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judge kise

  1. Z

    Trading  Willing to trade Early game Judge Kise Global

    Looking to trade this mid game acc! Cleared up to World diff 4 600 skystones Barely touched in arena (in b2) Abyss 34 Rank up pack still there. Looking for anything just offer me! Linked to a dummy gmail. name changeable.
  2. A

    Selling  Judge Kise account

    Selling an account with judge kise, crimson armin, blood blade Karin, lidica, destina and baal and sezan. Global account. Discord: tfios#8640
  3. Hummingbird11

    SOLD  Judge Kise+Specimen Sez $100

    Global Server Judge Kise + Specimen Sez Dizzy|Baiken|Tamarinne NEED MORE INFO PM ME ON MY DISCORD AT Hummingbird#0812
  4. D

    SOLD  70$ ML Kise, Dizzy, Vildred, Bellona, Violet, Krau - Name Change + Unlinked

    GLOBAL SERVER - My account is legit no mods were used in it. I only accept paypal payment. [Unlinked] [Name Changeable] Early game Judge Kise + Dizzy + Vildred + Bellona + Violet + Krau+ Baal & Sezan + Sol + Angelica + Axe God 8 x 5* Hero | Story Progression 10-10 Normal - Haven't 3 stared...
  5. S

    Judge Kise Global accounts for cheap with others

    Hello! I have two MODDED accounts with Judge Kise on them; both of these accounts have been alive for about three months. Both are finished with 10-10 obviously and both have names but I think they're decent lmao. I also have a third modded account that has Baiken on it along with a few others...
  6. B

    Selling  [GLOBAL][Linked] judge kise + dark corvus, ss achates + kayron w schuri etc

    Rank 55, Arena: Gold V, Abyss 54 PM me Discord: Pope of Trapism#8614
  7. M

    Selling  [Global] End Game ML Kise + ML Dominiel + 3 x ML 4*s + Diene + 11 x 5*s

    Hey there, Do you want the 2 moonlight waifus, ML Dominiel and ML Karin, and the sultry, ML Kise, in one account? Now is your chance! ___________________________ 100% safe. NOT a Modded/Hacked account. [GLOBAL] - Linked End Game ML Judge Kise + ML Dominiel + ML Karin + ML Lots + ML Dingo +...
  8. E

    SOLD  Whale Account Global - ML Aramintha + ML Judge Kise - 275 k CP

    - Global Account - English Good Name, no Numbers - Everything Legit, never used any tools or bots, always played on android and never used an emulator - Autofarm Wyvern 11 100% (Angelica, Tamarinne, Luna, Kise) - Autofarm Golem 80% (Aramintha, Tamarinne, Cecilia, Angelica) - Autofarm Arena easy...
  9. K

    Buying  Looking for Global Unlinked Account with ML Kise, Diene, and Luna

    Looking to buy an account with all 3 units (must have all 3) , account must also be unlinked. Will pay more based on what else is on the account. Discord: 10000#3349
  10. X

    SOLD  Global Linked J. Kise, Sigret, Iseria, Tenebria $30

    Epic 7 Global Linked account (cannot change nickname or email) Account is Google Play (gmail) 1. Account is Rank 29, very little PvP done 2. Completed 10-10 Story, Up to World Difficulty 1-1 3. Completed up to Abyss level 30 4. 26 Leifs / 1,765,135 Gold / 4 Gold Stones / 14 Silver...
  11. S

    Selling  (Global) Judge Kise / Challenger Dominiel / Watcher Shuri / Luna $150

    This account is linked to a dummy Google account that I will fully disclose. I never expected to sell this account, but I will not be able to play it anymore. Questions? DISCORD: SaoBeast#3159 $150 6* (Bellona, Chloe, Angelica) 5* Judge Kise Charlotte Baal & Sezan Ravi Tywin Chloe Luna...
  12. Takumi3000

    Selling  Global Judge Kise S Rose A Cartuja Luna Diene plus many more!

    Chapter 10-10 Normal/World: Complete Event Items: All collected since day 1 Main Team CP: 210,000 Abyss Completion: Floor 83 Player vs. Player Rank: Challenger V Auto Hunt Capabilities: Wyvern 11 / Golem 10 / Banshee 10 Purchased Packs : Monthly Pack 2 (16 Days Left) ★ Hero List Below ★ ---6...
  13. E

    SOLD  Judge Kise, Diene, Luna, BB Karin, C.Armin, C.Dom s imprint etc

    Hi all, I'm selling nice account as follow: Server Asia Login Gmail Dummy Rank 60 Arena Challenger Both Monthly Pack Active 10+ days more Abyys Floor 73 2k++ skystone 17 Gold Transmit Stone Heroes and Artifacts : Price : $300 For more info contact me via discord : esqe#4930 Payment...
  14. T

    SOLD  Still looking for Judge Kise and Luna account

    Looking for a respectable deal on Judge Kise and Luna epic 7 account global. Pm me if you have what I’m looking for. Thanks a bunch
  15. H

    SOLD  $75 Epic 7 [Global] Judge Kise and Friends

    selling epic mid game seven global server the sexiest warrior, Judge Kise with the help of Yufine, Ravi, Destina, Yuna, Krau, General Purrgiss (ML), and Celestial Mercedes (ML) Great artifacts: Uberius Tooth, Bloodstone, Sword of Judgement, Iron Fan, Rosa Hargana, Dust Devil, Aurius,, hell...
  16. T

    SOLD  CHEAP J KISE + 11 5* inc. bellona, lidica (has rank up pack)

    hi all I'm selling my j kise account because I am bored of this game, I will sell it at a reasonable price since I don't need it so shoot me an offer, if you want more details dm me on discord ( delixum#8258) or here. notable 4*: ml cartuja x2 ml lots ml aither ml maya Angelica cidd(6*)...
  17. M

    Selling  [Global] J. Kise Luna Bellona Angelica C.dom 6 ml nat 4 & many nat 5s

    GLOBAL Account Nat 5 list: Bellona (6*) Luna (6*) also one imprint Tamarinne (6*) Destina Judge Kise Zeno Basar 3 Lidica's for imprint Iseria Kayron Vildred Notable 4* Kitty Clarissa Angelica (6*) Lots Schuri C.Dom Assassin Coli Auxiliary lots Guider Aither Wanderer Silk Non notable nat 4...
  18. S

    SOLD  WTS Judge Kise + Challenger Dominiel

    Going to sell my global epic seven LVL 48 account with a lvl 60 Judge Kise. ML Units: -Judge Kise -Challenger Dominiel -Watcher Schuri -ML Maya -Celeste -Rikoris -Church of Ilryos Axe -Elson -Lorina -Requiemroar Other 5 Star Units: -Violet -Ravi -Hazel -Bellona -Krau -Baal & Sezan -Zeno...
  19. SugarCube

    Selling  [GLOBAL]Selling ML Kise (2x) and good nat 5's

    Im selling a good offer here for upcoming updates (Guild wars etc) also a good IGN Account Type : Stove Account Server : Global Payment : Paypal F&F BEST OFFER WINS PM your offer here or my discord Discord : VORTEX-SugarCube#9457 Prefer via Midman . you'll pay .
  20. X

    Selling  Global Judge Kise with 4x Nat 5 STARS

    Current offer is $200. Message me here or on discord: Otakumi#2824 if interested :) Account Details: Facebook Linked Dummy Account. 10-10, World Untouched. No Packs were bought yet. Paypal Only. Middleman is welcome, but buyer has to pay fee. (PS If I don't respond, I'm away from 1AM-9PM...