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  1. BOUGHT  Guild in EU

    Buying Guild in EU must be 10 lvl buffs max, and shop at least 5+
  2. Selling  31 lv Guild - - 4 \ 3 Full Technology --

    .. 31 lv Guild - 4 \ 3 Full Technology very close to level 32 Contact : [email protected] .. 250$ Bargain a price ! For purchase and information Contact : [email protected] ...
  3. Master 2 Guild for sale.

    Master 2 guild. Statues are 7 6 6 6 5(almost 6) Day 1 guild, $1000 obo.
  4. Buying  Elsword NA Guild lv. 15+

    Looking to buy lv. 15+ Elsword NA guild Prefer one with lots of guild coins rina#7575
  5. Top 10%, 80.000G Account value, 17 Legendary's

    Hello! Hereby selling my account with lots of dye's, skins, and a ton of gen 1 legendaries. I'm selling it rather cheap since there's no money or ascended items on the account (I was a genius and salvaged most trying to get Salvaged Excellence item, before i knew it only dropped from...
  6. Buying  A EU Guild

    Got a guild just laying around? Not playing the game anymore? well I want it. Looking for a guild either max out or just have at least the good stuff. Hit me up with the price as well. Kind regards
  7. SOLD  2 Global 7ds Grand Cross accounts. CC: 3.2m and CC: 1.9m. Offers only.

    I'm selling 2 accounts on Global. Please offers only. One being my main and the other being my alt. Comes with level 8 guild. My Discord: Zedd#4873 (Can screenshare everything you want to know) Basically I played ever since I think April 2020 and didn't miss a single event. Main account...
  8. Buying  WTB Fully Upgraded Lvl 69 Guild

    Looking to purchase a full upgraded guild. Name, decorations, etc. don't matter. Just needs to be fully upgraded. On NA server. PM or Discord @ Rose#9048. Thank you!
  9. SOLD  EU) Make Offer! Gw2 Acc. 1 Day after Release. 8yrs. Mesmer. 7.3k Worth

    Selling My 8 year old Account. Main was Mesmer. Got Twilight(Crafted from 0-100) + Full Asc. Bers. Gear. 129 Agony Resist. Frac. LvL 55 Thief was Created 1 Day after Gw2 Official Release. ( Get the Latest Bday Gift) Titles Screenshot down. AP: 6419 Outfits: Hexed Outfit, Grenth's Regalia...
  10. Guild 30 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable!

    Guild 30 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable! Detailed information, videos, screenshots in WhatsApp +79102090765
  11. Guild 25 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable!

    Guild 25 Lvl gift - Price is negotiable! Detailed information, videos, screenshots in WhatsApp +79102090765
  12. Selling  Insane Top 1/3 Ranking in EU - buy fast and cheap

    The account is a knight, Rank 1 in Levels and Top 3 in CP - has the highest actual DPS in the server. It is an EU account and offers easy entrance into the scene. There is over 3k€ in the acc so you can imagine the kind of stuff it has. Price 300€ upwards...
  13. Selling  Millia Servers A TOP GUILD easy entrance to europe top scene

    Looking to join Europe Servers? We are a top ranking guild on Millia * and collectively decided to stop playing. I, as the guild leader, am now promoting our guild+guild leader account and trying to sell it. We possess a server top dps account as well and on request we can create a "bundle"...
  14. [Summoners War] Europe C1 Account 16 nat 5s and 52x6 :)

    Summoners War Europe C1 Arena Account with my Own Farm Guild which is very Active. 52x6 and a 16 nat 5s All PVE contents not a problem also guild war , siege and arena. Im not doing RTA so not sure how far it can go probably Fighter 3 or C1. I made a picture of the old Dungeons as well...
  15. SOLD  2 Accounts for Sale | Only $59 | lvl141 and lvl148

    Hello my Friends, I have these 2 accounts left that i do not have time to work on(Both of them can be yours). If you would like it, please contact me. And as always, :) HAPPY GAMING ...!!!... Contact info: Email: [email protected] Whatsapp: +27 71 190 3743 Payment through PayPal Buyer pays...
  16. Selling  30M Power Acc +7 Lvl Guild / 11 Ascended / Chapter 27/180 Lvl / Brutal Shemira

    * Level 180 / Chapter 27 * VIP 9-10 * Arena Top 10-15 with no efforts * Tons of resources * Brutal Shemira maxed out with excellent main team * Active account * Lvl 7 Guild halfway to Lvl 8 * I’m saving all the diamonds / scrolls and resources from the last month so the new owner can enjoy the...
  17. Selling  Level 8 Guild AFK ARENA

    Selling level 8 guild $100 I can do middleman but buyer pays fee message me on discord if interested. ID: North7756
  18. Seven deadly sins grand cross JP Guild lvl 8 name Perish

    Im selling my guild i dont want this guild anymore im joining in a other guild. It is lvl 8 the name is Perish. Discord: alicanli09#7946
  19. SOLD  GW2 Account with 5 cool named inactive guilds for SALE NA Server

    Asking for the price above, but willing to hear offers. Will split Middleman (MM) fee 50/50 if requested (EpicNPC approved MM only) Please view photos for the guild names & info. 4x Guild Level 0 no guild bank 1x main guild level 4 with guild stash, treasure trove, deep cove unlocked Comes...
  20. Guild 28 Lvl gift - 190$

    Guild 28 Lvl gift - 190$. Detailed information, videos, screenshots in WhatsApp +79102090765 , Line id: nikolai81game