1. Selling  [NA Reboot] 260 Hero, 35K Stat, 7K Legion, VAC Pet

    Please message me if you need more information, happy to talk and provide more full detail on gear/account, serious offers only, discord: koba #0001, paypal friends/family Original owner + can provide OG email. Legion is 7k, with most characters 140+ and all link skills at least level 2, with...
  2. SOLD  USPC Account 200sp+ HERO

    USPC Account (Main) Hero Male Power - Gadgets CR - 375 dps Skill Points - 207 Armory - 2 Movement - Super-Speed Bottled City Soder - Rank: 7 Dark Knights Omnipotence - Rank: 39 Legion of Doom Omnipotence - Rank: 34 Arts - 139: Tranformation / 140 Eye of Gemini / 139 Strategist Ally - Cyborg...
  3. 2.1 K legion account LVL 215 Hero with cubed rings

    Selling 2.1k legion account with event rings rolled A/W 200 USD Paypal family and friends DC: peteryu#7320
  4. USPS Hero Account for sale

    Selling hero account 600+ SP Main 378 DPS/TANK/TROLL -200 trans, strat, gem, scrap, solar, amulet, lernea, claw, lazarus, venom, deadking, philosopher, grim, gem of horus, manacles -160 mystic -Allies Max Oracle, Max Krypto , Max HOL ,Max DM Batman, Max BWL, Max Aquaman, Max Harley, Max...
  5. SOLD  USPC account 450sp+

    USPC Account (Main) Hero Male Power - Rage CR - 376 dps / 374 tank PvP CR - 56 Skill Points - 467 Destiny Token - 1 Armory - 4 Movement - Super-Speed Bottled City Soder - Rank: 8 Dark Knights Omnipotence - Rank: 40 (max) Legion of Doom Omnipotence - Rank: 40 (max) Arts - 160: Tranformation /...
  6. Selling  Hero + all aircrafts

    Hero 80m dollars 11k golds all ASSAULT CARRIER +60 all AIR CRAFTs all battlepass ships execpt SMX- 25
  7. SOLD  NA Reboot 2,2k Legion the perfect starter acc!

    Hello everyone, selling the perfect account to get started with.. So far I've burned 2 characters an Hero and a Night Lord explorer, there is still 1 burn left with rewards on Reboot.. I was supposed to be maining my Hero so I unlocked the awakening reboot ring on him, but the other rewards...
  8. Selling  S> Reboot 25x Hero 36k Clean. 6.3k Legion. T> DK A.W 1k

    Looking for a different class than hero, Preferably DrK or NW - 25x Hero - 36k clean stats - Wondroid heart - 6300 legion - full cra/abso 22* hat - 1260 ARC - Maxed Boost nodes - x3 30% boss fam, x1 30% def fam Kanna - 24x Kanna - 16k Clean stats - 960 ARC - Near max nodes I will not go first...
  9. BOUGHT  Looking To Buy Best Reboot Account with $1000 budget!

    Hi Everyone! DM me with what you got! Best account gets my money. Or you can DM on Discord too and we can do the transaction from EpicNPC Aznboyxkoh#6174
  10. SOLD  [Na Reboot] Liberated 28x Hero, 8.5K Legion, 9 Bossing Mules

    Hi, I am quitting the game. Original owner, never been banned/whiteroomed, and on rankings! Here are the details - 28X Male Hero - Liberated 2H Sword, 62.8k stat - Adventure Pets, Wondroid, All Legacy Lab blocks, Pink Bean Title, 3 Dark Totems, 75% Boss DMG Familiars, and Pottable Badge -...
  11. SOLD  [Reboot NA] Hero 39k 6.1k legion

    Farmers - Have arcana farmer with badge (but kish getting removed so...) - Can be used as a boss mule instead though - Have 23x Blaster as boss mule with sengoku badge - Have Aran and Battlemage with a badge - Have a lvl 22x night lord Legion - Have 6.4k legion with most of the characters...
  12. Selling  🔴 Arena - Gladiator - RBG - Hero - Conquest - Honor - More PvP Services 🔴

    🔥 1300 POSITIVE CUSTOMER FEEDBACKS IN ANOTHER FORUM! All boosts are handmade from professional german boosters with VPN. If you get banned during a service, we refund 100% of the money.
  13. SOLD  Master duel deck with 7 decks( Tri Brigade,Sky Striker, Hero, Eldlich,Etc)

    Selling Master Duel Account linked with dummy konami id 7 Decks : 1. TriBrigade 2. Sky Striker 3. Hero 4. Eldlich 5. Utopia 6. Exodia Cardian 7. Metalfoes There are many Ur and Sr too and 2300 Gems Story still have available Gems to collect the payment via Paypal fnf, if wanna use MiddleMan...
  14. FB Hero Wars Account 5.2M Heroes, Maxed Titans and totems. Maxed all pets

    5.2M Heros All titans Maxed All totems All pets Maxed 1 tree branch maxed the rest is in 34 levels. 5 heroes with Ascencion level maxed 10 in level 5, 5 in level 4. a lot of resources and more.
  15. Selling  HERO Meta Deck - Competitive Version + DPE

    CONTACT ME: PRICE: $15 DISCORD: Nagashy#4907 PM
  16. [NA Reboot] Lv247 hero, GS badge, 37kstr 3.8k legion OG email, 140b mesos!

    I'm selling my Hero account and quit the game Lv 247 64% Pottable Badge 37k str no buff AF1040 3.8k legion max trinode link skills ready Original Email on Ranks Current offer 500 usdt Contactd Discord: Elected#6148 Payment: Paypal F&F, Binance, Amazon GC..
  17. SOLD  $30 Rare hero deck account (3 royal rares: sunrise, absolute zero, trinity)

    HAS ROYAL ESCURIDARO NOW (not pictured) Has not been linked to steam. Any questions, please ask. Looking for $50. Full deck: https://streamable.com/fxu76z 4 Royals : sunrise, absolute zero, trinity. escuridao Several UR/SR glossy as you can see in the video Royals: Account has no...
  18. kof gus chou 2hero skins 300 skins price negotiable

    Max Emblem discord: vuske#3333 MAX 1200points mythic glory 115 Hero 305 Skins 161k bp 7k tickets legend lesley, saber, alucard Kof: gus, karina, chou Hayabusa Shura hero:bruno, lancelot Hayabusa Experiment 21 Sanrio Characters: Angela, Floryn Epic: Roger(Cyborg), Lancelot(Bren...
  19. Selling  🔴 Arena - Gladiator - RBG - Hero - Conquest - Honor - More PvP Services 🔴

    🔥 1300 POSITIVE CUSTOMER FEEDBACKS IN ANOTHER FORUM! All boosts are handmade from professional german boosters with VPN. If you get banned during a service, we refund 100% of the money.
  20. Selling  Starter WHM Fresh

    Price 5$ Discord me Kayden#1445
  21. Selling  dcuo account 2 hero’s 1 villian 421sp 200 arts US

    WTS Dcuo acc with 400+ sp with 3 male toons dps/troll Gadgets, Earth tank, and water healer with 400+sp two hero’s one villain all 3 has og Phoenix and void and other good materials with platinum arts looking for $450 add my discord for more info Black Widow#6732
  22. Selling  5UR Deku, AOF, Eijiro, Aizawa and Mirio

  23. SOLD  Sell Magnet,Melodious,Yosenju,Gaia,Hero,Dark Gaia,Resonator,Etc

    Sell Account with many decks such as Magnet,Gaia,Yosenju,Melodious,Resonator,Hero(Destiny,Vision,Evil, and Elemental),Cyber Dragon, Ritual Beast,Evil Gaia,Six Samurai and Many Staples still many resources and low level characters(there are still some characters locked) Price is $40 payment...
  24. SOLD  Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel - Hero deck

    Deck : HERO Price : $25 Payment : Paypal F&F Discord: sasasd96#0677
  25. Selling  Multiple Accounts - Elite Sets, PvP Geared, Hero of the Ally/Horde, etc

    Hey folks, I have a few accounts for sale. I have almost completely quit the game minus getting glad on a few toons on my real account. I have no need for any of the accounts listed and just want them gone so I am probably going to take a bit of a loss on some of them but oh well, it is what it...