1. Selling  WoW Gold On Zul'jin - Horde !

    Hi, I have 5 mil gold for sale on Zul'jin - Horde. Really cheap ( cheaper than some reseller/seller ) 45$usd / 1mil HMU if you have any question! thank you!
  2. Buying  LF Rogue or Mage Classic Era!

    Not super worried about gear but obv the more gear the better, not looking to purchase anything completely decked out tho. Would prefer horde but for the right price i'd take alliance. NA only! eng profession maxed out already+++++ epic mount+++++ gold+++++ disc: Insanity#0991
  3. Selling  Selling gold server Everlook horde

    Hi! how are you? I'm selling 600 gold on private server Everlook, Horde faction. At an excellent price! The price for 600g is $30. Payment method through Paypal. Any questions you can write me on Discord. Aibet#6030 Thank you very much for your attention!
  4. Selling  WTS Whitemane Maelstrom Gold 1k - 0.65$

    Heya, I'm looking to sell some of my gold on Whitemane Maelstrom server. Stock available on both sides. Price: 1k - 0.65$ Stock: In Stock 👍 Only Self farmed gold, from my personal account. 👍 Not being a reseller allows me to offer you the most competitive prices out there. 👍 Safe and instant...
  5. Selling  Cheap Everlook Gold - Horde

    I got a mix of gold and mats worth around 8000-10000g on everlook horde. Looking to hopefully sell it all once in bulk sale. Disc: freeme#6903
  6. Selling  WTS Unholy Death Knight 414 ilvl 2408.io Draenor-Horde EU

    Decided to sell my baby DK, near BiS gear / hard to say goodbye Insane DPS either single or AoE , still can upgrade some items with Valor 7/8 HC 2/8 M 4/5 set - all set pieces 415 ilvl bis ring extra trinkets crafted Neck, belt, gloves, weapon 418 ilvl 1 SPARK for more crafting max dragonriding...
  7. Selling  Gehennas [EU] Horde - Resto Druid 4.4k pvp/pve + Gathering professions

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/temotull 100% Positive feedback - see on ebay profile! 4.4k gs Rdru PVE/PVP Gear +2 gathering professions Mining/Herbalism/Fishing/Cooking maxed (450) Additionally it has: 71 DK with heirlooms and 34 Paladin Fake Bnet name 300 fly 300 riding Balance offset gear Got...
  8. Selling  WoW Everlook lvl20 warrior cheap

    Hi there, fellow wow players Selling lvl 20 Orc warrior on server Everlook --- Original email and account created by me --- Arms, decent lvling gear, decent name --- mining 65 blacksmithing 65 --- Save yourself 30 hours of leveling cheaply Price: $5 USD Paypal ----FRIENDLY AND TRUSTED...
  9. SOLD  WTS Level 60 Female Orc Shaman on Everlook

    100% mount Engi 250 + First Aid 300 Almost fully prebis for resto shaman (missing 1 piece) - raid ready Good ele pvp gear R6 - R7 next reset You will gain full control of the email Great for somebody who wants a fresh start playing a resto shaman or PVPing as ele!
  10. Selling  200 iLvL Pvp | Blood Elf DK | Grobbulus | Xfer Avail | Fake Name

    ~Active gametime until Apr. 1~ DualSpec bought 275 Enchanting 450 Mining 375 First Aid Gear: https://eightyupgrades.com/set/cMV5tfLTZKoXLertALX5x4 Fake Original Email / Fake Name Original Owner No infractions Hand Leveled Server Transfer Avaliable Price: 60USD Negotiable...
  11. Selling  Warmane Frostmourne Gold - 10k only 1.5$ (Sold out)

    Heya, I'm looking to sell some of my gold on Warmane Frostmourne realm. Price: 10k - 1.5$ Stock: Horde - Sold out Alliance - Sold out - Only Self farmed gold, from my personal account. - Safe and instant delivery. - No botting, cheating or scamming involved. Payment methods: PayPal Skrill...
  12. SOLD  WTS 50 Orc Shaman Everlook Horde

    WTS Level 50 Female Orc Shaman on Everlook Horde - Original Gmail account included for full security - 60% mount - Decent elemental leveling gear - Mining / Engineering 200+ - Clean account, no bans or warnings Price is negotiable! Payment via PayPal (y) (Will trade for Firemaw Classic Era EU...
  13. SOLD  WTS 1500 Gold Everlook Horde (personal, hand farmed, safe)

    WTS 1500 gold on Everlook.org Horde Hand farmed gold from my personal account Safe transaction Paypal payment only Message me on EPICNPC (y)
  14. Selling  Gehennas [EU] Horde - Resto Druid 4.4k pvp/pve + Gathering professions

    4.4k gs Rdru PVE/PVP Gear +2 gathering professions Mining/Herbalism maxed Got 71 DK with heirlooms +34 paladin 300 fly Balance offset gear Got spare 3k arena points 250$ We can negotiate the price, dscord: TemoTull#1250 Payment options: Paypal - Payoneer - Ebay
  15. Selling  (EU) Level 80 Frost DK (4059gs) & Dragonflight expansion level 70 Enha Sham

    Selling this account under a fake name. Contains a level 80 Frost DK with 4059 gearscore on realm Earthshaker and level 70 Enhancement Shaman with 359ilvl on realm Tarren Mill. Plug and play! The DK has 1.1k gold, no dual spec and no professions. As said, includes the brand new Dragonflight...
  16. [EU] Golemagg - Disco priest 4360gs + 80lvl DK on account

    PRIEST UNDEAD MALE READY FOR ULDUAR SERVER: EU-GOLEMAGG 4360gs DISCO 4150gs Shadow offspec Dual talents fly skill enchanting 409/450 tailoring 434/450 cooking 330 around 4k gold, lot of stuff in bank, some PVP gear in bank Glory of the Hero - Red proto drake Glory of the raider (25) - Black...
  17. Trading  Looking to trade gold in wotlk for gold in retail

    As the title says I have 2300 gold on Golemagg horde side that I want to trade for gold on Tarren mill horde side. Send me your offers :)
  18. Buying  Geared Horde Protection Paladin on NA Faerlina

    LF a geared (4.1k+ GS) Protection Paladin on Horde Faerlina. Budget is flexible depending on quality of gear set. Paypal friends and family to REPPED SELLERS ONLY. Must be fake name battle.net account. Please DM for more information. Thank you!
  19. SOLD  2 Warlock 4215/4118GS EoE Naxx Realm First Warrior 3511GS lvl 75pal 310% Proto

    This account has 1 geared 4215 GS Warlock with max engi/tailoring/cooking with Naxx/EoE Realm First titles and both 25 and 10 man 310% speed glory proto drakes. Some other rare items from tbc/pre patch. https://eightyupgrades.com/set/tTPHrKgxQa2qGXxMsA9uzL (also has more gear in bags/bank for...
  20. Selling  80 Orc DK bis 4.2k gs Multi-Spec jc/eng + 80 UD Priest bis 4.2k gs Gehennas-EU

    This account is on Gehennas-EU and has following 3 characters 80 Orc BIS DK BIS 210 ilvl (4.2k gs) PvE, 211 ilvl (4.2k gs) PvP) Epic Flying 280% speed Professions JC (maxed), Engineering (maxed) - Best enchants for both PvE/PvP Geared for Tank and DPS specs, PVE and PVP 12k+ gold All relevant...
  21. Selling  WTS - 80 Tauren Druid - Thekal - almost bis - 4/5 T7.5 resto/boomkin CHEAP

    Enchanting 10k Gold Epic Fly 4/5 T7.5 in Resto and Boomkin Torch Of Holy Fire ( KT wep ) Netherwing Drake Unfortunatly real name on acc. Therefor CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Add me on discord wololo#0993 wololo#0993 wololo#0993 Only PAYPAL or SWISH (if swedish) Only PAYPAL or SWISH (if swedish)...
  22. SOLD  Faerlina Rogue - 4.2k Gearscore - Best Weapons. Max JC+Enchanting+ Cooking

    Selling High Gear Score Rogue with BIS Weapons + Enchanting + JC. Epic Flying w/ Northend Flying with epic flyer. Account also has level 70 Shaman with Alchemy and most WoTLK Recipes and good gear SWP can be boosted as an alt. 300$ Starting Price feel free to send other offers
  23. Selling  Level 70 Enchancement Shaman (391 ilvl) + 150k Gold [130€ only today]

    Hey friends, I am selling this level 70 enchancement shaman in the EU (English) Region. Account is a fresh created under fake data. Security Question available etc. The Account is second hand. But bought from a trusted user. Also the Account has the TCG Feldrake Mount + Snail Price: 130€ /...
  24. SOLD  [NA - Skyfury] Troll Survival Hunter 4,2k GS 212 iLvL (Transfer Available)

    Server : PvP Skyfury (NA) Original Email included Free Transfer available Character Class : Lvl 80 Hunter Race : Troll Male Faction : Horde Gearscore 4217 iLvL 212 (TacoTip Addon) Dual Specialization (Survival / MM) Hitcapped (8%) Profession : Jewelcrafting (450/450) & Engineering (450/450)...
  25. SOLD  $150 NA Sulfuras 80 level Hunter | 3900 GS

    Discord: Sharky#7500 Payment Method: Paypal as Friends and Family Hello, I am willing to sell my account with Hunter 80 and priest 60 level on it. - General info: - Class: Hunter - Race: Blood Elf - Server: Sulfuras PvP - 2 pieces Naxx tier set - 1360 gold - Ebon Blade Exalted PRICE $150...