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  1. M

    22 day old account, 3* Hit and 4* SSBKK Goku, lots of farming left

    Rush! Limited tickets not used. Discord: masternikolay#7523 Feel free to message offers.
  2. H

    Big account 26 LRs GLB

    Great account more than 3 years old with many dupes. Make an offer in mp through a middleman
  3. Kaishinon

    Selling  Endgame rank 420+ Rainbow LR ssj4 Vegeta + NEW LR Cell (dupe)

    Hello everyone, I am selling my endgame Global Dokkan account. It is over rank 420 . New SBR and Boss rush and new evnts havent been touched. It includes : - NEW Cell + dupe ( unawakened ) - NEW LR SSJ4 Goku - NEW RAINBOW LR SSJ4 Vegeta + another TUR dupe - LR Gogeta - LR Vegito + dupe - 2...
  4. M

    SOLD  account with LF Goku, Vegetto and Gohan $70 negotiable

    Just inbox me, these screenshots are quite old, LF Vegetto and LF Goku are maxed out
  5. Anbxc

    SOLD  GLB endgame 9LR - 16 cost 58 - 30$ only

    Sell this Endgame Global Android base dokkan battle account Has: - 9 summonable LRs with Vegito 2 dupes. - 16 cost 58 cards, 10 of them have 1-2 dupe. Transform Goku, Frieza. - Many rainbow drop card, include Metal Coora team. - Many good team like: Potara, Full power, hybrid saiyan, movie boss...
  6. Atreyu747

    Selling  Fresh Rainbow LR Vegeta account + 4 other LRs!!!

    Hey guys. Here's the account. It's under "account 1". 304 stones are left on the account and NOTHING has been done on the account! Completely fresh! :) Price - $60 Comes with an incredibly powerful Pure Saiyans team. One of the best accounts you could start with. Plenty of Kais, Zeni, Orbs...
  7. M

    Selling  *C H E A P* many TOP TIER sp's (vegito,cell,ssgss goku)

    SP's (PUR) Super Vegito, (PUR) Gotenks, (PUR) Android 17, (PUR) Vegeta, (BLU) SSGSS Goku, (BLU) Trunks (adult), (BLU) krillin, (BLU) Piccolo, (BLU) Pan, (GRN) Goku (GT Kid), (GRN) Ultimate Goten, (GRN) Ginyu, (GRN) Goten (kid), (YEL) Super Vegito, (YEL) Gohan, (YEL) Cell, (RED) Goku, (RED)...
  8. A

    Selling  [Unlinked] Fresh account with Super Vegito, Goku/Vegeta Blue

    Selling a fresh (Lv 27) account with 22 Sparkings, including top tier units such as: Super Vegito Goku Blue Vegeta Blue Golden Frieza Whis [email protected] Nyted#2211 for pics and price
  9. Anbxc

    SOLD  GLB endgame - 7 LR, 21 cost 58, 35$

    Sell this Endgame Global Android base dokkan battle account Has: - 7 summonable LRs with 3 dokkan fest LRs (new LR SS4 Goku) - 21 cost 58 cards, include all new Vegeta, movie gogeta. - Many good team like: Potara, fusion, Movie hero/fusion, Realm of God, Majin Buu saga, , pure saiyan, super...
  10. Atreyu747

    Complete Fresh LR Goku and LR Vegeta accounts 4th Anniversary edition!

    I'll be doing more rolls soon! This is what I currently have right now. 5 accounts, with 4 of them having BOTH of the LRS on them! AS WELL as additional LRS! EACH ACCOUNT has 5 LRS minimum on them! Nothing touched, 100% fresh! IF you're interested in buying, please message me here or on...
  11. Atreyu747

    Selling  Completely fresh Transforming RAGE Goku accounts

    Nothing touched. 100% fresh. Tons of stones to farm! 4 accounts total so far. If you have any questions, please message me here or DM me on Discord at Atreyu#3192. All accounts come with tons of kais, orbs and training items!
  12. Atreyu747

    Selling  6 Stacked Global Whales, Rainbow LRs, Rainbow Leaders, LR 1000 Day Goku, more

    If interested message me on Discord: Defences#5915 or DM me here! I have 6 completely stacked whale accounts. Let me know which you're interested in! https://imgur.com/a/2awJVus
  13. Atreyu747

    Selling  JP Endgame Whale account with 12 Gacha LRs and rainbow SSj4 Goku

    Selling my JP endgame. If you have any questions about the account please let me know. You can DM me here or message me on Discord @ Atreyu#3192. LR Dupes: Rainbow SSj4 Goku LR Majin Vegeta 2 dupes LR SSj4 Vegeta 1 dupe LR Trunks 1 dupe All other dupes in the album! Please send offers. :)
  14. Usopp_123

    SOLD  Whale Global w/ Rainbow Summonable LRs, Category Leaders, & 120 Leads!

    Hey, I am selling my Dokkan Battle Global whale account with 27 LRs total, 10 summonable, and three of the summonable LRs are rainbowed! It also has the 1000 Login Days Spirit Bomb Goku LR that you get for logging in for 1K days. It also has a lot of the World Tournament cards you have to rank...
  15. G

    Selling  Selling 4 LR account (LR goku, LR vegeta, LR gogeta and LR vegito) +more units

    Message on twitter @shinobiXO_ for more info, selling for $20
  16. Z

    Selling  Main account lvl 79 54 sparkling units

    Account lvl is 79 Has 54 sparkling units Most extreme units All heroe A Account is IOS It is saved to my game centre so will have to give you my iTunes account temporarily to take the account If you don’t trust me we can send the account to a mm if needed
  17. A

    Selling  Selling High end DBL account, Lvl 170, 60 SP, tons of items, 90+ Mil zeni

    Hey Guys, I am selling my DB Legends HIGH END ACCOUNT. 5 out of 6 Z-Tier fighters acquired. I have been grinding since the release. SP available including New Gogeta Blue, Holy trinity (SS Bardock, Gogeta and SS Broly) , Zamashu, Kabba, Ultimate Gohan, Bardock, Frieza and many more. - Z...
  18. T

    Selling  Lvl 21 BEAST account, 29 Sparkings!!

    Selling a lvl 21 account with 29 SPs, including some OP units. Plenty of free chrono crystals are still available, as only the only story mode that has been completed is Part 1 Easy. Still Part 2, 3 (easy) and 1,2,3 (Hard) left to do. No events have been done. Some of the most notable units...
  19. Kaishinon

    Selling  Amazing ENDGAME - LR ssj4 goku +ssj4 vegeta + new broly - 15 LRs

    UPDATE : Pulled LR Majin Vegeta and another dupe of LR Gohan Hello everyone, I am selling my endgame JP Dokkan account. It is over rank 450 . It includes : - NEW LR SSJ4 Goku - NEW LR SSJ4 Vegeta - LR Vegito - LR Gogeta -LR Gohan + dupe - LR Boujack -LR Trunks ( not awakened ) + dupe -LR...
  20. Kaishinon

    Selling  Godly ENDGAME - Lr ssj4 goku +ssj4 vegeta + New broly- 13 lrs

    Hello everyone, I am selling my endgame JP Dokkan account. It is over rank 450 . It includes : - NEW LR SSJ4 Goku - NEW LR SSJ4 Vegeta - LR Vegito - LR Gogeta -LR Gohan + dupe - LR Boujack -LR Trunks ( not awakened ) + dupe -LR Bardock ( not awakened ) - NEW Phy Broly - LR Vegito Blue -Lr...