1. Selling  Whale Global [Ex Head Captain] Account with All tybw Char & 53 Full TCD

    Hello IchiGOD Store Back with Anoter one Beast Endgame or you Just Looking for Fresh/Mid Game or Farming Service Just PM me! maybe i have one you looking for ~ ^^ Fresh/Mid Account List: Farming Service...
  2. SOLD  Maplestory Guild name in Reboot

    S> Guild Name via Reboot Server
  3. Selling  150$ | 21 Level Guild with 150 Slot Guild Bank and Guild Hall

    Hello, simple as always. Got 150 slot guild bank with a Guild Hall in Gilded Hollow. Price is 150$, payment options are Wise/Crypto. You can PM/reply for further information. Also able to; 69Lv Guilds 250 Slot Guilds (May not have Guild Hall / Level variable) 150 Slot Guilds (May not have Guild...
  4. Selling  Selling top 2 server account

    Hello I'm looking to sell my account. Its currently 5,8m cp and growing still. Has 10k+ sapphires and is 2nd in power. It has a 11* owl, 9* healer and a lot of future compenents to grow. PM me if your interested and I can also provide more information and screenshot.
  5. Selling  WTS EUC Zinnervale Guilds 'Funeral' lv.11,lv.5 guild shop / 'Catgirl' lv.7

    These guild will be disbanded soon so i thought i can sell it. Discord: Minik#2808 in-game gold is okay
  6. Selling  1.2m Archer 386k/379k and Lvl 50 Guild $300-$500

    Selling my Archer Account along with my Guild thats level 50 and currently in Block B. Message for more details Unison ID 2041618358 or Discord ID Xyvuse#6150.
  7. Selling  Level 15 Guild NA East Galatur

    SELLING GUILD LVL 15 (ONLY GUILD NO ACCOUNT) GUILD SHOP LVL 5 TOTAL 62 SLOT MEMBER I am looking for in game gold, make your offers. Discord: deanKastia#7911
  8. Selling  Lvl 7 Guild NA-West Shandi

    Offer me! Letting of my guild due to lack of time :( Do PM me if you have any enquires! Discord: Yukine#5050
  9. Buying  Looking for Guild Boosting Service

    Looking for some service to help level a guild.
  10. Buying  buying a guild as long as it has buffs

    buying a guild as long as it has buffs, not required much population or stuff LaughingCross#5802 for offers
  11. Buying  WTB Guild with Upgraded Guild Hall

    Longtime GW2 enjoyer looking to buy a NA guild with a Gilded Hollow or other guild hall. Payment flexible! Please DM me your details on here or on discord at iam#1337 .
  12. Buying  WTB Guild [65 to 400+ Guild Level]. Star Forge Imp Side. Prices negotiable.

    WTB guild with 65 to 400+ guild level. No other requirements. Star Forge/Imp side only. PM me or state ur prices here. Scammers not welcomed, so don't waste each other's time.
  13. BOUGHT  Guild in EU

    Buying Guild in EU must be 10 lvl buffs max, and shop at least 5+
  14. Selling  31 lv Guild - - 4 \ 3 Full Technology --

    .. 31 lv Guild - 4 \ 3 Full Technology very close to level 32 Contact : [email protected] .. 250$ Bargain a price ! For purchase and information Contact : [email protected] ...
  15. Master 2 Guild for sale.

    Master 2 guild. Statues are 7 6 6 6 5(almost 6) Day 1 guild, $1000 obo.
  16. Buying  Elsword NA Guild lv. 15+

    Looking to buy lv. 15+ Elsword NA guild Prefer one with lots of guild coins rina#7575
  17. Top 10%, 80.000G Account value, 17 Legendary's

    Hello! Hereby selling my account with lots of dye's, skins, and a ton of gen 1 legendaries. I'm selling it rather cheap since there's no money or ascended items on the account (I was a genius and salvaged most trying to get Salvaged Excellence item, before i knew it only dropped from...
  18. Buying  A EU Guild

    Got a guild just laying around? Not playing the game anymore? well I want it. Looking for a guild either max out or just have at least the good stuff. Hit me up with the price as well. Kind regards
  19. SOLD  2 Global 7ds Grand Cross accounts. CC: 3.2m and CC: 1.9m. Offers only.

    I'm selling 2 accounts on Global. Please offers only. One being my main and the other being my alt. Comes with level 8 guild. My Discord: Zedd#4873 (Can screenshare everything you want to know) Basically I played ever since I think April 2020 and didn't miss a single event. Main account...
  20. Buying  WTB Fully Upgraded Lvl 69 Guild

    Looking to purchase a full upgraded guild. Name, decorations, etc. don't matter. Just needs to be fully upgraded. On NA server. PM or Discord @ Rose#9048. Thank you!
  21. SOLD  EU) Make Offer! Gw2 Acc. 1 Day after Release. 8yrs. Mesmer. 7.3k Worth

    Selling My 8 year old Account. Main was Mesmer. Got Twilight(Crafted from 0-100) + Full Asc. Bers. Gear. 129 Agony Resist. Frac. LvL 55 Thief was Created 1 Day after Gw2 Official Release. ( Get the Latest Bday Gift) Titles Screenshot down. AP: 6419 Outfits: Hexed Outfit, Grenth's Regalia...
  22. Guild 30 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable!

    Guild 30 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable! Detailed information, videos, screenshots in WhatsApp +79102090765
  23. Guild 25 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable!

    Guild 25 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable! Detailed information, videos, screenshots in WhatsApp +79102090765
  24. Selling  Insane Top 1/3 Ranking in EU - buy fast and cheap

    The account is a knight, Rank 1 in Levels and Top 3 in CP - has the highest actual DPS in the server. It is an EU account and offers easy entrance into the scene. There is over 3k€ in the acc so you can imagine the kind of stuff it has. Price 300€ upwards...
  25. Selling  Millia Servers A TOP GUILD easy entrance to europe top scene

    Looking to join Europe Servers? We are a top ranking guild on Millia * and collectively decided to stop playing. I, as the guild leader, am now promoting our guild+guild leader account and trying to sell it. We possess a server top dps account as well and on request we can create a "bundle"...