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  1. SOLD  Selling my TOF lvl 80 Account & 95 RED 313 Gold 661 Purple Orbs 27k Crystals

    Selling my TOF lvl 80 account, got quite a few weapons but some would say whale level resources ... Please see the pics for info. Price is negotiable NA Solaris Server 6 SSR Weapons (Frig (1 Ascended) Zero Meryl Samir Tsubasa Cocritter (1 Ascended)) SR All Maxxed SSR Weapon Box to get a free...
  2. Selling  Orc Warlock Pre Raid 3549GS Mograine look Description

    MS-Gear: https://is.gd/CYfFIf Screenshots: Professions: Mount: 150% !!Lifetime recall warranty (because we are not resellers and we don't sell 3rd party accounts. All accounts are boosted supermassive team!) We’re are an authentic WoW classic boost team that works hard to create excellent...
  3. Selling  [Skyfury]Alliance : Druid-Resto Lvl80 (have free server transfer)

    handplayed manually, never BOT, never share my account to other subs end in 02 November 2022 Have 2900 gold herbalism 250 20slot bag x5 bought all RESTO skills and most of BALANCE skills Have FREE SERVER TRANSFER Learnt Cold Weather Flying Contact Me : Here or DISCORD DISCORD ...
  4. Selling Lvl80 vip11 3hero top war account

    Lvl80 vip11 army main grand marshal with extra skill slot on army and 5/5 attack, second hanger, dock, and garage, 20/20 repair slots, 15/15 battle rounds, 2 lvl10 hrof, 1 lvl9 hrof, 1 lvl10 weapon buff, 3 lvl9 weapon buff, 1 lvl10 armor buff, 3 lvl9 weapon buff, all purple equipment on army...
  5. SOLD  [NA] Omnicrafter/Gatherer (All lvl 80 Crafters + Gatherers). $299.

    [NA][Shadowbringers + Preordered Endwalkers] [Kujata] (You can transfer to whichever server you want. Even Asmongold's server Cactuar!) Original Owner: - Omni Crafter/Gatherer (All lvl 80 Crafters + Gatherers). - Summoner and Scholar lvl 80. - Lots of rare Mounts. - Already bought most of the...
  6. Trading  Or selling [Asia] zhongli + tartaglia + jean

    Also has skyward pride and aquilla favonia AR 38
  7. Selling  LVL 80,8M power, top 100 arena, DD3 completed

    WTS my MSF account lvl 80 8M TPC top 100 arena DD3 completed 2 times all pg available 12 M gold 7k cores Black order 531 Symbiotes 461 Thanos G15 6 RS BB G14 7 rs SSM 6 rs next G15 Emma frost 7RS All legendary available SELL ALL 300€ contact me on Discord: Alexcvl1976#9481
  8. SOLD  $150, MSF Lvl 80, 9.5 TCP, DD3 Finished

    BO 501k, Symbiotes 460K, Emmarauders 453k Willing to show screenshots for any other questions $150 OBO
  9. SOLD  [PSO2 SHIP02] Braver/Hunter level 80/50 $10

    Braver level 80, hunter subclass lv 50, 6M meseta, 186 SG, pretty standard gear. Comes with two characters, one ranger level 50 and a hunter level 47. This was my alt account to make meseta and try other builds, selling because I don't have a need for it anymore. You can contact me on discord...
  10. Veteran Warlock lvl80 ItemLevel 25.7k 161k Power Top 5 Guilds (PC)

    VETERAN WARLOCK 25.7K ITEM LEVEL TOP 5 GUILDS WITH 161K POWER AND VERY RARE ITEMS. 7 year old account. Level 80 - Warlock - Female Tiefling Power: 161.784 Item Level: 25.756 Armor Penetration: 96.766 (Capped) Critical Strike: 111.455 (Capped) Accuracy: 94.544 (Capped) Combat Advantage: 111.288...
  11. Selling  Guild wars 2 Account, no exp, 8 lvl 80 characters, 300 gold, no mounts.

    I'm Selling my account in a hurry, i would post screenshots but my computer at the moment can't run the game, i can offer api key for anyone to check it out. Some calculators say my account is worth 350$, but that price is highly negotiable. The payment method is preferably Paypal
  12. Buying GW2 eu account with multiple lvl 80s preferably necro revenant warrior

    title says it all, looking for eu account with multiple lvl 80s would be great if u have twilight skins etc. price range 30-50$
  13. Buying  Level 70-80 Death Wizard for good price

    Discord is Promise#2788 Need a valuable level 70-80 death wizard with good spells Willing to pay good price No scammers :)
  14. EU-097 (new server ), LVL 80 max, top 2 Server, VIP13! invested over 1200€!

    Hello Guys, I sell my account because I got no time to play the game and it's sad to throw such a beautiful account away. Account is VIP 13 with 41k VIP Exp left to VIP 14 (invested over 1200+ €!) 1st Arena Frame, 1st Ace Arena and Cross-server 1st Frame unlocked. Still Top 1-2 (!) in both...
  15. Selling  Sunwell Angrathar Accounts (lvl80 4.1k gs rogue, lvl80 4k gs Boomkin+Hunter)

    Hello, I want to sell 2 top Sunwell Angrathar [Alliance] accounts (lvl 80 Night Elf Female Rogue, lvl 80 Night Elf Female Druid + lvl 80 Night Elf Female Hunter on the same account)! Rogue: - 4.1k+ Gearscore, close to full BiS (just missing 2-3 offset pieces and kt dagger) - also got the both...
  16. Selling  [EU] 3 LVL80 Chars (Necro, Thief, Elementalist) + HoT (45$)

    Hi, I'm looking to sell this account for a pretty cheap price which includes 3 high level characters. Willing to use a middleman. Price is 45$ but can negotiate. Latest expansion Heart of Thorns is included. This account is 4 years old. The first character was created when the game launched...
  17. Selling  lvl 85,80,78 accounts

    full costume but no b slot 1st account: lvl 85 MM,lvl 70 GrM 2nd account: lvl 80 Asura lvl 50 LP lvl 70 NW 3rd account:lvl 78 DW msg me at Roastkins Kik
  18. Selling  TH8 LVL 80 1800+ gems $50

    th8, lvl80,
  19. Selling  Lvl 80 female undead priest on lordaeron wotlk

    For more information pm me on my gmail [email protected] :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  20. Selling  HOT account, 7 x lvl80 + lvl 60, 3845 hours, 2 legendaries more...

    Prepurchased EU account with digital deluxe and HOT. Total account value: 13,000g 10.5k AP List of level 80 characters: -mesmer -thief -engineer -elementalist (main, max inventory space, every dungeon/fotm potion and sigil) -guardian -revenant -necromancer Sub 80s: -warrior lvl 60 -warrior lvl...
  21. Selling  GW2 HoT Account LVL80 Theif/Guardian/Ranger/Necromancer Take Offers/Trade, B/O $250

    GW2 HoT Account LVL80 Theif/Guardian/Ranger/Necromancer Take Offers/Trade, B/O $250 Hello Guild Wars 2 Lovers, I have recently had to lower my gaming hours, and in so doing I feel that the recent expansion deserves more attention than I am able to give it at the moment. I am selling my GW2...
  22. Selling  Guild Wars 2 account - 8 level 80s - 2 ascended wepons on main char!

    Hi, I am selling my GW2 account with 8 level 80s, all cooking/crafting skills maxed, all with exotic armour and weapons. 2x ascended weapons and accessories on main char (Mesmer). Other chars include - necro, ranger, warrior, guardian etc... If you are interested please contact me via email with...
  23. SOLD  Lvl80 Warrior - Just a Good Cheap Basic Account

    Selling an extra account, it's got a Lvl80 Male Asura Warrior, nothing really special about it. Just a good cheap max level toon for someone who wants to jump into the new expansion with. Full Exotic gear, Full Primeval armor set. 4 bag slots unlocked. Comes with the email account included...

    Hi all, As title suggests, looking for a an account with an 80+ Warrior and some good level Vanity. Must have Ashes of Al'ar to be considered. Hit me up! All prices welcome. Regards, Kikkou
  25. WTS 2 copies GW2 Account with 100% World Competion

    Full exotic gear, lot of old event items. Not played with it since 2 years... Not inculeding Heart of Thorns 1: lvl80 Warrior (Human) + lvl 80 Engineer (Asura) - 90 Euro 2: lvl80 Mesmer (Human) - 80 Euro