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  1. Selling  Gratio, lockheart, crossover skins - IOS na/eu - 10s 56a - selling and trading

    My discord is Maidlover, and I don’t have nitro at this time Can meet ingame, can take account + money as well, mm is needed if trading, I can add money if the account is highballing.
  2. Buying  LF: LOCKHEART (smurf) account!

    NA/EU only. No DMM. And it has to be on iOS or android with transfercode! I dont care for other skins; even if its just lockheart! Budget is: 150 dollar
  3. Trading  Goro Akechi NA/EU + a white acc

    looking for offers on my goro acc, evaled at 350~380+ ^^ really like naiad and joseph. also have a white acc (can get email removed)!
  4. Trading  lady truth, p5, crimson bride and more! LF LOCKHEART

    OLD OWNER'S EDIT Evaluated at $300+ on IH and $380-400+ on Ace of Swords Trading this Lady Truth, Noir, Ryuji, Kim, Sanskrit, Crimson Bride, Pirate Spotter and more account for an equal Lockheart account! My discord: catreznik
  5. Selling  IDV Acc with White and Lockheart! Price can be lower!

    Trying to sell the account for $600 USD but willing to negotiate and go lower. The account has 14 S tier skins, 51 A tiers, Misty Villa Lobby with Some decent Furniture, lots of accessories and more! If needed for more details or you would like to see the account in game for proof, will...
  6. Trading  29S 87A golden ratio, bai ze, risktaker + more limiteds, LF HoS+GRatio

    Hi! I'm looking for stuff on my wishlist! You can DM me here or through my discord in the wishlist pic :)
  7. Trading  soe + ephemeral | ios/naeu

    soe + ephemeral ios na/eu, no dmm & no email (transfer was just used srry!) lf cosmic witch with lockheart/risktaker might ia if everlasting night, cat mary, or aku r on there too feel free to offer equals though 🍮 no asia pls!! do not contact if u refuse to use a verified mm. contact me here...
  8. BOUGHT  IOS NA/EU LF: Lockheart smurf $120

    As the title says, I’m only looking for a small account with Lockheart on it, I don’t really mind about anything else. my budget is $80-120 and negotiable. ID: Asia, DMM, Android and non-transferable.
  9. SOLD  or trading lockheart chiaki misa fugitive succubus acc + more

    selling this acc for $80-100 OR trading it send offers discord: galzone#0137 old owner's edit, the acc is now android NEAU and transfer is unavailable
  10. Trading  IDV trading/buying whale acc Lockheart sao feathered cloak

    Mostly wanting to trade+money but lmk offers! Must have the costumes at the top
  11. Trading  [EU/NA] fugitive, misa, mio for smaller fugitive/lockheart/feathered cloak

    Looking to swap this account for another account with either The Fugitive, Lockheart or Feathered Cloak. Smaller accounts with low ranks preferred, smurfs absolutely welcome! NA/EU only, IOS or Android with transfer available. No dead DMMS.
  12. Buying  LF on NA/EU: lockheart/candy girl, succubus/embrace, p5 skins

    looking to buy an account on NA/EU, can be android or iOS! i am looking for, but does not have to be all: succubus or the embrace, lockheart or candy girl, p5 skins (haru or yusuke or futaba) i will not accept: asia accounts, dead dmm notes: i would prefer to spend about less than $300, but...
  13. Buying  [EU/NA] feathered cloak and/or lockheart, smurfs okay!

    looking for an eu/na account with feathered cloak and/or lockheart. depending on the account and available skins on it i'm paying up to $80. i don't mind smurfs at all and would actually prefer rather unused/lucky starter accounts since i'm really only interested the two skins above! paypal...
  14. Trading  Full coa 3,4,5 (missing postman) and 6 lf p5 or equal

    Only notables shown, around 30 s tiers and 90 a tiers i believe. Lf persona 5 skins on naeu ios equal account. msg me on disc lux#0009
  15. SOLD  iOS Na/eu No Dmm 47 S whale Far east wind, Soulcatcher, gratio + more!

    If you’re interested in buying or trading please add me on discord yuko#3308! 🌿iOS NA/EU NO DMM 🌿Has misty villa, skinshare, and 1 A tier unlock card! 🌿I’m looking for money or trade offers! Account(s) + money or money alone is priority! Installments are accepted!
  16. SOLD  6S A31 50$ Dragon Hunter, BaiZe, Lockheart, 18k fragments, Highway Cavalier

    Selling my own account (first time), NA/EU, no DMM, Android, tranfer available, AR 53 18K fragments and 1K+ inspirations Text me if interested >< + Honestly Idk if the price is okay, I’ll be grateful if you will leave a comment about it! And sorry for my english, It’s not my first language😢
  17. SOLD  Asia | Lockheart, P5 Ryuji 19k frag hush emote $35

    Selling Lockheart smurf acc at a cheap price! Payment via PayPal fnf Feel free to dm if you have any questions My discord is Ivane#3626 [BEWARE OF IMPERSONATOR, I WILL NEVER ADD YOU FIRST]
  18. SOLD  Na/Eu 18S 73A Feathered Cloak, SoE, Lockheart, Fugitive, Ephemeral, + more

    Selling this 18S 73A na/eu iOS account Only notable/limited skins are shown Not too sure if I want to sell this account, but I probably will if I get a good offer. I've spent hundreds on this so pls no low offers Only taking US visa gift cards via email!! Buyer goes first or pays for an mm...
  19. SOLD  /TRADING ios na/eu no dmm Man in red, DM, warden, lockheart & more!

    If you’re interested in buying or trading please add me on discord yuko#3308! Has Misty Villa and transfer code is available on Asia side! IOS NA/EU NO DMM Lf money or trade offers! I will not accept giftcards or Asia accounts, sorry!
  20. SOLD  Far East Wind + Scarecrow + Sanskrit old whale NAEU (Rush sell, read comments)

    I can meet in game! Just ask! 26s 108a - Has skinshare - Griffin & Manticore ranks - A lot of limited emotes - Badges: 22nd thief, B badge Smiley, B badge Cowboy, B badge Wu Chang, C badge cowboy Looking For Looking for offers around $1,2k+ BUT I can go lower if you can buy instantly. However...
  21. Selling  16s 39a: Persona 5, Feathered Cloak, Cheshire Cat, Cheeky Devil | NAEU

    16s 19a Including the hush emote. IOS NAEU Device transfer available DMM Status: Active Discord Tag: Ade#4243 I am not always on epicnpc so it is preferred you use discord. HAS PERSONA 5 SKINS, FEATHERED CLOAK, CHESHIRE CAT, AND CHEEKY DEVIL Price? Negotiable. Minimum? Will be discussed in...
  22. SOLD  /TRADING ios na/eu no dmm | lockheart, source of evil, futaba, wail + more

    If you’re interested in buying or trading please add me on discord yuko#3308! IOS NA/EU NO DMM Current offer: $400 LF: $450 or highest offer! Also willing to trade or accept account + money! Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle, or Venmo!
  23. Trading  Trade Narcissus + Lockheart + Hajime Hinata + Molten Hound.

    Looking for Full Naiad + Feathered Cloak + maybe Lockheart and some limited A skins. Doesn't matter which. I'll be glad if it would be ORACLE. I decline ASIA and DON'T SELLING MY ACC. Can accept iOS, if it transferable. Also can transfer my acc. On account was appeared ONCE Joseph, Requiem...
  24. Trading  trade narcissius + lockheart + hajime hinata + molten hound. LF: DITS

    looking for DANCE IN THE SNOW in priority also Goro Akechi i decline ASIA AND OTHER GAMES, also DON'T SELLING my account Also looking for different offers. Can accept iOS, if it transferable. if i don't answer you in epic npc, you can write me in discord: мама акечи#4709
  25. Trading  True Proof, Checkmate, Lockheart.. (64A 11S NA/EU)

    IA/LF: Lady Truth + DITS (if it keeps True Proof it's a plus!) -> IF OFFERED A BIG HIGHBALL WITH WHAT IM LF I'M WILLING TO ADD USD Account has no dmm now since it's been transferred! 🚫 - ID: Asia, Other games message me on discord to offer!! (demi#0069)