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granblue cheap

  1. D

    Selling  GBF Farming services

    Time is money and visceversa, today Xerz is presenting to you the farming services for gbf related. Terms of this services: → This service is all handmade in a Chrome clean instalation, no bots or 3rd party addons will be used. → I will start working after noon GMT-4 (please take my time...
  2. W

    Selling  WTS 1ST Hand R> 192 GBF Account

    Price: Open offer (Buyer deals with MM fees) via Paypal/ Local banks. Album: 174 SSR Characters See album. Juutenshu: 6/10 (4 FLB) Zodiac: All except Mahira. Evokers: Caim, Lobelia, Fraux, Nier, Katze in progress. Grands & Limited: S. Bea, Mugen, G. Rackam, V. Scath, Shiva, S. Cag, Drang (2...
  3. Reimz

    SOLD  R190 Cheap Dark Primal Hades Highlander with many paid skins

    WTS 115$, MM is a must fee by buyer. no mm? buyer first Payment will be done with Paypal / Local Indonesian Bank GBF Mobage Rank 189 Primal Hades Highlander Crystal 70.3k, Single Tix 25x 98 Goldmoons, 209 Silvermoons, 422 Bronzemoons Skins = Conquerer of Eternals, BD7 MC, Xmas MC, GBVS MC...
  4. M

    Selling  Gbf rank 198,169 SSRs,Paypal $170

    WTS first hand GBF Rank 198 | Mobage login |169 SSRs| M2 complete (except fire,5flb AES) | Wind Primal | Earth Primal Highlander | Light and Water Primal potent | Ready for Dark GW Juuten 7/10 : -Siete -Tweyen -Threo -Okto -Esser -Niyon -Seox. 4/7 flb : -Threo -Okto -Niyon -Seox. *Siete need...
  5. NotChitoseButChiaki

    Selling  Sparkable Accounts at $30/$25

    Account 1 Account 2 Account 3 LF: Paypal Friends and Family , MM fees on you if you decide to use it $30 each (Negotiable) (Not Open For Trading Just Selling) Note* Helping a friend sell his accounts You can contact on me discord or message me here on epicnpc Account 4 (Non-Sparkable...
  6. A

    GBF- Starter Account 44 ssr/Bahamut /Lucifer/Shiva/2 Gold Bar , 8 Dama 13$

    Firsthand account with Joker, Bday and Nickname unset, story and fate episodes untouched..Willling to go midman but buyer must handle the fee
  7. C

    SOLD  wts gbf Rank 213 with Anira Summer and MC Paid Skins 200$

    Hello, im selling my only gbf acc with pretty good content on it, like summer anira from new banner, mc paid skins and many more! Eternal FLB 9/10(-uno), Evoker 3 (Fraux, Aranan, Maria), Zodiac Anira, Vajra, Kunbira, Vikara, Anira Summer Im looking for someone to take care of my acc because i...
  8. K

    WTS rank129 earlygame + MC full voiced(OG)+mcd collab skin <75USD negotiable>

    Selling GBF account with detailed information below tl;dr total character SSR: 147 Jyuuten: 2 (Feower, Tien) Summer: 18 ( (f) Europa, Alexiel, Zoey, Jeanne, Beatrix, Heles, Vira, Jessica, Yuel, Hal&Mal, Zeta, De la fille, Izmir, Korwa, Rosetta) ( (m) Siegfried, Naoise, Sandalphon) Grand: 15...
  9. H

    GBVS Codes! Selling RPG Completion and Character Bonus! (1 left of each)

    Selling as advertised~ Here's are my prices: Any DLC Character Bonus Code: $10 Beelzebub Narmaya Soriz Djeeta Zooey RPG Completion: $15 RPG Hard Completion: $15 Feel free to DM me on Discord for inquiries: Honk#4688 I'll be updating this thread whenever a purchase has been made, so no...
  10. S

    Selling  R185 w/ 144 SSRs, 4FLB Juuten+ lots of Grand/Limited chara+summon, shiva $150

    Selling my Granblue account $150 firm Accepting PayPal (MM is on you) or cashapp or w.e as long as you're repped or have a mm. Account is R185 with 144 SSRs. It has a complete dark Enmity grid, most of the Stamina grid, and a Drang Ball Varuna grid. FLB Juuten are Quatre, Uno, Sarasa, and...
  11. luminalwww

    SOLD  Luminal GBF farm / Grind services

    What i can do for you : +Leveling (Sliming) +Targeted weapon farm(aes,auberon,etc) +Leech raid , Bluebox raid (Need specific grid for it) +Angel halo +ROTB Nugget +Event Box , Honor , UnF Box +Arcarum +And other farm you need *Not using any extension just pure chrome on incognito mode...
  12. Ryouleonhart

    Selling  Multiple Zodiac & Potential Primal Starter(Promo $10 Off)

    Hello, Im Selling A Starter Account , Check this out :oops:SEPTEMBER PROMO! ALL ACCOUNT ARE $10 OFF!:oops: Im Also Selling Early HL Account & Sparkable Starter with Good Chara & Summon. You can check my other thread or click link below (Click Here) NOTE : Most account pic are OUTDATED. It...
  13. florasky

    Selling  Lucilius HARD & Beelzebub Carry Service (x6 25$) and other grinding services!

    (Last Updated : 11 June 2020) Hello, I'm currently offering various GBF grind services especially Lucilius HARD and Beelzebub Carry/Leech service probably will not update the poster again since im lazy to edit, though i will keep updating on my imgur album below for each respective raids...
  14. NotChitoseButChiaki

    SOLD  Granblue Fantasy Farming Services : Gold Bar , Weapon , Luci, and More!

    Welcome To Chiaki's Farming Service Thread Updated: 9/23/2020 6:00 PM JST Terms on this Farming/Grinding/Carry Services: 1. The buyer make the payment first; PayPal Friends & Family or PayPal Goods & Services With PayPal Tax (4.4% + $0.30). 2. The buyer will provide me their account ID &...
  15. Ryouleonhart

    Selling  Bunch of Sparkable Starter with Multiple Zodiac(Promo $10 Off)

    Welcome to my Thread. Are you new from Granblue? Need a Sparkable Starter Account with bunch of Resources? Check this out! :oops: PROMO ON THE WAY! ALL ACCOUNT ARE $10 OFF! :oops: Note : All Sparkable Account have More than 9 Damascus and other resources! Also pic might get outdated, you can...
  16. J

    Selling  GBVS Djeeta, Soriz, and Zooey gacha codes (:

    Selling together or separately
  17. R

    Selling  Granblue fantasy versus codes

    Narmaya code being sold for :15 USD Bonus promotion code being sold for : 10 USD Cashapp or zelle only!!
  18. N

    Selling  WTS HL rank 207 mobage 176 ssr all eternals flb 4 evokers 650$ (negoable)

    WTS -HL/ rank 207/ Mobage / 176 SSR -Light Primal -All Eternals FLB -3 ULB opus Notable Character -Grand: Sturm,Drang,Lucio,Dao,Orchid,Grimnir,Alex,Shiva,Europa,Mugen,pholia,katalina,g.janu,s.zooey,Noa,Rackam,G.Vira,Rosetta, -Zodiac: Andira,Vikala,Anila -Summer/Swimsuit...
  19. LLENN_2795

    Selling  Granblue service! Dread Barrege Service & Farming etc!

    Welcome To My Thread Thread updated: Sep 14, 2020 Contact: Lucillius service: Discord ID LLENN#2795 Beelzebub service: Discord ID LLENN#2795 Other service: Discord ID LLENN#2795 Payment Method : Paypal Goods & Services With Paypal Tax (4.4% + $0.30 USD) DREAD BARREGE SERVICE - 140m...