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high end account

  1. Y

    Selling  Selling HIGH END Hunter Evernigth +Guard and Mini

    Аccount 4 years old! Hunter 130lvl full geared Guardian 130lvl (valar) Mini 126lvl(valar) explanations: Mines of Moria, Rise of Isengard, Riders of Rohan, Helm's Deep, Mordor Standard Edition, Minas Morgul. Who is interested write me on skype, l am waiting your offers! Skype: yurcka3 Discord...
  2. R

    Selling  High End Account - $35 - Legendary Pet - 11 Chars - 23 Vaults - 68 Stars

    Contact me on discord for any more info or if interested @Lezloh#4747 gyazo.com/1a0eeeb412a81f3a854d53aa8a201f82 gyazo.com/ede7c42add4bb7fd8539d30be49cae31
  3. Z

    Trading  Wtt SW ACC 95+ 6Star 2 LND nat 5 33 nat 5

    Hi all informations are in the screenshots ! :D i want to trade this account to any one with good LND one like Giana, Yeonhong Asima or something good :D You can contact me on Kik : ZayonL !
  4. K

    Selling  WTS male ryos JF adbs acc

    Male Yang Ext Ryos strong Main Inners: Blood Blade Manual: 86 Taoist 75 Sunset Skill 75 Chaotic Yuan: 75 Poiston Toad: 64 Blood Blade Clan 2nd: 72 Beast Villa: 84 Xu Village:84 RG 6th Max Chanfeng 2nd 63 nianluo 2nd 63 Dharma 2nd 63 Mt Hua 2nd 63 Rootless Max All school inners 1-3 max...
  5. I

    [GLOBAL] Selling high end PLv 534 with 70 unique legends

    Hi everyone, I've recently decided to leave OPTC after pulling on O'Soba mask sugofest (and I got shitty units... lol). Therefore, I'm selling the account [PAYPAL ONLY] for €100. Obviously, negotiation is possible but I'm not looking for any trade whatsoever. All Garp challenges are cleared on...
  6. S

    Selling  72k+ value , 29k+ AP, all class ,many legendaries, ~8 year account.

    With this account you can have the full Guild Wars 2 experience, as i have played and progressed it with love and respect. I can provide the original cd key. Iam the original and only owner. If you have seen my previous listing, since I made some great changes to the account like gaining the...
  7. A

    Selling  Extremely High End Brave Frontier Account.

    Selling an extremely strong brave frontier account which is in a top 3 guild. Numerous meta units (And I mean actually meta such as Mugen, Thoth, Kaneki, chizuru, ptah etc not those outdated VA 1 units that nobody uses in high level guild wars) Also has MULTIPLE COPIES of collab units from...
  8. P

    Selling  700k+ Blademaster US-007

    720k BR Blademaster 1-60 Ascended, top 3 BR Blademaster on server US-007 Zenith. Gold Ingots Available, +17 Refinement, Full Legendary Gear, High Tier Eidolon, Taras Soth and Hydra Legendary Pneumas, The Creator Sacred Book, Class Change and Name Change items available in inventory, Ascension...
  9. Z

    SOLD  Whale account. 65 Legs. Plat Arena. 1 & 2 Key. FW 21 on farm

    As per title, take a look. Whale account with obscene amounts of money spent on it. Will only deal with an Epic trusted buyer. Currently just gauging interest and not desperate to sell with any urgency. Price is up for negotiation as it stands. NOW FB UNLINKED. 65 Legs, over 25 are fully...
  10. smeliukas

    Selling  Top 2% GW2 account

    Account value according to GW2Efficiency 225k gold. Actual value is much higher as many items aren't calculated. Almost all gem upgrades are maxed (shared inventory slots, bank tabs etc) Loads of quality of life items as merchants, teleports, salvage tools, gathering tools etc. Very high rank...
  11. H

    SOLD  HIGH END ACC | 3 legendary armor set | mounts | fractal 100 and more!

    heya selling high end acc, for more info you can contact me 1210USD price
  12. F

    Selling  S> T.LV 151 Asia high end Account - Crow Nyx Roi Shea 5* and various 4*

    Selling due new commitment coming. Some screenshot to share. PM me if you need more info of this account This account is well maintained, dummy gmail will be given General outline of this account - Crow 10* A2 - 16 - Roi 8* UW - Nyx 5* UW - Shea 5* UW - Lavril 4* UW - Pris 4* UW - Kara 4* UW -...
  13. J

    [Global] WTS ADL Ranger Account with dl,phree,garm cards!

    Selling Global Server ADL Ranger 12k+ raw atk (malang bow) complete gacha 6 wings (with devil and angel wings) 1.3m contribution with dark lord, garm and phreeoni cars current zenny: 220m++ good items good enchant rfs: busy/ quitting(stil playing while no buyer) issue: fb bind, no gmail...
  14. A

    Selling  Omega X Account Levia Server For Sell

    Selling Top 10 Account Omega X - AOX Server Leviamon Account Lvl 120 GameKing Serv Leviamon Check this link all info there (More information) ==> https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/omega-x-account-for-sell-leviamon-server.1614932/ more info ===> WM Offer My Discord : L_Sami_B#4996 And THnx
  15. P

    Champion account high end with so many u wont believe

    60-65+ SEASONAL SKINS 280+ charms many skins from events since grim sky to now more than 250-300+ uniforms and headgears as u can see in my vid more than 25+ PL sets lazy to count full elites full pro team 2018, 2019 dont know the price yet but its not cheap my discord...
  16. L

    SOLD  High end lvl 100 Account (VHL, LR, SSoT, LC)

    Selling level 100 account, reasonably high end Classes include Void High Lord (Best class in the game) Light Caster Legion Revenant (Best farming class in the game) Shadow Stalker of Time (6k AC class, very OP) Immortal Chronomancer (6k AC class, very OP) Has the Burning Blade of Abezeth Has...
  17. O

    SAO MD account for serious players

    Selling SAO MD account!! Won’t be cheap. Lots of 6 stars with their matching r5 weapons. No scammers, only serious deals. Hit me up on discord or IG: datslife. Price can be negotiated.
  18. O

    SAO MD account for serious players

    Selling SAO MD account!! Won’t be cheap. Lots of 6 stars with their matching r5 weapons. No scammers, only serious deals. Hit me up on discord or IG: datslife. Price can be negotiated.
  19. S

    SOLD  Glad ret pally + holy offspec - Unobtainables - TCG - AOTC + Legion sets

    Looking to sell my Glad Ret pally. Accepting Paypal only or might be willing to trade for a well geared Warlock with good corruption and trinket choices. Contact info in signature ($500 OBO) Safe armory: https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/f61541c5b598c86dcefdda2c14ddb799 Lvl 89 HoA...
  20. Waruu

    BOUGHT  Found

    Found an Account ^^!