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lights hope

  1. H

    NORTHDALE - 60 female undead Warlock, 1.6k gold in bags, 4 t1,1 t2, herb/tailo

    Selling my female undead Warlock on Northdale. -Raiding gear from ZG/MC/BWL -Attunements -PVP (Rank 6+t1) and PVE Gear -1.6k gold in bags -300 Tailoring with 3/3 Bloodvine and Robe of Winters Night (moneymaker) -300 Herb - just need last quest for Deadsteed -cant give email Waiting for your...
  2. B

    SOLD  Northdale - Human Paladin with T2.5 Gear + ZG Raptor

    Hi guys, I'm selling my Human Male Paladin.Only character in the account. It has: T2.5 Head and T2.5 Shoulders (Looks Sick) 5x T2 (Chest, Legs, Hands, Boots, Belt) 3x T1 (Helm, Chest, Boots) Jin'do's Hexxer Healing Wep - Jin'Do's Evil Eye - Lei of lifegiver...
  3. R

    SOLD  47 dwarf hunter - Northdale

    Selling my level 47 male dwarf hunter on Northdale: - Decent leveling gear. - Pet: Bjarn (rare bear) - Dwarven Hand Cannon in the bank (Level 53 pre-raid BiS epic gun for dwarves). - Bank is filled with engineering mats. - Bank alt character with 900+ gold and alot of crap to sell. - I like the...
  4. R

    Selling  47 Dwarf Hunter - Northdale

    Selling my level 47 male dwarf hunter on Northdale: Not much to say here. Decent leveling gear. Im a bit of a "roleplayer" when it comes to desicions, so the pet is a white bear (Rare mob from Loch Modan named Bjarn). Dwarven Hand Cannon in the bank. Level 53 pre-raid BiS epic gun for dwarves...
  5. R

    SOLD  60 Dwarf Paladin - Northdale

    Selling my level 60 male dwarf paladin on Northdale. -60% mount. -Retri specced and geared. -AV exalted. -26% unbuffed crit chance. -Fully enchanted, except head- & legpiece. -Lionheart helmet, The Unstopable Force, HoJ are some of the items. -Original mail included. I probably left something...
  6. O

    Selling  gold | Northdale HORDE 100% handfarmed gold | 100g 3$

    Sup guys, i'm current player on Northdale, i have huge experience which starts at Nostlarius, than Anathema/Elysium->LB->Northdale. I can easily farm 500g every day via mats. I'm not re-seller, but used to work with them a lot. Only Horde side. Each 100 gold i sell for 3$. Contact me in skype...
  7. S

    Selling  60 T1 Geared Paladin for Holy/Geared Ret Set/Geared Prot set.

    Overall really good account, with 3 complete sets, unique character name, original email. Message on discord or here for price. payment through paypal. no time wasters, serious offers only. Discord: Acerz#6088 60 Human Paladin Rank 5 Geared Paladin all x3 specs. 4/8 T1 Helm of the Lifegiver...
  8. G

    Selling Warlock 60 Northdale Undead, 100% Mount, Good Gear, Good Owner

    [Northdale] Sever - Lightshope,Northdale Class - Warlock Level - 60 Gear - 3/8 T1 ( Belt, Bracers, Boots ) T2 Head, Flamecore Leggings, Ring of Spell Power, Staff of Dominance, Sash of Whispered Secrets, Robe of the Winter Night and more Race - Undead, Female Proffesions - Alchemy 300...
  9. A

    SOLD  Northdale TRADE for Nightbane - 60 Human Female Rogue - Email

    Medium / Rare Gear, more of a fresh rogue Devilsaur 2/2 Swords with x2 crusaders 160g Mount 60% Rank pvp 4 Alchemy 300 Herbalism 300 First Aid 300 Cooking 270 Wanting to trade for something on Nightbane PM me with offers or skype - djvicto91
  10. Fuf4nu

    Selling  WTS 60 Gnome Mage [A] - Northdale $70

    Has normal mount and a bit of gold. Almost ready to raid. Original owner - feel free to ask any questions you may have. don't play anymore and not looking for much. $70 obo paypal
  11. theKeymaker

    SOLD  Northdale / 51 Orc Shaman / 100 Gold / Original Owner + Email / epics / CHEAP!

    Good day everybody. I have my Level 51 Orc Shaman (male) for sell, because I have no time left anymore to play this wonderful game. Cheaper than other sellers! Quick information on the character: - Overgeared: 3 epics on the char for super fast leveling!! - 2 Levels rested XP! - Perfect if...
  12. theKeymaker

    SOLD  Northdale / 60 Orc Warrior / full prebis for fury and tank / AV exalted !CHEAP

    Hello People. Herewith I would like to announce that I am selling my level 60 Orc Warrior (male). Unfortunately I dont have time anymore to keep playing this wonderful game. Everything inclded of course: You get the Account, Password, Email and Email password. Its all yours. A middleman from...
  13. S

    Selling  Selling Account! with 1 Prebis lvl 60 Horde Mage 2xFreezingBands! 400g! Email!

    Hi there, I decided to sell my Lights Hope Account after playing from day one on Nostralius! This account is amazing, I have 2 LvL 60 Alliance gnome mages on Lightbringer, one of which is 9/9 T3 and Full BIS Minus 1-2 drops from Naxx. The 9/9 Naxx mage also has The Epic Zulian Tiger Mount and...
  14. H

    Buying  Pre-order/Buying Fresh 60 Horde Northdale toons!

    hey everyone! I'm back and looking for a northdale toon now or in the near future! I definitely want a level 60! If you want to sell your toon when you hit 60, or are maybe just thinking about it...let me know! Must be horde!! Undead huge plus+++++ Thank you! Nick
  15. 1jz

    Selling  LightBringer | Troll, Shaman 60lvl, 100% mount, +mail - Cheap.

    Troll, Shaman Restoration 60 level Good pre-raid equipment Profession: Alchemy, Herbalism, First Aid - 300 Mount: 100% Mail: included Improved skills: Healing wave - 10 rank, Grace of Air Totem - 3 rank, Strength of Earth Totem - 5 rank Payment method: PayPal, Qiwi To find out more...
  16. N

    Selling  Selling Orc Rogue (t1-t2 geared) W/ epic mount

    Selling Orc Rogue t1-t2 geared. Attunement to everything, epic mount with spending gold. $200 OBO. Paypal only (gear below) {Account comes with email} ~~Skype name: Pallando The Blue~~ (Also Selling a t1-t2'd out rogue if interested) 300 Leatherworking and Skinning To get a better picture...
  17. L

    Buying low level accounts for cheap !!!!

    Hello ! I am looking for human (female), night elf (female ) or orc ( male ) warriors, level 19-30 for cheap. PM me here or in skype ! I only accept PayPal. Skype: https://join.skype.com/invite/oCxmUeVQFKXL
  18. T

    Selling  Very CHEAP Northdale & sunwell wotlk powerleveling service!

    Hello We are offering a fast leveling service on all major servers at reasonable prices ! Sunwell Angrathar Kronos 3 Light's Hope's NORTHDALE We do custom orders all the time plus professions and item grinding. [*=center] Cheap and professional service done by a small team of people...
  19. cornholio1

    Selling  Selling INSANELY cheap gold for lightbringer pvp (horde/alliance)! 4$/100g

    Hello there, I am offering my large stock of WoW Gold on the Realm LIGHTBRINGER PvP (HORDE/ALLIANCE) The Price for 100g is only 4$. This is a low Price for this Server and faction! The Gold is 100% handfarmed and the transfer will fastly be done by the most safe method guaranteed. Current...
  20. S

    WTT Paladin Light's hope

    WTT Paladin Light's hope WTT Paladin on light's hope (Lightbringer), looking for a shaman or rogue, race/faction doesn't matter. The paladins gear is mostly holy, but also has black dragon scale set + a few other ret pieces. 60% mount 235 engi 252 mining...