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heroes of the storm

  1. P

    Main Account 3 Years lvl 507 - NA Server - 543 Skin - Battletag change avaliab

    Hots NA Account lvl 507 Price:$200 Payment Method :Paypal Main features -Battletag change avaliable -Virgin Storm League -60% QM WR -22,837 gold -5,750 shards -2,025 gems -543 Skins (26 Legendary) -62 Mounts -15 Announcer
  2. M

    Selling  WTS | Heroes of the storm account with 54 characters and more - 20€

    Hello. I sell my personal Battlenet/ heroes of the storm account for 20€. Account information: 54 Charaters. Level: 392. Gold: 11,263. Gems: 315. Last rank in rankeds: Platinum. This account include another games: Diablo III: Diablo 3 + Expansión reaper of souls. StarCraft. 2...
  3. M

    Selling  WTS | BattleNet Account with 4 games - 20€

    Hello. I sell my personal Battlenet account for 20€. Account information: Games: Diablo III: Diablo 3 + Expansión reaper of souls. OverWatch: Goty. StarCraft. 2 expansions. Heroes of the Storm: 54 Charaters. Level: 392. Gold: 11,263. Gems: 315. Last rank in rankeds: Platinum. The payment...
  4. T

    WTS Blizzard account, includes WoW, Hots,Overwatch,Diablo 2 & 3 and Starcraft

    Welcome to my store! I'm selling a Blizzard account, which contains World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 2 with expansion, and Diablo 3 with expansion too, Star Craft with all expansions, and OverWatch, then i'm going to explain everything it contains. Only for 40 € ! You can...
  5. E

    Selling  5+ Years Old Battle.net Account | Multiple games, OW GrandMaster, HS and more.

    Im selling my Blizzard/BattleNet Account because I dont have time to play anymore. The games purchased and played are: Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft: Legion, Diablo III, Destiny 2. You can find here the information of the noticeable games despite having played...
  6. A

    Selling  Just Check Prices Heroes of The Storm Boosting Service , Extra Cheap&Fast ,

    Greetings, I'm master and i want help people to climb ladder for great Cheap price !! ( cheaper than all boosters in web) EU or NA server . If u are gold and want a master rank , it will cost you 35€ until master only! master to master 2K 15€ for ! and gold to diamond ( 20€ only) current...
  7. A

    Selling  Blizzardacc master ,2timeGM, 3 yrs account,lvl1360mostherositems+WoW+Destiny2

    Greetings, region EU selling master GM HoTS account Rank: Storm league current season master 1500~ Storm league preseason master 229 Season 3 2019 TL GM 61 Season 2 2018 TL GM 31 LvL 1360 248 LvL illidan 7362 golds 1945 gems 1973 shards just don't have a hero : mephisto average Win...
  8. P

    Selling  [EU] B.net account (SC2, OW, HotS) for sale for 70€

    Hello there! I'm selling my Battle.net account for 70 euros. Contains the following with more details: StarCraft 2 - Wings of Liberty (100% achievements) - Heart of the Swarm (100% achievements) - Legacy of the Void (100% achievements) - Nova Covert Ops (100% achievements) - The following coop...
  9. H

    Eu hearthstone 679 cards+OW lvl 100 acc+US BfA WoW+hots

    Selling EU Hearthstone account with 679 Cards in Total,5095 Dust,525 gold. On the bnet account, you will also have Heroes of The Storm with a lot of heroes and skins World of Warcraft Account on US server with Battle for Azeroth Expansion and some characters 110+ (see screenshots below)...
  10. A

    SOLD  Hots Account Master Rank, 25 heroes, +Destiny 2, 25$

    Greetings, region EU selling HoTS account Rank: Storm league Master ~400 points Season 1 2019 TL diamond 5 260 golds 300 gems 1310 shards 25 heroes unlocked : Mephisto - Blaze - Junkrat - Samuro - Chromie - Tracer - Lt.morales - Rexxar - Sylvanas - Thrall - Azmodan - Murky - LiLi - Arthas...
  11. D

    Selling  120 Priest,Demon Hunter, Rogue + ~380 item level + Alts + Bonuses + Safe +$150

    I'm the original owner of this account, there is no middle man, I have perfect rep, and been trading 10+ years without a single negative feedback or incident asking price is $150 flat though paypal if interested post on this thread of come to this discord https://discord.gg/KSYTAGR Account...
  12. R

    Level 1852 Hots EU Account for Sale | Ex Masters | All Heroes

    I played 15k+ games on this account the last 3 years. i need to focus on work now so im selling it. please send offers via PM. once payment is complete i will send you email + password + security question.
  13. A

    SOLD  Selling Heroes of the storm acc Grandmaster TL , Master HL , 39 heroes 80€

    Greetings, region EU selling HoTS account , GM TL points ,HL master 1.5K golds 75 gems 39 heroes unlocked Win rate is high. + destiny 2 + most items halloween and winter this 2018 + i give smite and paladins account with it if you wish , free...
  14. M

    SOLD  EU - 10 Characters 15900 AP, Heroes of the Storm, Destiny 2 and more...

    Selling my Battle net Account that has *Destiny 2 Base Game (has Hunter Class with 263 power,Warlock 254 and some ornoments, exotic mounts, armors, weapons etc...), *Heroes of the Storm ( BETA Account - level 456, 70% of Heroes, loads of legendary and epic skins ) and Wow has many Unobtainable...
  15. B

    Selling  Battle.net World of Warcraft bfa, Diablo 3 ros, Hearthstone, HOTS and more

    I'm the origina owner, a lot of time and energy put into this account. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth DELUXE EDITION: 3 chars max level, high ilvl, normal/heroic raids done. Almost all allied races unlocked (except Dark Iron Dwarf), 163 mounts , a lot of transmogs -Heroes of the Storm...
  16. G

    Selling  ULTIMATE Battlenet acc 10yo, Hearthstone 9k gold, Overwatch all legend, Hots

    ULTIMATE BATTLENET ACC 10yr old,Hearthstone 9k gold + Overwatch + Destiny 2 + HotS + WoW very old rare acc >> ingame screenshots << Selling Blizz acc including Hearthstone with all month card backs! 9000+ GOLD Alot of legendaries (30+ meta), current meta builds, 56 cardbacks incl Naxx HC...
  17. SokterSS

    Selling  Hots boosting service - Fast response - Cheap prices

    Welcome I'm new on the website however not new when it comes to Hots boosting. Currently GM on EU, looking to provide good service for cheap. I can do boosts on EU/NA Prices: Placements are 25$ with at least 70% winrate if I fail to deliver the 70% you will get a free division boost that...
  18. FBUser1215

    SOLD  Hots acc (na) | lvl 134 | platinum v hl | 750 gems | 1200 shard | 75,9 % wr

    Region: NA Level: 134 75,9% Win Rate : MMR MASTER QM 130+ Skins (5 Legendaries) 18 Mounts (2 Legendaries) 1200 Shard 2250 Gold 750 Gems PLATINUM V HL FREE BATTLETAG STIMPACK ACTIVE Original owner Heroes: SAMURO, CHROMIE, GULDAN, SYLVANNAS, JAINA, SONYA, TYRAEL, CHEN, TYRANDE, SYLVANNAS...
  19. H

    Selling  Na acc for sale 68/80 heroes multiple legendary skins, 4k gold 300 gems

    - Level 635 with 68 heroes - Played in every season but preseason - Multiple legendary skins and legendary mounts with 2840 shards You will receive my battlenet account on which I have HearthStone also with multiple legendary cards. Looking for a reasonable price. If interested email me at...