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  1. S

    SOLD  Insane Account with 8x 5★ & 3870 GEMS , only ------> 99$ !!!!!

    I'm selling this account since i wanted to try PKM out, but sadly it's nothing like i expected it. After Purchase u will get the Nintendo account, by changing the email to Yours. No Social Media is linked so you can do that if u wish so. The Account has following 5 Stars: -Kris&Feraligatr (85)...
  2. D

    Buying  Max Event TDoll Account

    I'm looking to buy an account that has every event T-Doll. I don't care about any other things it comes with as long as it has every event TDoll.
  3. A

    SOLD  Azur lane EN Avrora late game Lv 84 Drop to 50$

    Sell Azur Lane EN Server Avrora Lv 84 25++ cubes bunch of waifus Ton of gold equipments Neptune & Ai collabs 2 PR ships (Monarch & Saint Louis ), Roon on the way(2 million exp left 7%) 3 paid skins 3 married ships (belfap, washi, enterprise) Last map 10 normal/ map 8 hard Bind Twitter (replace...
  4. F

    Selling  [$200, but negotiable] Light Kingdom level 86 whale -- Team Power ~180K !!

    Other perks: - Level 11 restaurant, level 13 balcony, level 10 fishing hole - Spent a lot of time grinding Fallen Angels (very important for PvP) - I have a brave and cautious version of each, most leveled up to 8-12 - Event costumes - Rare URs (2* Caviar, 2* Milt, 3* Pizza, 2* Rum, 1* Nagashi...
  5. B

    Selling  2 very good global account for good prices

    3 Rainbow LR, 17 58 costs, 20+ Rainbow, SBR half untouched, Second stage of punching not done. Over 500 SSR’s. 12 Summonable, 22 58 cost w dupes, 400+ SSR’s, 20 stages of SBR untouched. 350+ stones IOS, Red Stone not used, lot of events not done. Will use a middle man on TradeZ server or...
  6. Atreyu747

    SOLD  13 LR with 5 of them rainbowed Global Endgame account, 19 rainbowed 58 leads

    Hey guys, selling my account. Has 5 Gacha LRs rainbowed, with 19 of the DFE's being rainbowed as well. 250 stones on it currently (Android). LR Black, LR Bojack and LR SSj3 Goku all have 3 dupes EACH. One away from rainbowing them each! Serious offers only. DM me here or on Discord at...
  7. T

    Selling  Endgame Global account, 14 Summonable LRs, Rainbowed LR Baby

    DM me on my discord: |•Galaxyy•|#9110 Endgame Globals or PayPal $25-50. No JPs. This account has 14 Summonable LRs. Here are the account pics:
  8. I

    Selling  Selling decent Blazing, 4 Dupe Ems Sasuke, 5 Dupe FV Naruto, Lots of BB

    Looking for offers, PM me No lowballs/No Trades/Only Paypal
  9. C

    Rank 98, near end game :63 sparkings including SSB Vegeta, SSB Goku, SS Vegito

    Hello there! I'm selling my account due to lack on interest in playing it. Here are my account details: Price : $200 (Negotiable) Account Rank: 98 (ANDROID) Number of Sparkings: 63 (Shoutout to EX Evil Majin) Crystals: 1000 Story has been cleared until ACT 2. 99 Energy tickets to play till...
  10. H

    Azur Lane Account EN Washington HQ LV.69 (Midgame)

    Story Mode: Map 1 - Map 8 Clear Full Star Collection 55.7% 2 Training Slot 3 Dorm Slot Ring on Javelin 4 ships lv.100 PR Ship progress on Saint Louis (2000k exp 20%) 845 Gems available (or diamond or ruby) Skin bismarck L2D BIND Twitter Dummy Account Need Extra Money to bought SSD:( just ask...
  11. A

    Selling  [Global] Unlinked Accounts for Sale

    Account 001: Story Completed 3-10 If you're interested or have questions, leave a comment or pm me on epicnpc.
  12. F

    SOLD  WTS Day 1 Azur Lane JP Lvl 98 endgame Brest server account

    Hi, I'd like to sell this AL Endgame account. Server: Brest No bind to twitter. Started playing since day 1 on JP. The acc has extremely good equipment, all events and reruns done until now, tons of golden and rainbow weapons/equips. Has all freebies characters and skins. Can Auto literally any...
  13. M

    SOLD  IOS/Steam lvl 52 6 SSRs G6 Inuyasha and more

    Hello! I've played onmyoji for quite some time, but unfortunately I do not stay committed to these games. I'd like to offer my account for $50 I own 6 ssrs from g6 inuyasha, g6 hakusozu, g5 kaguya, g5 hana, g4 yamakaze, and g2 ootengu. I also own a lot of SRs such as a G6 Hiyoribo. My account is...
  14. Y

    [JP] 2 Accounts Anni Arima, Kaneki, Black reaper, Festival Takizawa Amon

    Account 1: Anniversary Arima Anniversary Kaneki Black reaper Story Root A (normal) 8 Gems Price: 10.00$ Paypal Account 2: Anniversary Kaneki Festival Owl Takizawa Festival Amon Festival Rize (dark) (20% mastery) Story Root A (Hard) 11 Gems Price: 8.00$ Paypal Both accounts are for Tokyo...
  15. A

    SOLD  Revue Starlight ReLIVE 4x 4★ Yachiyo, Kaoruko, Maya, Tomoe, +10400 xtals 12$

    Selling Revue Starlight ReLIVE 4x4★ Yachiyo, Kaoruko, Maya, Tomoe Account lv 17 OP on front and back character Yachiyo *4 Nuker Poison Maya *4 Tank/HULK Kaoruko *4 Single Target damager Tomoe *4 Attacker Halloween event get 4 Top meta / Top Waifu units Story progress 4-2 Xtals 10400 Account...
  16. C

    SOLD  [Global] High End Lord Knight 99/68 - 1.9M Pierce & Full Gacha! - $850

    Selling [Global] Super High End Lord Knight - $850 OBO (Gacha Costumes + 1.9M Pierce Orc Hero ET!) Guaranteed MVP Killer and Strong Account / Dummy GMAIL - Lvl 99 | Job 68/70 - Adv Class B Lvl 41 - ATK 7508 FULL BUFF - Can kill all MVP with slave priest - 268 gold badge / 143k contribution -...
  17. B

    Selling  [Global] Base Lv.97 MultiJob WS.57 sinX.40 stalker.18 hp.17 crusader.35

    Flexible account able to fill any role! Tank and Healer for Endless Tower Great PvP/WoE potential with Thief Jobs Fast farming with Whitesmith (able to make well over 1mil per day + drops) Account Main Jobs: Assassin Cross Lv.40 Stalker Lv.18 Multi-Jobs unlocked: Whitesmith Lv.57 High Priest...
  18. A

    SOLD  8.4K Mobile Gaming Channel! Fully Organic

    Channel was based on The Walking Dead game. 8.4k+ Subs, all genuine! I have just cancelled my adsense account which temporarily demonitizes channel, upon purchase link to your own adsense and it will re-enable. I can provide past takings if needed, also shown below 4.2k lifetime takings in 3...
  19. B

    SOLD  16 MLB UNITS cheap price

    Contains adventurers +5 Sparkle Ais, +5 Honor Ais, +5 Brave Swordsman Finn, +5 Holy White Royal Riveria, +5 Elven awakening Lefiya, +5 Honor Lefiya, +5 Gale disguised Ryu, +5 Yukata Beauty Mikoto, +5 almighty fighter asfi +5 Gale Ryu Lion +5 Glistening Elf Ryu Lion assists +5 paradise mood...
  20. H

    AzurLane EN Avrora

    Selling Azur Lane EN Avrora Server HQ Lv 76 (via PayPal Only) Story Mode: Map 1 - Map 8 Clear Full Star Hard Mode: Map 1 - Map 3 Clear Full Star 2 Training Slot 5 Dorm Slot Ring on Vampire, Cygnette, and Ayanami Oath Skin 3 Free & Event Oath Fleet Power: 10k-12k BIND Twitter Dummy Account & My...