM here. Buyer goes first, PP only (send as friends/family)
  16. [ tarlach ] sell giant account with 22,450nx, 2987 total lvl or trade gdmo

    Here you can see prints; I also accept Teras in gdmo server omegamon if you have price: 60 usd Can call me on facebook or Discord, but i'm almost always online on facebook. Facebook: Discord: Halish#7296
  17. B> Bhafel bow and Huntress -Alexina server PayPal

    PayPal give me a good solid offer for me to buy
  18. Trading  Trading Steam Account w/ 40Games For tarlach Female Human

    Steam Account Being Traded >><< NOTE FOR ABOVE steam doesnt count games that are giving out for free as a paid item and will not show As a purchased game!!! [ex. if u download VRChat it wont count it as a game you Purchased and doesnt show...
  19. [MARI] S> Level 30 Echo Stones + GEAR

    SELLING GOLD 1.4$ USD:1m (Paypal Family and Friends ONLY~) DM ME ON HERE ABOUT ANYTHING. (You will have to unlock!) ALSO have EXP Mysterious Robe: 25$ USD ECHO STONES: BLACK ECHO STONE NOW HAD DEATH MARK DMG 13. WEAPONS: (TRIBOLT NOW STEP 6) EQUIPS:
  20. Buying  B< Alexina/Ruarui Account 15k +

    Looking to buy a mabi account on either alexina or ruarui at least 15k ttl level as well as a decent number of pets weapons and armor human main preferred but I'm open depending on details I have a $400 dollar budget so I won't be offering much more than that. You can discord me at...
  21. Selling  S>20k Alexina Human Acc (Everything r1 except 1-5 skills - Comes as is)

    20k TTL Everything r1 except a few select skills FH CD 20 Chinese Drag Helm PM me on discord @rydiance#4784 for more details Price is set at $300 a/w right now but is definitely negotiable
  22. Selling  (Ruairi) Female Elf: Total lvl 12k and 15 masters

    Add me on Discord: chris ★#9271
  23. Buying  B>alexina 10k+ human acc

    Discord me rydiance#4784 with offers
  24. BOUGHT  ♥ Mari Gold ♥

    Hello! I'm currently buying $40 for 40m mari gold! I have bought from numerous sellers on these forums already and I pay using paypal! Please PM me if interested! ♥
  25. Buying  B>Mari Gold and Items

    Gold $20 for 20m $1USD per 1mil (Buying many) Message to negotiate Items *Creepy/Haunted Accs *Bhafel Huntress/Hunter (Rank 1) *Dual reforged items Discord: ╲⎝⧹Lyfe⧸ ⎠╱#5633 *won't provide unlock