grand fantasia

  1. SOLD  [Sanctum] FAST and CHEAP Gold/Clays selling

    Prices are as following: 250k gold / 10€ 200 M-Clays / 10€ PayPal or Skrill only. Discord: Sung Jin Woo#1881
  2. Selling  Selling M-Clay ( Sanctum Server )😺

    📢 Selling M-Clay ( Sanctum Server ) 💯✔ 10💲= 130C 10💲= 130C 10💲= 130C Accepting payment via PayPal only, send as friend and family Contact me on Discord : home3288#4532
  3. Selling  Selling m-clays US sanctum

    Selling m clays Sanctum server payment via paypal ! This is my discord (new) : WTS#7865
  4. Buying  UPDATE! Buying clays! Sanctum Server

    Buying clays in small or big amounts! € 10 : 200 Magic Clays € 50 : 1000 Magic Clays €100 : 2000 Magic Clays Payment through paypal! Due to many scammers. I don't do F&F payment. Message me on here or discord: gandow1994#1635
  5. Buying  grand fantasia

  6. SOLD  Grand Fantasia Ignite Account Semi-Stacked (Cheap)

    Acount Details: Lv79 WL Lv81 MM 3+ More Chars Enchanted Costumes (Not Full) Bunch of Yellow/Blue Gear +5-15 Almost all Legacy's 31-65 3* Y All-stat Throne (Lv40) 2* Y All-stat Mount (Lv20) 4/6 STR Nuc Set (Missing 10% & Reinc) HP to AGI Nuc & HP to STR (Have other as well for INT/MP) 2k Archive...
  7. Selling  Ignit Private Server - Items, mclays, combat mounts, skb, forts / account

    Got a bunch of alt accounts characters for dungeon runs (SS, archmage, DS, prophet) all leveled 75+. (One account for each class) About 40k gold? More or less 200 m-clays Also got a bunch of different items as well as a buff slave (Level 86 prophet) with all lover skills. Blue Warlord Grand...
  8. SOLD  10$ = 250clays Mclays :P

    As the title says, I'm selling 250 mclays for 10$ 500clays on stock for now Paypal only~ Hurry!!! DM me here~ Proofs below
  9. SOLD  IG (private server) Lvl 100 reincarnated GM/WL account

    They have sprite/Taro sets and like 4k? Ish archive points. There are max number of slots on the account. 80 PvP DS. This account is geared for endgame! Also selling mounts/SKBs/MFIs (separately). I can of course share more info if there's any interest (Not uploading pics atm since it's on...
  10. Selling m-clays Santum 210c : 10

    discord : WTS#5434
  11. Selling  Selling my Grand Fantasia US Sanctum Account

    I decided to sell my gaming laptop, so I will sell my Grand Fantasia online account too because I don't have any use for it anymore. The account exists since 12 Juni 2012 and I spent hundreds of euros in it. What is in the account [Sanctum US]? -> 6 characters [91 Druid, 78 Necromancer (Lvl...
  12. Selling  Selling Gold in Php (peso)

    selling gold 100k = 1k pesos Gcash Payment Only u can contact me tru Discord: bebe01#6101
  13. Selling  Grand Fantasia No Animation

    Discord is all big letters. Preview:
  14. Magic Alchemy Clays (200c = 10$) - Grand Fantasia Sanctum Server

    Magic Alchemy Clay $10 = 200 clays $1000 = 2000 clays Payment via Paypal Contact me on Discord: Ery#3778
  15. Selling  LVL 100 Chrono, MM, AA, Shinobi +1,6k clays

    Account: (i can send screenshots) yellow 5* allstat Mount & Throne yellow 5* dmg reduce (critical rate) Mount & Throne 6k archiv 2x White Scorpion Battlemount 5% allstat +2% hp nucleus I also have some low Chars on this account i wont talk about Taro Demon, Hermit lover...
  16. SOLD  Selling m-clays

    Sellin m-clays 10$ = 220c Paypal only ! discord: WTS#5434
  17. Selling  Clays, Asolute Cruelty/VFS Drops, Account

    Absolute Cruelty 1x (1 Sold) 55€ 1600 mclay 110€ Account: (i can send screenshots) yellow 5* allstat Mount & Throne yellow 5* dmg reduce (critical rate) Mount & Throne 6k archiv 2x White Scorpion Battlemount 5% allstat +2% hp nucleus I also have some low Chars on this account i wont...
  18. Selling  Plvl Service Grand Fantasia Sanctum

    Lvl 1-30 = $5 (0.17 cents each lvl) Lvl 31-65 = $10 (0.3 cents each lvl) Lvl 66-80 = $15 ($1 each lvl) Lvl 80 - 85 = 15$ ($3 each lvl) (Currently only doing till 85 will update soon when doing till 100) Dollar or Euro Discord : Awesome#5116 Accepting PayPal as Family and Friends Need Account...
  19. Selling  Magic Alchemy Clays ( $100 = 2000c ) Grand Fantasia Sanctum Server

    $10 : 180c $100 : 1800c + 200c (Bonus) Payment via PayPal PM me on Discord: Ery#3778
  20. SOLD  GFO Sanctum (Quitting)

    Lv 100 Reinc Zerk 3k Archive Pts all stats mount and throne many other stuffs in the account dm me in discord Stumpee#9208
  21. Selling  Selling MCLAY $10 = 250 Clays

    Selling cheap MCLAYS Grand Fantasia Server: Sanctum US Prices: USD OR EURO $10 USD = 250 MCLAYS $20 USD = 500 MCLAYS $50 USD = 1350 MCLAYS (100 free!) Payments with PAYPAL OR Payments thru Middleman or on epicnpc Contact: Message me on discord for fast response time! Email...
  22. Selling  WTS Magic Alchemy Clays Grand Fantasia : Sanctum Server

    CLAYS PRICE : - 10$ for 175 Clays - 50$ for 900 Clays - 100$ for 1800 Clays Message me on discord EntangledFurry#1861
  23. Selling Grand Fantasia Account

    Selling 3 accounts together. Send me offers for it.
  24. SOLD  (Reverie Store) WTS > Gold and Clays | Grand Fantasia : Sanctum Server

    GOLD PRICE : - 10$ for 300k Gold - 50$ for 1500k Gold - 100$ for 3000k Gold CLAYS PRICE : - 10$ for 150 Clays - 50$ for 750 Clays - 100$ for 1500 Clays We also opening PRE ORDER and BOOKING SYSTEM, if u need some gold for weekly, monthly, or when we are out of stock. (Please contact us...
  25. Selling  WTS +15 Fortification Service $5 per Gear (GFO)

    $5 / €5 per Gear Contact me on discord. Accepting Paypal Only Discord: Awesome#5116