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final fantasy 14

  1. Selling Great FFXIV Account

    ut when it comes time to sell, I will only do it via EpicNPC DMs.
  2. SOLD  PC NA FF14 Account w all expansions and Endwalker bonuses

    Original owner of this account. Selling this account due to lack of time. Selling NA Final Fantasy 14 account on pc with all expansion as well as Endwalker with it's preorder bonuses. All expansions bought (23.99 USD) and Endwalker bought (39.99 USD) * with Endwalker pre order received early...
  3. Selling  EU FFXIV Account - with Regalia - See post for more details

    Hello, I'm selling this account with the following classes (can still level the remaining crafters if you wish. Further details below image. DC: Chaos (EU) -Special mounts : Hybodus (Ocean Fishing 10k) , Regalia Mount - 83 Minions -49 TTriad Cards - MSQ Done up to last SHB Patch - Hildibrand...
  4. Buying  Wtb legacy account with 1.0 character/tattoo

    I'm looking for a legacy account with a 1.0 character on it (for the tattoo mainly). The character doesnt need to be leveled are anything--im actually hoping to get something more fresh. The legacy status is not as important as the tattoo. Interested mostly in NA accounts only (but open to eu...
  5. SOLD  WTS Black Chocobo mount (NA/EU/JP) [Sold]

    Sold the rest I'll keep the last one. Thanks~
  6. Buying  Wtb tales of adventure stormblood and one white mage's journey

    As the title says looking to buy tales of adventure stormblood and one white mage's journey boosts
  7. Buying  WTB omega emote

    Willing to buy Omega Emote for $240. You can message me on Discord or through Epic’s PMs. Heads up tho given how much work pays me I’ll have to work at least three weeks before I can pay.
  8. SOLD  Ultimate Collector's Account, all 80's, Alexander Ultimate cleared

    Hello. As the title says, I'm selling my account. I'll provide all the info I've been provided when I bought it. Middleman, why not, at your expense. I bought it and hardly power leveled, so these are the info. I'd rather use PayPal, it protects both of us. Windows edition. All jobs are maxed...
  9. Buying  Looking to Buy a Legacy Account

    Hello. I'm willing to buy up a Legacy account with these conditions if anyone has it: • Character has the back tattoo (don't care what level/preferably having started in Ul'dah). • PC bound Thank you.
  10. Buying  FFXIV Aether - Jenova - Any Location - Any Size

    Hey! Looking for a house, any size will do, can pay with paypal or with gil, whichever you prefer.
  11. Selling  [EU] Selling The Complete Edition for PS4 30€

    I'm selling digital codes for FF XIV Complete Edition on PS4. It contains: - Base Game FF XIV A Realm's Reborn. - All Extensions: +Heavensward +Stormblood +Shadowbringers - 30 days FREE Subscription. For ONLY: 30€ Limited stock! Hit me up here or on discord (more responsive)...
  12. Want to sell fat black chocobo code for gil - SOLD

    Looking to sell fat black chocobo code for gil only for now dm me on here or on discord at kutoken#4771 PS: got a few more code now
  13. Buying  Looking to buy account with modern aesthetics - strife

    DM me offer
  14. Buying  Looking for an account that has Strife modern aesthetician

    Don’t really care about anything else just want to have the cloud strife hairstyle
  15. Buying  Legacy Character FFXIV Any Levels

    Hello, I would like to buy a legacy character. I just want the tattoo so any levels are fine for me. Please DM me your prices. Thanks!! ^^
  16. Buying  Final Fantasy XIV Legacy Tattoo Any Levels

    Hi, I am looking for a legacy character, I just want the tattoo so any levels are fine for me. Let me know your price and DM me. Thank you!
  17. Buying  👉 Buying any account on Primal Data Center,must have atleast one maxed job 👈

  18. Buying  Feast boost just 200 points

    Need 200 points in feast
  19. Selling  Butterfinger Chocorpokkur Mount Code for Sale - On Hand & Ready to Deliver

    This is for the new Butterfinger Chocopokkur mount code (region-free/works on all servers - NA/EU/JP). The code still works and has no expiration date. I have several available that I am selling for $25 each. Payment: Paypal f&f Message me here or Discord: Killa#4588 If you have any...
  20. Buying  LF Legacy Tattoo or Feast Glamour.

    As title suggests, preferably as close to fresh as possible, extras will be considered. Any DC & Region, ideally Original Owner and willing to provide proof of ownership. For 1.0 accounts, the actual "Legacy" account status is not entirely necessary, just the 1.0 character itself. PM what you...