1. Selling D4 Group Captain *****(5 stars)

    Seling D4 Group Captain *****(5 stars) Low strength +37k Level 230+ Power Pack and Blitz Pack activated 32M left to Air Commodore, but with Black Friday, that will be in a week or two. Price 350eu more pictures in PM
  2. Selling D4 Erep Account

    Level 203 (training free) Gold 2837 at this moment CC 202719 atm Storage 451000 Strength 225521,56 D4 Storage: - 1 game token - 417 Q7 weapon (making near 50 every day) - 30044 Q5 food - 410 energy bars - 311 Q5 tickets - 301 factory reset token - 3 vehicle discharge document - 24 small bombs...
  3. Selling  Level 164 account, GC** air rank, 1046 ebs

    Message me if you are interested, we can discuss the price.
  4. SOLD - Selling eRepublik acc (All Info available)

    Lvl 465 EMPTY!! If you are interested, PM me.
  5. Selling  36 Level - 195k Str

    --- --- --- --- There is no company in the account. Only w+t was done. I don't think any price. I will look at your offer and evaluate it. You can write to me by private message or reach out at [email protected]
  6. Selling erepublik account

    Hi guys, i am selling republik account: Lvl 129 gold: ~4900 2xq5 1q7 1q4 factories Military rank: God of War ** ( close to God of War *** -> 450908039 dmg ) Aviation: Squadron leader ***** Price 150e.
  7. Selling  Selling Account 9euro

  8. Selling  Erepublik d3

    D3 acc Str 214k Legend 1 Gold 1k++ Cc 100k++
  9. Selling  Selling eDomination account

    I am selling eDomination account with its mail. full access on account so no worries on scam and stuff. Strategic building is maxed out to Q5 Ability is also Q4 (max) Workout area - Q4 (max) Companies - Some Q3 foods with fraw and Q3 house factory with hraw / 200+ worker Field hospitals - All of...
  10. SOLD  D4 264k/ Leg3 / All skins

    STR: 264k Rank: Leg3 Very old account gold: 2700+ Currency: 870k+ Energy bars: 810+ 320k Q5 food 7.7k Q7 weapons Companies: -2 holdings -2 Q7 weapon factory -4 Q5 food factory plenty of Q5 food and rubber plantations to maintain functionality of above factories All medals except liberator...
  11. Selling  D4 STR:227K, Titan**, 120€.

    I don't have time to play anymore after child birth and fulltime job so selling Erepublik account to good home. ;) Asking 120 euros. -Div4 -Level 170 -STR ~227k -Military rank: Titan** -Aircraft rank: Squadron Leader*** -Gold 365g, 114k CC -Storage 375K -Energy bars 310 pcs -Q7 weapons 9200...
  12. Selling  Selling D4 Lvl 71 42.000 strength acc over 10 years old

    I don't play Erepublik any more, so I'm thinking of selling my account. Make me a fair offer.
  13. SOLD  D4 +256K strenght / 385lvl / free training / 5g name change

    STR: Over 256k Rank: Legend3 Training grounds - MAX Advanced facilities - MAX gold: 2550+ Currency: 800k+ Energy bars: 800+ 280k Q5 food 5.6k Q7 weapons Companies: -2 holdings -2 Q7 weapon factory -4 Q5 food factory plenty of Q5 food and rubber plantations to maintain functionality of above...
  14. D3 Account for Sale (115K Strength)

    Strength 114K+ CC = 160K+ Gold: 420+ Companies 1 x Q5 Company Food 1 X Q2 Weapon 1 x Q1 Air Weapon 1 x Q1 House Building Factory 3 x Food Raw Material 2 x Weapon Raw Material 1 x Air Weapon Raw Material 1 x House Raw Material God of War *** Squadron Leader ** Name Recently Changed
  15. Buying  +200k Strength eRepublik Account

    Im looking for an account with +200k Strength. I dont need the Gold/CC/Companies/Inventory (ofc price will be also based on that), but the training fields would be a nice plus. Message or mail me with more details
  16. eRepublic CC for sale, 25k cc only 1€!

    eRepublik CC for sale 2 000 000 CC total 25.000 CC = 1 € Payment via Paypal
  17. 95K strength D1 account

    Division: 1 Strength: 95 000 Golds: 106 Currency: 52 000 Storage: -918 Q7 food -90 Q1 weapon -110 Q7 weapon -2 +50% dmg booster for 2H -6 +50% dmg booster for 20 min -4 +50% dmg booster for 10min -1 +100% dmg booster for 8H -20 +100% dmg booster for 2H -60+ Acceleration boosters -706 Ghost...
  18. Selling  eRepublik account for sale – 30lvl – 104k+ strenght, 475 gold, 316k cc and mor

    30lvl D1 – 104k~+ strength - Supreme Marshal 475 gold 316k cc Never changed name so its up to you for free! 0 FP points which means I never broke rules on the account! Basically 2click, only training and will keep untill I sell! Companies: No companies Training grounds: All of them are Q4...
  19. SOLD  eRep acc, 2880+Gold,228k cc,191k str,d4,220 companies... PRICE: 200€

    ***FACTORY OF MONEY ACCOUNT*** On Sale eRepublik account Specific Detail (on 14 Nov. 2018) : 9+ years old account (original Founder,i have folder with almost every ScrenShoot from every medal gained (from day 0)) 0 FF points gained (Respected all rules from the begining) 154 lvl Division 4...
  20. Selling  eRepublik account - D4 - STR 209k - Titan **

    Selling Erepublik Account -Level 163 - D4 -~209K Strength -Military rank: Titan** -Airforce rank: Squadron Leader** -Fully upgraded training houses + 90% training contract running -Companies: -Food - 1x Q4, 3x Q3 -Weapons - 2x Q7 -Food raw - 8x Hunting lodge -Weapon raw...
  21. eRepublik - D4 account - 8years of development

    Lvl: 243 DIV4 Str: 219K+ Gold: 150 cc: 57K EB: 570 MR: Titan** AR: Wing Commander Factories: Food - 1*q5 Weapons - 1*q7 Aircraft Weapons - 3*q1 House - 1*(q1, q2, q3, q4, q5) Raw: Food - 4*q5 Military - 45*q5 House - 4*q5 Aircraft - 1*q5 Advanced building: +50 Energy Center...
  22. Buying  Buying d4 acc with 190+ strenght

    Buying d4 acc with 190+ strenght Send offers and details of acc in pm.
  23. SOLD  Erepublik-D4 218k dmg Legend

    62 companies 1xQ7 food 1xQ3 food 1xQ2 food 3xQ7 weps 3x air weps 1xQ3 house 14xfood raw 36xweps raw 1xhouse raw 1xAir raw 400 gold 100k cc All tgs ofcourse fully upgrades and training is free cause of 200 lvl+ account [/IMG] Pm offerss
  24. Selling  Strong D1 account on sale! Division: 1 Strength: 85,752 Gold: 17.2 Currency: 45,891 STORAGE -225 Q5 food -324 Q7 food -11 energy bars -90 Q1 weapon -164 Q7 weapon -2 Q5 moving tickets -2 50% damage boosters (2 hours) -7 50% damage boosters (20 min) -7 50% damage...
  25. ...

    selling eRep account Lv, 111 edit done - please del