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  1. theKeymaker

    Selling  Elysium Nethergarde Gold - Cheap + negiotable Price - hand farmed - fast!

    Welcome! I am offering gold for Elysium Nethergarde. Cheapest and negiotable prices, always! - Both Factions Gold available! - Hand farmed - Safe and fast delivery! - Friendly transaction If you are interested in safe and quick Gold Delivery on Nethergarde, just PM me here or on Skype...
  2. theKeymaker

    Selling  Elysium Nethergarde - Quality Accounts - ALL levels - Email incl. - fair $

    Good day! Are you looking for quality Accounts for a fair price on the fresh Nethergarde server, with Email included? Then you are exactly at the right spot! Nethergarde Accounts in stock: Level 47 Undead Warlock - 60% Mount - Full blue/green dungeon and quest gear - 2 Professions maxxed...
  3. Torneio

    Selling  Pre-order Elysium NetherGarde x1

    Experienced seller with clear reputation 3 years in the business, hundreds deals were made without any complains Fast and safe delivery I always look for best ways to supply you with gold, your safety is my priority Low prices if you find any other top-rated seller with better prices, let me...
  4. G

    Selling  Elysium Nighthaven Gold/Accounts

    WELCOME TRAVELER! I'm selling Elysium Nighthaven gold only for 2.5$/100g and Accounts starting from 60$ (40 in STOCK!) Contact me via Skype: A SHORTENED LIST OF CHARACTERS (Contact me for more info): 1. Human FeMale Retro Pally (85d. Played, best gear retro/offspeck epic, 100% Mount...
  5. A

    Selling  60 Orc male warrior

    selling 60 Orc male warrior on Nightheaven 50%epic gear, 50%blue 60%mount 1000+gold 300/300first aid skype - live:andreynort
  6. G

    Selling  Elysium Nighthaven Account Sale!

    Selling Elysium Nighthaven accounts. Have more than 20 in a store. Good prices, secure trade, clean and fresh emails attached. Contact me via Skype,
  7. Katsuragi Misato

    Selling  Nethergarde $10/100g | Northdale | Kronos-3 | Nightraven | Echoes gold

    Greetings , would like to offer you little bit of WoW gold on several projects such as: Elysium [Nethergarde] gold , price: $10,00 per 100g [min. order = 100g] Light's Hope [Northdale] gold , price: $3,50 per 100g [min. order = 500g] Elysium [Nightraven] gold , price: $3,5 per 100g [min...
  8. dethjunkie

    Elysium/Nighthaven PVP - selling account - 2 lvl 60s druid/warlock (horde)

    Hi There, I am selling my account with new email address(of your choosing if you'd like). 2 level 60 characters - horde tauren druid & undead warlock Both of these characters are pre raid bis. Attuned MC/Ony/BWL. Both characters are BWL ready with ony cloaks. They both have max professions...
  9. rainboworld

    Elysium Troll hunter WTS

    Welcome to my thread! WTS my character on Elysium server. What i have: -Troll -Hunter -Full epic (BWL+ZG+AQ40) -Herbalism + Engineering 300 -Some kind of gold ofc -Enough potion in bank (for naxx) -100 Mount -Nice nickname :P If u interested, add me in skype : extezzu1 payment method: only skrill
  10. rainboworld

    WTS Gold Elysium 4$per100

    Welcome to my thread! I have enought gold for your Naxxramas adventure! Dont need 2 play wow 24/7, just write me in skype and i help you. skype: extezzu1 payment method: only Skrill
  11. E

    SOLD  Human Warrior lvl 60 Preraid BIS +750 Coins

    Selling my lvl 60 Human Warrior on Elysium-Nighthaven: Comes with Original Email! Epic Mount Fury Preraid-Bis including Lionheart, Dalrends, Devilsaur etc. everything enchanted Cloudkeeper Legplates Decent PvP+Tank Gear Exalted with AV, Revered with AB, Honored with WSG Ony+MC+BWL Attuned...
  12. E

    Selling  Human Warrior 60 Prebis +640 Coins

    Selling my lvl 60 Human Warrior on Elysium-Nighthaven: Comes with Original Email! Epic Mount Fury Preraid-Bis including Lionheart, Dalrends, Devilsaur etc. everything enchanted Cloudkeeper Legplates Decent PvP+Tank Gear Exalted with AV, Revered with AB, Honored with WSG Ony+MC+BWL Attuned...
  13. T

    Selling  Elysium | ne hunter 60 lvl | pre-raid + 2 pieces t2 | 100% mount alc+herb 300

    • 60 LVL NE female Hunter • Pre-raid | T2 2\8 | weapon: double Down's Edge, crossbow: Bloodseeker (Have Sinew for Rhok'delar) • Mount 100% • pet - Lupos (lvl 60) • Herb+Alch 300 (a lot of good and rare recepies learned • MC / Onixya / BWL attuned • Rank II • 100 gold on character $90 (paypal)...
  14. rainboworld

    Elysium priest 60, Elysium shaman 50, Northdale 32 rogue.

    Character list: Elysium - Orc shaman 50. -Enchant 228 Northdale - Human rogue 32. If u interested, contact me in skype: extezzu1
  15. G

    Selling  60 Resto+Elemental (+ Twink) CHEAP

    Asking price: 60$ (which is 383 coins of Elysium Store) through PayPal or (if Norwegian) banktransfer. Cheapest price for a character on the Elysium website is currently 1430 (over 224$) for a more crappier geared paladin I'm selling the following account on Nighthaven PVP, Elysium: 60...
  16. C

    Selling  60 Human Rogue (R13 BiS Geared)

    Hello, Selling my Nighthaven Rogue, 60 Human Female - Rank 13 Alt; 60 Human Warrior (somewhat pre-bis + some Onyxia gear) Rogue: CTS/Vis'Kag/Warblade of Hakkari Offhand (Perditions Blade, Gutgore Ripper also) 6/8 Tier 2, Boots of the Shadow Flame, DFT 7/8 Tier 1, Puissant Cape, Doomhide...
  17. N

    Trading  WTT Warmane Outland Rogue for 70 Horde warrior on Nigthaven!!!!

    As said in title looking to trade my 70 rogue (more info below) for a lvl 70 Horde warrior i dont care about gear tbh.. Rogue Details - 3k Gearscore PvE 3.1 GS PVP - Attuned to SSC, TK, Mount Hyjal, black temple - 280% FLYING MOUNT - All reps either revered/Exalted - Over 40k Honor !!! if...
  18. W

    60 ud priest/top raiding guild/attuned/100%mount/ski+enc/crypto payment possib

    Hi I'm selling my undead priest lvl 60 on Lightbringer Elysium. I'm in a top progression guild from the server. They've almost completed Naxx (10/15 atm). They're called the Dankk Budz Colletive 100% mount, 300 skinning / 270 ench. Got full bloodvine (for shadow pvp or pve). Also other BiS gear...
  19. A

    SOLD  Lightbringer PvP - Gnome 60 Mage

    60 Rogue - SOLD 60 Mage - gnome (male) on Elysium/Light's Hope CHEAP 60% mount 200+ gold tailoring 300/300 pre-bis+ no email (you have to setup 2-factor auth) For more info feel free to add me on skype (dog on avatar) "asasay" or Discord "Asasay#0940"
  20. J

    Selling  60 Human Mage (better than BIS Pre-raid) (Knight)

    Comes with 645 gold and Email /100% mount I spent insane amounts of gold on this account to get it good geared for PvP (one shotting rogues is fun) (Its time for me to go back to being a healer, so I guess its a waste to let this account fade away) Selling for a good price. Tailoring 300...