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  1. Selling  EU/ ED=19€ /Ice burner and cash shop ava for many chars mount pet scrolls

    Hallo Ihr alle! Ich verkaufe sehr viele Sachen in Elsword EU!! von Avatare,Scrolls,Mount,Pet noch vieles mehr siehe Bilder. Ich verkaufe Avatare nur im Set also nich einzeln/trennen!!! Ihr habt die Chance ohne lange suchen und Mühe hier euer Sachen zu finden für €. Ich verkaufe auch ED 1B (1kkk)...
  2. Selling  EU. ED=18€/Ice Burner Ava many Chars/Mount/Pet many more

    Hallo Ihr alle! Ich verkaufe sehr viele Sachen in Elsword EU!! von Avatare,Scrolls,Mount,Pet noch vieles mehr siehe Bilder. Ich verkaufe Avatare nur im Set also nich einzeln/trennen!!! Ihr habt die Chance ohne lange suchen und Mühe hier euer Sachen zu finden für €. Ich verkaufe auch ED 1B (1kkk)...
  3. SOLD  [Global] 10x *6 with 16k+ Lumambers and 40+ Starflare

    As tittle says... • GLOBAL server ( its different with US server, be sure you check it before, meant its not US server ) • Log username ( so you can login in android/ios ) give a gmail too • Never topup • 16k++ Lumambers • 40++ Starflare ✓ Eq. Lvl. 10 Wrath, sharona, carleen, eve, tessa...
  4. S> NA +11 Void Weapon Aisha Account

    1.3m CP +9 Rigmor 4/4 Metamorphy Masterclass Survival of the Cold title 7w 10/10 Hamel Navy Officer 5/5 and more! Including in shop outfit sets~ Includes a side +10 Void Weapon Eve Character (Low CP) Send me your discord if interested!
  5. Selling  [EU]SELL IBs > Elsword Aisha Eve Ain and more stuff!

    ☀ Hello, im selling all this IBS, SETS, and MISC, don't be afraid to ask whatever you want - My discord is: Rinny#1928 Send me a message and we can get a deal, i have a bunch of references, so you can count on me !!
  6. SOLD  Global 5x6* Good thunder team 10x5* 13$

    Burner Email Chapter 3 Beginner Banner used 1k Lumamber left No top ups used. Paypal F&F ONLY DM me here OR via my Discord: Orpheas Starseeker/Ephy#7777
  7. Trading  [EU] +11 Ara Foj for Eve, Elesis, Aisha, Rena

    preferably an eve account but for more information message me here or Sorrow#9013
  8. Selling  2x T9 Accounts 1 - 42.3m SP 7 days to T10 Toon / 2 - 38.6m - 46 days to T10.

    42.3m SP day 1 toon, 98% to T10 (7days of post to T10), Large missiles all 5/5/4 BATTLESHIPS skills all at 5/5/4 Large Cannons 4/5 All shield skills at 5/5/4 some sp unallocated Triple chipped with around 2 months left on omega No plex Has some secondary skills for smaller ship pvp, Railguns 5...
  9. Buying  [EU] Eve main +11~+12 FoJ account

    +300 ERP with +11-12 FoJ and +11 - R12 rigo gear that's what i want my discord: Kinimara#5673
  10. Accounts for Sale Day 1 Accounts T9 T8 T7

    hello for sale are my day one / week one accounts first we have my main account T9 which is sitting at 37m sp and has a full bling best rigs both fits MACHARIEL its around 10b value ontop of the account it is also triple chipped 215$ i have a dominix pilot T9 around 35m sp has dominix and...
  11. T9 35kk SP 15bil ISK+ 15bil Assets - battleship large drone & cannon

    SP 35mil+ (free sp 160k) Skills specialized for battleship, large drone & large cannon Full 3 implanted chips Plex 500+ , ISK 12.9B+, Inventory Assets 14B+ bounded to gmail. Price: $385 $330 without the ISK MM/TradeGuardian preffered. (Paypal or any Cryptocurencies)
  12. Buying  [NA] Highend Eve/Aisha/Laby account

    High end account with high cp and loads of idle motions/costumes/ and custom motions. Please add me on discord to discuss more angel cakes#0500
  13. Eve Echoes Day 1 Account T9 30m SP, Machariel

    Selling for a good offer my Eve Echoes Account - Day 1 Account - All 3 Science Skills for 995 Plex (50$) - 6700 Plex in Account (300 $) - 2.000 Millionen isk - T3 Rigs equiped Machariel with Gists ~ 12 Billion Isk (400 $) - 2 x Daredevil equiped (T2,T3 Rigs and Gist, Pith equiped) - 2 x Drake...
  14. Selling  T8 account w/ 17.2sp and 2 chips

    Selling day 1 T8 Eve Echoes account! 17.2m sp with 2/chips and +70 sp/min 700m in cash with another 1ish billion in ships and c-type modules Currently spec’d into frigs, battlecruisers, and medium missiles BONUS!! Attached to the account is a character with 5/5/4 scrap metal reprocessing...
  15. Selling  Sell> Aisha, Ara, Rena, Laby and Eve stuff / Elsword EU

    Hello, I sell this stuff (Elsword EU) for Paypal, The buyer must put the hangers, sorry ;__; , you can also talk to me in my discord... Mikan#9786
  16. SOLD  T8 - 15M SP - PLEX - 250$

    Caldari T8 account - 15m sp (3kk free) - 2000 PLEX - 250$ paypal or direct transfer visa card - Original owner of the account - Using Gmail, the phone number is not attached, you can use your Account detail : Tier 8 Skill points: 15.100.000 (420.000 free sp) +75 SP / Max 3/3 Chips SPECIALIZED...
  17. Selling  11-year old account / Pilots Caldari and Amarr 5 mil XP, Gallente 0.5 mil XP /

    Old account, I did not play it Has a lot of daily gifts and some other stuff Three pilots, oldest is Gallente and have minimal training Other two - Caldari and Amarr trained to ~5 million XP CLICK HERE to see screenshots PRICE is $55 CLICK HERE to buy now from my shop. You get all account...
  18. SOLD  Day 1 account - Xian-Yue and Can-Yue, more rig and trainer - 10$

    HI! Been playing since day 1, account created within first minutes of the game. I am the first and only owner of the account. The account is not linked. The account was not supported for a long time, it was launched for 30 days +, then it just got bored, the game did not cause interest. I took...
  19. SOLD  T6 with 4.1M+ Skill Points, Combat Focused Eve Echoes character

    REGARDING THE SALE: Selling the whole account. More precisely, you will get access to both the account and the email associated with it after the purchase. I am listing only the skills of the main character, the alts (if any) will just come as bonus! The delivery process will be recorded, in...
  20. Selling  [INT] Eve void +11 (CBS)

    Discord : Evans#2493 ERP: 207 CBS Main 2 Erp page , exp damage Bank Share open +11 Void +10/+9 ElianodCostumes/acc : 5/5 Servius 5/5 Glacial 5/5 / Dusk (Blue version) , more costumes contact for information Buyer pay the middleman fee Payment via paypal Contact for more information 100$ or...