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  1. Selling  KRONOS Selling Accounts Kronos4 (K4) level 30 and up

    I'll start with this.....How much do you value your time for the first 30 levels? Is it worth a fight with the wife or GF? Is it worth that missed beach day? Is it worth the stress and monotonous grid from level 9-17? Is it worth the 20+ hours of sitting? How much do you value your time? These...
  2. SOLD  3 Accounts 49 mil , 21 mil , 27 mil SP All for $400 - 80 bil in assets

    *** NOT SELLING INDIVIDUALLY *** I have over 9000 Caldari Prisoners of War which sell in contracts for about 9 mil each worth around 80 bil ISK. If you want to sell them fast at half price, you can get around 40 bil isk. 49 mil SP account can fly Precursor ships with T2 guns (Leshak, Ikitursa...
  3. Selling  [Kronos4][H] Undead Female Warlock lvl 30-Unique owner/mail

    Undead Female Warlock lvl 30 with some good pieces for the lvl can solo elite quests super easy and has a Bank alt in Thunder Bluff to sell and store all your stuff :::Gear & Stats::: :::Trade Skills::: ::: Payment & Price::: (((Price set at 35$))) You can contact me via Discord...
  4. Selling  Selling Boost Private Server Everlook + Kronos IV + All Privates servers

    We also have a boost service in Everlook and all Servers private, both for Pve and Pvp : 1) Powerlvling boost power you choose any class and the race then you give us the bill and we start with the Powerlvling. Mists of Pandaria Cataclysm WotLK TBC Vanilla 2) Gear Boost - 3) Professions...
  5. Selling  WTS Kronos Any Server $11,50 each

    PM with quantity, nickname and server, or contact us on our discord Monkei#6574
  6. Selling  Few epic geared / 100% mount / 2k gold / Kronos-Twinstar chars - Horde side

    Hey there, got couple t2 rogs, shaman, mages and warrs for sale. Hit me up for more info and offers.
  7. I am selling my Dot account.

    Все войска и заклинания 25 уровня 545000 красных кристаллов 13500 желтых кристаллов 64 титан 4 * (32 титан 60 лвл) Забава, Хачиман, Фрейя, Ахилл Реликвии 5 * -6 (3-10 лвл) Множество разных 4 * реликвий (200-10лвл) Знаки ивента - 35 Играю с 2016г Цена: 1000 $ Аккаунт чистый,любые проверки.
  8. Buying  Buying & Selling EQ Kronos, Plat 🔥 Fast & Secured / 24/7 Friendly Support

    This is me FOR SKYPE : FOR DISCORD MY USER ID: 811057886788714506 Enable Developer Mode to check my UserID P/S: Okay thanks for reading guys, i know you guys have alot of option but i would be really apprearicated if you can choose me. Cheers, have a nice day bois...
  9. Selling  (2 Accounts)1 Account 44 Kronos-WoW char and 1 Account 51 Elysium-WoW char

    Both are alliance Hunters. Both have roughly 50-60 gold and fairly good gear for their level. No mounts and only gathering profs. All skills up-to-date -Original owner Looking for around $5 USD or Best offer Add sentinel 883 if interested:
  10. Selling  Selling Gold on Kronos (Only Alliance side)

    Welcome! Selling Clean hand-farmed Gold on Kronos (Only Alliance side) 650 gold in stock Price: 2,4$/100g My Discord: Server- Orc Burrow <=Clik Or Personal ID- orcpeon#3704 Payment: PayPal (payment request), Qiwi. I trade you gold when the payment request is paid, we can go through low...
  11. Selling  ♕ Kronos! 60 lvl Good geared warrior horde tauren! ♕

    ♛ Greetings! Selling my personally account with original email (gmail.com) ♛ ✔ lvl 60 ✔ Horde ✔ Male ✔ Tauren ✔ 2 profs 300/300 (BS / Minning) ✔ ALL ATTUNES (ONY< MC < BWL) ✔ 60% mount (Tiger) ✔ Good gear for DPS/TANK spec! - TANK spec : 3 - Tier1 , 3 - Tier2, inc : [Quel'Serrar]...
  12. Selling  Kronos 3 gold 100g=4$, 1000=40$ also eur

    Hey! Want to sell my gold. I'm getting it from auction. So i could deliver around 1.5k gold in a week We can arrange the most safe payment method for you. For example, If you'll buy 1000g we can split the payment and exchange for a few steps, each step will include payment and exchange of...
  13. Selling  wts KRONOS 3 lvl 58 gnome MAGE

    Hello, WTS my lvl 58 Gnome mage on Kronos 3. This is a pretty basic toon, no professions, not great gear. Willing to sell for cheap. You can buy throw here or hmu on discord @ Nager#5229
  14. Selling  Netherwing / Kronos - Gold

    Netherwing/Kronos gold for sale. Bulk discounts are available. Payment preferred: Cryptocurrency & Amazon gift card. To contact me: - You can send me personal message here - Discord: Sahar#0541 (Fast response) Looking forward to bringing my services to this marketplace
  15. Selling  KRONOS -30 % for all!! [PowerLeveling, Honor farm, gearing , proffesions]

    KRONOS-WOW Hello, there is PowerLeveling/Honor Farming/Gearing/Proffesion/Account sell :love::love::love:In honor of the opening -30% of the price for everything!:love::love::love: Our team has been working on the German portal since 2014, now we are expanding! We will be happy to provide you...
  16. SOLD  Kronos 3 / Sell Mage Human/famale lvl 41!

    Selling Mage Human/female lvl 41! ____________________________________ Server - Kronos 3 Tailoring - 225 First Aid - 225 Mount - 60% very low cheap, for fast sell! Skype : live:kuzy_97 Discord : yasusha#0683 Telegram - Yasusha_EpicNpc
  17. SOLD  Kronos 3 / 60 Orc Warrior / full prebis for fury and tank / +350g / PVP gear

    Hello People. Herewith I would like to announce that I am selling my level 60 Orc Warrior (male). Unfortunately I dont have time anymore to keep playing this wonderful game. He has 60% riding skill and mount. Since its my personal account, I have all account information and the email of...
  18. SOLD  Kronos 3 / 42 Undead Priest / 60% Mount / Original Owner + Email / +42 Gold

    Good day everybody. I have my Level 42 Undead Priest (male) for sell, because I have no time left anymore to play this wonderful game. Quick information on the character: - Decent blue/green leveling gear - 2 Levels rested XP! - Perfect if you plan on raiding soon, every guild needs Level 60...
  19. Selling  Wts human mage + epic mounts see screenshot kronos

    Greetings! I am selling a level 60 Human Mage on Kronos. It has Human and Night-Elf Epic-Mount and 320 Gold on it. -Answering all your questions regarding everything about the transaction. -Friendly Chat in English and German language -Payment via Paypal only! Contact me per PM, Discord...
  20. Selling  Selling Level 60 Troll Mage Kronos III | BWL Geared

    Hi there. I'm selling a level 60 Horde Mage Account. The account is fully leveled and includes the following: BWL/MC Geared. Fully prepared for BWL content. 100% mount speed. 300 Tailoring | 75 Herbalism | 300 Fishing | 300 First Aid | Revered Reputation with Argent Dawn. Exalted Reputation...
  21. Selling  (kronos 3) WTS level 60 UD mage full pre raid bis with epic mount

    (kronos 3) WTS a level 60 UD mage...has full pre raid bis with bis chest and 1 pc t1....has epic mount 300 tailoring/300 skinning...will give you the account comes with original email and ready use middle man if you prefer...skype:atiq.rumi discord:nightmare#6820
  22. Selling  WTS Orc Shaman Level 40 - 19eur

    http://armory.twinstar.cz/character-sheet.xml?r=Kronos+III&cn=Cepanka 19 eur , paypal only, im giving email too. Add me on skype ceka992 pm here or discord ckY#0826
  23. SOLD  WTS 1000g on K3 Horde side

    Selling 1000g on horde side send me msg here or add me on discord : bajonden#6339 skype : live:edwardbajonden (Nenad Markovic) -hitman pic always dubble check is it me by sending msg here
  24. Wts lvl 60 human paladin in kronos 3

    Hey, Ive got a male pally human lvl 60 with +350 gold and some bis preraid gear as healer and t2 head + revered/exalted main factions + sweet gear for every spec + skills >250 at mining/bs + extra gold and mats on bank + 60% mount Everything is ready to start raiding and making yourself...
  25. Selling  K3 Nightelf Druid - 42 - £55.00 - Email Included

    K3 Nightelf Druid - 42 - £55.00 - Email Included Personal account. 60% mount 14 Slot Bags All Skills Learnt Excellent Resto/Balance gear. Email and security Message me on here or Discord - Terrent#3674 Happy to use middleman. Any questions get in touch :)