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#identity naeu

  1. Selling  Smurf Nagito Komaeda

  2. Buying  looking for maroon crystal smurf ios na/eu

    hiiii ^_^ new edit: i’ve decided to settle for just a maroon crystal account so i’m looking for someone selling a smurf acc that has her. you can message me for my disc if you have any offers :3 account must be ios na/eu
  3. Looking for Makoto Nijima (maybe with her awakened version but not needed) :3

    Discord: aster#9115 max budget: 60-65$
  4. Trading  Looking for small account with Queen ( Makoto Nijima) and Edogawa Ranpo

    Looking for account with Queen ( Makoto Nijima) or Edogawa Ranpo from BSD collab must be on Na/ Eu Only trading Trading only with mm contact me via: Instagram : @shogummylife Discord : aster#9115
  5. Trading  Idv Eternal Aurora IOS Na/Eu account! Lf : Succubus account

    Hi lovelies! As you can see, I want to trade this IOS NA/EU account (mostly want to trade) for Succubus skin haver account. It can be smurf or not I don't really have a problem with that. If you're interested add me on my Discord: Lunaria#1994 so we can discuss more or meet up in game.
  6. Trading  Fate smurf

    Fate smurf Ios, na/eu, no dmm Transfer available Evaluated at $350-$400 Looking for Sophia, DITS, SoE in Na/Eu
  7. SOLD  Lf: True proof+ futuba+ kroto/or panther account

    Hellooo! As stated in the title I’m looking to purchase an account, only NAEU & ios (or transferrable) Budget: anything less than 1k, might require installments tho 💖 Must have: futuba, true proof, & panther/or kroto (but she is less likely to exist w/ everything else cri) ID: asia, other...
  8. SOLD  iOS NaEu , No DMM

    iOS NaEu , No DMM. Selling for $150 CashApp only. Discord is N.#0405
  9. Selling  Full Edward scissorhands idv NaEu

    Selling this account for 300$ Max! if it is not in your budget we can negotiate and lower the price. I accept payment through PayPal OR Amazon gift cards. Message me through here or discord Mexican Radio#8806. Feel free to shoot me a message! Do not be afraid! :D
  10. Buying  WTB female survivor sided account budget: 100-200usd

    NA/EU + ios ONLY Must have the skins shown, the like are optional but would instant buy the account if it has all skin shown in picture. Discord Rosi #4679
  11. Trading  Trading Desolate Sands

    Looking for Offers on this small Desolate Sands Smurf! -no dmm -transferable Dm me on Discord if you have an offer, I’ll do my best to reply asap!
  12. Selling  Idv account

    selling or trading idv account, violinist + crescent knight skin & ouroboros skin w/ moonlight accessory dream witch, and a few survivors. lvl 8 dm on discord for offers: frame#1287
  13. Trading  TRADED!

    LF: doctor skins or equals!! ID: asia, ghost dmm, lost dmm discord : Scoods#6435 id prefer android trade cus i’d like too get rid of the dmm although it’s deactivated(:
  14. traded

  15. Swallow of Deception

    Looking to trade my swallow of deception!disc:AndreaIdentityV#0121
  16. Buying  Buying Identity V account

    Buying an Identity V account for 50$ through PayPal, I'm not looking for anything specific other than it being a decent amount for the price I have at the moment <android, na/eu preferred but other is fine as well must be android though> Also only LF trusted people with multiple proofs...
  17. Trading  uft: junji ito, p5, crimson bride +

    hihi im lf offers skins im interested in: brown, sound wave (+ accessory), norton skins/emotes or futaba/oracle must be naeu i can take android ONLY IF its transferable! disc: sana#7253
  18. Selling  Viper + Golden Ratio Account

    Hello! Im selling this acc for $400, my discord is ali ᐛ#6052 :] i can also meet ingame to show other skins not shown!
  19. Trading  iOS NA/EU no dmm - Kroto + Fugitive!

    IOS NAEU NO DMM ! add my disc K!eran#2724 for quick response Insta decline : lowballs, other game, asia, android, recent skin smurfs LF : Lf offers but I like Man in red IA : Inferno sonata, Sophia, golden ratio, equal sized recent whales with Mir
  20. Trading  Ios naeu no dmm ! Full dr2 , everlasting flowers etc

    IOS NAEU NO DMM ! ADD ME ON DISC FOR QUICKER RESPONSE ! LF : source of evil, carmen, demon’s symphony, recent whales, crescent knight, lockheart, coa3 skins, ephemeral, succubus, hollow (skins I want in general not all on the same acc) ID : asia, dead links I prefer ios but I can take...