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  1. Buying  Kickstarter key for Ashes Of Creation - Explorer to Braver Of Worlds tier

    Looking to buy an unused Kickstarter or Summer Crowdfunding code/key for Ashes Of Creation. Happy to buy the lower tier codes so I could upgrade myself when I choose but if you have a higher tier then I am happy to consider that too. Anything up to and including Braver Of Worlds works for me...
  2. Buying  Looking for: old FR accounts, gen1 imperials, any kickstarter items, boolean

    As in title. I'm looking for someone who would either sell an old Flight Rising account, a gen 1 imperial/scroll or any other kickstarter item. Also maybe boolean but priority is gen1 imp.
  3. all sold

    all sold
  4. Selling  AQ3D Starter Alpha Knight w/ 8-bit Kickstarter Badge

    Personal account, been keeping it for the Nostalgia but I think I have to let it go. If you're looking for a fresh starter OG account here's what you're looking for. it comes with: 8-bit kickstarter badge 8-bit Artix Axe "8-bit Undead Slayer" badge Alpha Knight badge Founder Badge Pre-beta...
  5. WTB Crowfall KS Kickstarter / Backer Account

    Looking for a decent Crowfall Backer account to kick things off. If you have one you'd like to sell, please PM me a screenshot of your rewards and what you're wiling to sell the account for. Payment via PayPal. Thanks
  6. WTS 1x Gold Kickstarter (33000+ crowns), 2x 2015, 4x 2016 contributor bundles

    I am selling my Gold Kickstarter account which contains more than 33000 Crowns (note that 13500 crowns in the official shop cost 100€), along with 2x 2015 and 4x 2016 contributor packages. Check screenshots to see which items the kickstarter account contains. A middleman can be used on...
  7. Buying  Looking to buy a Kickstarter or pack code for Ashes of creation

    I’m looking to buy a Kickstarter code or pack code for ashes of creation. No accounts because I want to add a code to my already existing account. Middleman only!!
  8. Buying  AoC Kickstarter Explorer, Settler, Pioneer or Founder - Key (or Account)

    I'm buying any of the following AoC Kickstarter packs: Explorer Settler Pioneer Founder I will pay good and also more if it's an unused key that isn't bound to any account yet. I would also buy an already created acount. However, I will pay less for it and only if I know the name...
  9. SOLD  Warrior of Old Kickstarter Account

    Hello! Selling Warrior of old kickstarter account with the email attached, also the kickstarter.com login for it! Price : 400$ PAYPAL F&F/BITCOIN Discord : Pantulat#3429
  10. Selling  3 letter name | Guardian Kickstarter (Dragon guardian) +More

    Hello I am looking to sell an old account I don't use anymore. _______________________________________________________________________________ Price: $30 OBO Kickstarter: Guardian Level: 29 Classes: 7/12 Missing classes: Ranger, Pirate, Paladin, Necromancer, Moglomancer Collections: Dage...
  11. WTS Ashes of Creation Kickstarter Braver of Worlds account

    Selling my ashes of creation braver of worlds backer account, for 750$ it comes with all the exclusive cosmetics, access to alpha 1 and lifetime sub, the account doesn't have a name/forum name/support account attached to it and I will provide the original email as well. Time wasters stay away...
  12. WTS Ashes of Creation BoW Orig. Kickstarter account 2017

    Legit Buyers Only! I am new to the website so I can sell through a middleman for your safety and will pay the fee, so No time wasters! Selling Braver of Worlds (500$ tier) accounts from the original kickstarter back in 2017, got lifetime sub and all the exclusive cosmetics. I just want to make...
  13. Buying  WTB Low Tier Kickstarter (+ Intrepid) Account | Ashes of Creation (AoC)

    Paying with Paypal using the Trade Guardian System. I am willing to exchange identification for both buyers and sellers safety. I can also provide proof of 300+ successful game related trades on another forum ranging back 9 years. Looking for: Kickstarter Account that baked for a low tier of...
  14. Buying  WTB Kickstarter Codes - Any level considered.

    Looking to buy a kickstarter code for any level of account up to Leader of Men. Happy to use middleman. Happy to discuss on Discord but I will expect links to your EpicNPC accounts / reps etc. Discord: Barraxxis#9823
  15. Buying  WTB Backer account/key (Explorer/Settler/Pioneer/Founder)

    Looking to buy a Kickstarter/Summer backer account or key. Trade Guardian required, will cover the fees. Accepted tiers: - Explorer ($25 official value) - Settler ($50 official value) - Pioneer ($80 official value) - Founder ($150 official value) You set the price, I will decide. Send me your...
  16. Selling  Ashes of Creation KS Braver of Worlds, $100 off original pricing

    Simply moved on from MMORPGs, no time to invest. 385 USD
  17. SOLD  Ashes of Creation - Settler (Kickstarter) Account

    Selling my Ashes of Creation - Settler (Kickstarter) account. PM me here, or add me on Discord Snaxey#7746 Settler Invite to Closed Beta - Phase 2 1 Additional Month of game time (2 Total) Kickstarter Exclusive - White Runic Steed Access to in-game Chat Emoji pack - Tier 2 Additional character...
  18. Selling  Crowfall Account - Sapphire Patron Level 2015 Bundle!

    VERY RARE no longer available Sapphire Patron Level 2015 Bundle. All rewards and perks still available on the account, has $100.00 worth of in game currency available to spend. List of everything included with the Sapphire Patron Level 2015 Bundle below... if you have any questions please...
  19. BOUGHT  WTB Kickstarter key

    I'm looking for a kickstarter key. I can pay through paypal only and a middleman is needed. Also i am willing to pay more if access to the original email address that was used to purchase the key/code comes along with it.
  20. Selling  WTS Kickstarter Contributor Account - $150 USD

    I have a kickstarter account that I have never used, I have no interest in playing the game and am looking to sell it off. It is Contributor level - but kickstarter was gifted quite a few additional perks. Price is negotiable. This has Beta Access not Alpha though you may be able to upgrade...
  21. Buying  [WTB] Ashes of creation kickstarter backer account/code.

    Looking to buy an ashes of creation kickstarter or summer backer account/code, preferably Braver Of Worlds. We are gonne use a middleman we both can trust. Open to negotiations. Dm me here or post your Discord below.
  22. Selling AQ3D Account with Shadow Wolf and Alpha Pirate

    Legendary Kickstarter account. Includes early access to class like Paladin, Ninja, and Alpha Pirate. email me at [email protected] or message me here lmk your discord so we can talk there
  23. Buying  Town of Salem Kickstarter White Reaper / Miss Hamelot Pet Code

    Looking for the ToS Kickstarter White Reaper / Miss Hamelot Pet code. I'm interested in other codes as well.
  24. Selling  Kickstarter Ruby w/ Mountain Citadel

    Original Kickstarter Ruby package. Upgraded to include a mountain citadel.
  25. Buying  Kickstarter / Summer Backer code

    Looking to buy a code for any of the low tier Kickstarter or summer backer packages, you must be able to include the code, Kickstarter account and a receipt screenshot. All trading will take place through a verified middle man, which I am willing to pay for. please respond in this thread with...