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  1. D

    SOLD  Epic Seven Account w/ Dizzy + 60 Costume Tickets

    my friend code is #506228836
  2. F

    {KOREA} R40 /Vildred/Ken/Chloe/Martial Artist Ken

    Look at the pictures below first! 4 daily check-up with quite good rewards A lot of not maxed 4* and 5* characters Can link your e-mail (I unlinked mine) Name unchangeable Also, 2 undeveloped paths
  3. E

    SOLD  (Global End-game) 10+ Nat 5 ML, lots of +15, SSS imprints!

    Selling off my Day 1 Epic Seven account after a long time of playing and heavy investment, both money and time. Info on this account: - Account name is nice, original and no numbers/special characters! - Full-auto Wyvern 13 with 90% success with the current team saved. - Full auto all Labyrinth...
  4. P

    Selling  Summoners War account mid-late game

    selling for a really small price I have a good 3-4 star max level monsters too besides nat5s. (Raoq, Baretta, Colleen, Bernard, Lushen, Fran, Loren, Kro, Zinc ) L&D: (Gorgo, Shumar, Mara, Misty, Sige, Deva, Gemini, Shaffron, Lusha, Daron, Monte, Ran, Fei ) and Nat 5s : (Chandra, Vanessa...
  5. bboydastyck

    SOLD  Mega Whale Acct 35 NAT 5* and 6 ML NAT 5*

    Selling my long term account with too much to lose but I’ll do it anyways lol ML NAT 5* MA Ken A Vildred J Kise F Cecilia DJ Basar A Ravi NAT 5* Kawerik Cerise Charles Elena Seaside Bellona Melissa Lilibet Dizzy Baiken Vivian Luluca Diene Violet Bellona Ludwig Tamarinne Luna Sez Kayron...
  6. L

    SOLD  End game account w multiple ML 5* $800

    Unlinked global endgame account ( stove account ) 30x 5* with multiple ML 5* Pvp 4000+ points Basar with 247 speed Looking for $800 buyer pay middle man if want
  7. N

    SOLD  150$ Rank 65 endgame account with ML Ken, ML Corvus and ML Sez (not raised)

    GLOBAL SERVER with 34.7k skystones and alot of resources to spare. 60million gold hunt materials in the thousands 60k red leafs 80 leif 12k conquest points 10k+ labyrinth coins decent pets. Around Challenger in the Arena. (Please note some resources are an estimate some might be slightly off but...
  8. E

    Selling  Selling japanese server Arbiter Vildred account and few Nat 5

    The account still have monthly pack 1 on going for 24 more days Discord : Kerr#4573 C/O 80$
  9. minichisha

    SOLD  CHEAP ML account| Arbiter Vildred| martial artist KEN (europe)

    World: 10-10 World Hard: 2-10 Server: Europe Price: in pm Level: 44 4-6* heroes: Seaside Bellona 5*+8 , Cecilia 5*, Vildred 5*, Kayron 5*, Luluca 5*+ 6, Lilias 5*+5, Rose 4*, Armin 4*, Zerato 4*, Karin 4*, Corvus 4*, Achates 4*, Scuri 4*, Surin 4*, Furious 4*, Serilla 4*, Lots 4*, Clarissa...
  10. C

    Selling  QUAD ML 5* End Game [Tenebria,Ken,Cecilia,Ara]

    Hello everyone! Today I have for sale a QUICK QUICK sell for you all - great english name account in a 5x rewards guild with max 305k cp. Has portrait MLB and the below artifacts/heroes. Looking to sell immediately as I am burnt out of running so many accounts. Take it for 600 now and enjoy...
  11. Z

    SOLD  //Update Price $20// Arima and Ken Keneki Anniversary.

    I want to sell this account for $30. Accept only PayPal Info. Lot Story available for farm Kaku Gem. About 2 month old. Arima and Ken Anniversary Need more question so go ask me. Need contact? So message me here or Discord: Zragon#2144
  12. GucciGaming

    SOLD  (Global) ML Ken Starter Account - $40

    Global 1-4 ML Ken + More Unlinked/Name Change Message for screenshots Paypal (friends&family) Only - $40 Discord - Yoshi#1631
  13. D

    Selling  [Global] End game Ml Aramintha and Ml Ken - diene/luna/dizzy/sol/baiken/bask

    Hello guys, Selling my account, with the following content: Rank: 65 Abyss: 88 Tower: Max 92 Auto Wyvern and Banshee Normal Raid Arena - Challenger V (max Challenger III) 6Stars: Silver Blade Aramintha Martial Artist Ken Vivian Diene Luna Watcher Schuri Shooting Star Achates Crimson Armin...
  14. GucciGaming

    SOLD  (Global) [Double ML] Ken/Baal(Selector Ticket) - $40

    Global 10-10 cleared - (135 Bookmarks - 1k Skystones) ML Baal can be traded in Sept 5th for ML nat5 selector ticket! also includes Assassin Coli & BB Karin (Top Tier ML) - (Angelica Top Tier Healer) Unlinked/Unchangeable Name Paypal (friends&family) Only - $40 - 24 HOUR SALE! (trying to...
  15. S

    Selling  [Asia] 3 Ml + All limited End Game

    Pm me for more info. Discord: @sukisho16#9406 1 hit banshee Can auto all hunt Cp 330k 19 6* 150$ Only
  16. GucciGaming

    SOLD  (Global) [Double ML] Ken/Cecilia + ML Lots/ML Armin - $25

    Global 10 -10 story just finished (1.9k Skystones + 3 Gold Transmit) + more probably..been awhile Unlinked/ Name Changeable Paypal (friends&family) Only - $25!!! (super cheap, just trying to get it off my hands!) Discord - GucciGaming#1631
  17. GucciGaming

    SOLD  (Global) ML Ken + ML Armin ($24)

    10-10 beat ML Ken + ML Armin (selective ticket for 4* ML ) SS Bellona (Limited) + Bellona + Sigret + Tenebriax2 + Chloe + Tywin + Haste + Charles 3k Skystones 100 Bookmarks unlinked/name unchangeable Paypal (friends&family) Only - $24 Discord - Yoshi#1631
  18. P

    SOLD  Asia High End Multiple 5* & 4* ML Chars+Limited Chars+5* & 4* Artifacts

    Selling my high end main account for $400. It is tied to a dummy Gmail which will be provided to the buyer. Payment method paypal (Friends&Family). Willing to go through Trade Guardian but buyer pays the fee. Discord - PartyAnimal#4771 Arena rank - Challenger Abyss tower - level 81 Auto farm...