knights and dragons

  1. Selling  Lv608 Knights and Dragons account for sale take and go

    Account is ios global Have many dragon keys and shadowforged armors for u to fuse and play with Have the following event capes: Spider Cape Halloween Cape Wings of Aprreciation Knightmare Cape Wings of Gratitude Dragon Tamer Wings Druidic Mantle D3C4 C4P3 Foliage Cape Quil Mantle Seawyrm Wings...
  2. Selling  High end iOS/android with 3 latest UA armors/St pets/wings

    Looking to sell my only and main account has a good bit of gems I will still watch the (free gem videos if not bought yet) has the latest UA Armors all latest 3 add me on line to get back to me faster. Line name: TKF Kratos
  3. Selling  iOS Global Account with 3 Maxed UA Sets (ring+amulet+armor), 400 gems, etc!

    Selling the following account for offers! Has the following: 3 maxed UA sets with their respective amulet/rings also maxed, black medalist, over 400 gems, other OP shadowforged sets, much much more!! Contact me on discord or line for more information: Discord - ah#4870 Line - uncleruckus420
  4. Buying  Buying Knights and Dragons IOS Account with 1+ UA armor

    I am interested in a Knights and Dragons account with at least 1 UA armor and is an IOS account. Discord: goat#0199 Line: NLAW gucci
  5. SOLD  iOS EU: exclusive+/850 gems/close to 5th tier 5 shatter pet CHEAP

    Hello, I'm looking to sell an account iOS EU, It has previous ff+, aa+, ww+ and newest ff+, with some seasonal and war/raid armors. It is possible to nearly push exclusive+ for free if you have high free income with daily vids, arena and pushes for the exclusive+. The account has nearly 1000...
  6. Selling  Selling EU Android account Level 39, 4 shadowforged CHEAP

    Account contains 5 shadow forged armours, some sf jewelry and 2 epic pets. The shadow forge armours are: shamanic skyfield, sapphire squallsuit, imperial guardian and ivorydrake eternal. Message me at [email protected] The account price is £10 Accepting paypal or microsoft gift card.
  7. Selling  Wts cheap global android account only £10

    The account level is 38. It has 3 shadow forges with 1 of them being maxed, 2 shadow forge rings, 1 amulet and 2 epic pets. The account is also close to being able to craft more shadow forge armours. If you have any further questions pm me at [email protected]
  8. Selling  US / Android KnD Accounts

    KnD Accounts For US and Android Accounts Selling Knights and Dragons accounts 10$ 15$ and 20$ each. Get a head start and avoid starting from the very beginning! Contact me on Line at ID:thirty231x, ill send you any screenshots you'd like. Update: I have a group chat set up with Line...
  9. Selling a knd account android global lvl 160

    3 sf Has the new dual earth plus!!!! Has a few df Have a few epic pets 186 gems and many more For pics send me a menssage on line Line: doble4rainbow Only serious buyer Payment is only for paypal
  10. Selling a lv. 189 account

    I have 5 SHADOW FORGE GOOD armors, 1 DRAGON FORGE ++, 1 DRAGON FORGE +, 13 DRAGON FORGE armors, 290 gems, 29,547,512 gold, and a lot of fusion BOOST armors. Contact me here. Email - [email protected] Skype - tba_boss
  11. Selling Knights and Dragons accounts 15$

    Get a head start and avoid starting from the very beginning. Contact me on Line at ID:thirty231x, ill send you any screenshots you'd like. Their starting at 15$ each with at least full set of DF for each character and most of quests completed, until it gets better then I might slightly raise the...
  12. Selling  Going cheap! Global server | droid - 3 df | veteran account

    I have really old epic bosses on record, making the account worth just a bit more ;) Here are screenshots/gifs to show account! (dont worry gyazo is safe) MAP/CASTLE/MAINSCREEN ARMOURS 1)
  13. Android account 3 sf + 15 normal Df 11 df +

    Contact me on line for ss and details Line ID: Curlyfries17
  14. Selling  Sf/Df Knights and dragons Andoid acc

    Hi i want to sell my knights and dragons accound with 23SF some + and 23 DF some + SF rings and amulets lots of epic rings and amulets and a lot of DF Bling sets Pm me on Line for ss and more informations Line ID:germa_oblivion
  15. Selling high lvl KnD acct.

    Message me on line with offer; acn925 Acct has 9 DF armors, multiple epic bling, and 6 4 star pets as listed below; DF armors; Atargis Hydroplate+ lvl 92 Noble Plumule lvl 99 Beetlefly Carapice+ lvl 86 Garb of the Undine lvl 56 Soulbound Scalemail lvl 56 Billowing Smokemail lvl 37 Asgardian...
  16. Selling  Selling android account with 6 shadowforge

    Account info: ShadowForge: Spectral Elite: Assent Level 9, Has ring and amulet Silvanus Stonemail: Assent lvl Maxed Silvanus Stonemail+: Assent lvl: 3 Clepsydra Brassgear: Assent Lvl 7 Erebus Ward: Assent Lvl 3 Aqens Void: Assent lvl 2 Dragonforge: Noble Plumule+: lvl 101, Has ring and...
  17. Trading  Account With 2 high lvl DFs and maxed out Epics

    I Am Looking to trade for an acc with atleast 1sf and DFs.Don't care which level you are. Line id: kawihawaii If u want screenshots ask
  18. Trading  Trading Account With SF IOS Only

    No Scammers Contact Me Email:[email protected] Sf level 5:10 Df Level 104:105 With Set And Epics All Pluses Except 2
  19. Selling  Knights & Dragons Android EU Account

    Hello guys, im selling my Knights and Dragons Account. its on Android and EU SERVER!! Best Armors there are Epic+ at the moment dont forget this!! Armors Epic+ Dragonkin Platemail+ Lv. 99/99 Element: Earth/Water Tactician's Regalia Lv. 99/99 Element: Air/Earth Naga Platemail+ Lv. 99/99...
  20. Trading  Clash Royale For KnD(IOS)

    Clash Royale LvL 7 Arena 5 Looking for An KnD account with A Nice epic or a DF
  21. Trading  Trading Clash Royale For KnD IOS

    Trading Clash Royale for KnD Account IOS Clash Royals Arena 5 Lvl 7 Close to LvL 8
  22. WTB, WTS, WTT (Android Only)

    -lvl 760 *Tons of capes from events *5 df's (maxed) *3 max armor smiths *All maxed training fields *200 arena energy *Tons of 3* and 2* pets *Alot of epic +'s (maxed) *Few sf material from milestone raid *Tons of epic bring and amulet sets ∆•∆ -lvl 158 *2 df's +'s *3 df's *3 maxed armor smiths...
  23. Selling  WTS, WTT, and WTB (Android Only)

    Willing to trade or sell account: Lvl: 133 Armor: 1 Df, 8 epic +, tons of epics, all 6 knights reach over 3000 attack and defense, 2 knights reach 4000 attack. Gold: 7 million Tons of pets Also have a beginners account: Lvl:50 Armor: 1 epic +, 6 epics Message me if interested and we will...
  24. Selling  Selling account k&d lvl 320, 100€

    SELL ACCOUNT LEVEL 320 DF AT LVL 99: - Hood witch hunter + (x2) t1 with set and level 103 - Robe ice + t3 with set - Flowered dress with set - Plague Champion Pegasus - Plate gems caretaker - Guard of the phoenix + - Tenuta battle stone spiritual - Cloak Mystical + - Jersey alpha primitive -...
  25. iOS ACC Dragonforge+ cheap!

    Dragon forge- deapsea destroyer- Astral array- epics- ancestors regalia- gunslingers- dragon born aegis- Poesideons vestments- Chaos vanguard. Add me via kik- American_Thugz done with the game moving to clash. accept iTunes gift cards only.