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  1. N

    Selling  Gbf serial codes (with Cagliostro code)

    I'm selling gbvs codes: 1 Djeeta skin; 1 for purchasing the game; 2 from Cagliostro; 1 from zooey; If anyone is interested, just call in discord: nagarato#0165 or in dm
  2. raidpowerade

    Selling  [Rank 161] 161 SSR Characters | Selling for $150 (Negotiable)

    Rank 161 with Mid HL Grids, Birthday set, several paid outfits included 161 SSR Characters, such as 5* Seox and Quatre, Andira, Vikala Notable summons: - 5* Lucifer - 4* Leviathan, Tiamat, Yggdrasil, Colossus, Luminiera - Lv. 120 Summons Europa, Shiva, Grimnir - Lv. 124 Death Supplies: - 4598...
  3. NotChitoseButChiaki

    Selling  GBF Grinding Services & Serial Codes

    UnF/Guild War Boxing 44 Boxes, OTK EX+ 5 button or less : 35$ 44 Boxes, OTK EX+ Max 10 button : 40$ Top 70k (Whole Guild War Duration) : $70 Also providing honor farming services, the prices are depends on your grid Sliming/Campaign-Exclusive Quest/Angel Halo 1 hour : $1.5 10 hours : $12 30...
  4. BlazingFlame

    SOLD  Starter Account with 99 SSR

    - Rank 43 - 99 SSR - Over 41000 Crystals - Story at chapter 66 - Pretty much all sidestories uncleard - Many, many fate episodes left - Suprise start set untouched Noteable Characters: Summer Zooey, Anila, Summer Io, Summer Bea, Summer Rosamia, Kumbhira, Lucio, Grand Ferry and many more...
  5. T

    Selling  GBF Starter - Mid Accounts 50k - 90k Crystals $5-20

    Nyan 1 (Starter) 81k Crystals - $5 Nyan 2 (Mid) Rank 68 / 98k Crystal (Sparkable) - $15 Nyan 3 (Starter) 81k Cystals - $5 Nyan 4 (Mid) Rank 89 / 71k Crystals w/ 4 Zodiacs - $20 Nyan 5 (Starter) 77k Crystals - $8 Nyan 6 (Starter) 60k Crystals - $5 Nyan 7 (Starter) 63k Crystals - $5 Nyan 8...
  6. Z

    Selling  Selling Granblue 1000 Crystal Code 10$

    Discord: Restless#6996 Message me there if you want it payment through Paypal
  7. P

    Selling  WTS Rank 189 156 SSR endgame very well mantained (Mobage)

    Zodiac: Anila, Andira Evoker: Nier, but The Sun and The Devil summons are complete, currently working on the Cain summon for GW No primal grid, but enough grand weapons and damas to easily create 1 of your choosing with some work, wind,earth,dark and light would be the easiest ones to build...
  8. K

    Trading  WTT> EN Azur Lane 77% CR All Collab Ships

    i want to trade my azur lane account Server: Avrora Collection Rate: 77%, got 7 pr ships (Saint Louis, Neptune, Monarch, Frederick, Azuma, Gascogne, Odin) linked trough twitter (can be unlinked anytime) 7 oaths, 3100 gems remaining, 3 L4D2 skins ( Yukikaze, Honolulu and Centaur), Dorm and 2nd...
  9. calvindwib

    Selling  Beelzebub [x1/$3] [x6/$16] [x30/$75] & Other Services!

    Discord : Calvin#4801 Some Service is Closed until Dread Barrage is Over~ ───────────────────────── BEELZEBUB [1x - $3] ・ [6x - $16] [30x - $75] 30x Clear Trophy and Guaranteed 60+ Abyssal Wing Done in 2-4 days - Use skill only and don't take a turn, use your TH Team for best drop of...
  10. A

    Rank 121 Mobage acc 100+SSR

    More SSR character including summer ones have been rolled since I played for a while when they were giving free rolls so dm me on discord for more info anokiki#4464 Rank 121 Mobage acc 100+ SSR and many skins including limited ones Grimnir, Zeus and Gorilla ⭐️⭐️⭐️ $100 PayPal
  11. BlazingFlame

    Selling  WTS Level 169 Account with 151 SSR

    Hello! I want to sell my account. Here is some information: - Has level 169 - Story and sidestories mostly clear - 151 SSR characters - Good Grid for every element - 6 Eternals (Tweyen, Feower, Seofon, Seox, Threo, Tien) - 1 Evoker (Fraux) - Still has Start Dash, including Summer Zooey - Many...
  12. L

    SOLD  Rank 3 | All Zodiacs | 90 SSR | 13+ Bars | No Quests done

    Selling Rank 3 Account No Quests done. Fate Quests not done. Still in tutorial. First hand. No suspensions or bans on it. Date of birth unset. Name can be changed. Mobage Linked and not age limited. 90 SSR Characters All Zodiacs: Andira, Anila, Kumbhira, Mahira, Vajra, Vikala Limited...
  13. luminalwww

    GBF R155 4 primals ready (mobage)

    WTS R155 Midgame acc with 4 primals ready (Mobage) Notable stuff : Water full meta chara (S.cag,Pholia,S,europa,Lily) Zodiac 1(Vikala) , 3 primals flb (Zeus,Agni,Titan) , good light grid for long run , and 40k hp fire party for faa-san later All details in imgur(Chara, Grid, Summon , etc) ...
  14. Akai Hikari

    Selling  Beelzebub, Lucillius HL carry (pure AFK) and grinding services!

    Last updated! 7/12/2020 Henlo Skyfarer-tachi! Akkarin is here, offering Granblue Fantasy grinding services! ようこそ❕❕ Akkarin do the services with her own hands, no bot or 3rd party apps. Makasete kudasai! ^^ Bubs-san aka Beelzebub carry pure AFK (no requirement!) Faa-san aka Lucillius...
  15. J

    Granblue Fantasy Versus Zooey Code

    Hello! I am selling this serial code as I do not play the mobile game or have any plans of doing so. CODES: Zooey Code - $7 USD For deals and more info, please contact me through discord. Discord JayStaxx#1109 Payment through PayPal!
  16. luminalwww

    SOLD  Luminal GBF farm / Grind services

    What i can do for you : +Leveling (Sliming) +Targeted weapon farm(aes,auberon,etc) +Leech raid , Bluebox raid (Need specific grid for it) +Angel halo +ROTB Nugget +Event Box , Honor , UnF Box +Arcarum +And other farm you need *Not using any extension just pure chrome on incognito mode...
  17. NotChitoseButChiaki

    SOLD  Semi-Fresh Account

    Hi! Welcome To My Thread! Thread Updated: 5/12/2020 7:35 PM JST Discord ID: Mischievous#9131 Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MischievousCat Contact me on Discord for faster response Payment Method : PayPal Goods & Services With Paypal Tax (4.4% + $0.30). Account 4 Price...
  18. ValieraKazoku

    Selling  Cheap gbf account boosting & grind services! Beelzebub Ready! ( Discount now )

    Offer Lucilius HARD & Other Boosting Services ( Beelzebub soon ) With CHEAP Price and more Discount And OFC with good quality Services WILL GIVE YOU DISCOUNT IF YOU ARE RETURNING CUSTOMERS - Gusteh GBF Grind Services - Offer Lucilius & Belzeebub HARD AFK/Leech services Discord : Valiera#6541...
  19. NotChitoseButChiaki

    SOLD  Granblue Fantasy Farming Services : Gold Bar , Weapon , Luci, and More!

    Welcome To Chiaki's Farming Service Thread Updated: 9/23/2020 6:00 PM JST Terms on this Farming/Grinding/Carry Services: 1. The buyer make the payment first; PayPal Friends & Family or PayPal Goods & Services With PayPal Tax (4.4% + $0.30). 2. The buyer will provide me their account ID &...
  20. Z

    Selling  Selling Zooey gbvs Code for 9$

    Get into contact with me on discord at Restless#6996