1. SOLD  S>End Game Elf Archer R1 Everything (Almost)

    R1 All combat skills (except heavy armor since elves have no use for it) R1 All magic R1 All chain R1 All alchemy, construct alchemy included R1 All fighter R1 All music (except comp and knowledge) R1 All puppetry R1 All dual gun R1 All ninja R1 All apothecary R1 All tailoring R1 All chef R1 All...
  2. SOLD  EU Dreadnaught Night Elf Female Hunter 60 lvl CHEAP 100$

    EU Dreadnaught Night Elf Female Hunter 60 lvl 60% mount blue/green gear Original owner and gmail Fake bnet PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal DISCORD: El PatrĂ³n#3945
  3. Buying  đŸ”¥Buying / Selling Mabinogi Currency and Items

    Boostroom is buying and selling Mabinogi currency and items. Greetings to all gamers around the world! We are a company that is oriented towards providing professional gaming services in the game industry. It all started as the idea of a small boosting team that, with a good work and...
  4. Selling  S>18k Elf Alexina

    Been playi mabi for about 10 years now and it’s definitely my time to say goodbye I’m letting go of this elf and all it’s gear for 600$ obo. This is a list of all stats and gear you will receive on the account. Dm on my discord if any questions...
  5. Selling  3$ - Double Thetis Rem Priest Liza

    Contact me through Discord Nabnabuwu#5554 for more detail Level 65
  6. Selling  SEA 5.7k gs Deathwish Kyprosa West $200usd ono

    Hello friends Looking to sell my SEA server account as I am an English speaking only willing to trade for NA Fanatic Ancestral level 6 12 labor recharges currently max labor. 300 mana glow gems 470 gilda working on Honor necklace is rank 2 with 2 more gems for rank 3, Female Elf, mining outfit...
  7. [EU] Elf Druid feral 60 (pre-raid),attuned,100% mount,goods,ready for transfer

    Elf Druid 60 (pre-raid),attuned,100% mount,with some goods inventory(for about 3,5k+ gold),twink lvl 23(human priest) with inventory. Ready for transfer. Just only 200$ for this beauty Contact me on discord for more information-Timak#0425
  8. Buying  WTB any female character lvl 35 - 50 (EU or US)

    Hi ! I want to buy a female character account. I don't have any preference for the region (I played on US and also on EU), or the race/class. I have a preference for night elfves druids, however. If you have any proposition, contact me on Discord : Nowa45#2085
  9. Selling  Renegade Raider / Black Knight / Galaxy Skin / Elf and more

    Actually selling my stacked fortnite account here is all the skins If you need more info can dm me here or in discord : aderik#9999 Can use a middleman if you take the fee Using only bitcoin or paypal if you're trusted Have the og email with me personal Not a crack account or...
  10. Selling  Full access very rare account

    Selling code name elf , ikonik , glow, honor guard and much more... full access
  11. SOLD  Night Elf Male Warrior Ashbringer

    NIGHT ELF MALE WARRIOR Prof: Gnomish engineering 266, Mining 280, First Aid 300 Mount 60% 65 gold Head (Mask of the Unforgiven) Neck (Mark Of Fordring) Shoulders (Wyrmhide Spaulders) Back (Blackveil cape) Chest (Tombstone Breastplate) Wrist (Blackmist Armguards) Main Weapon (bonechill) /Offhand...
  12. Selling  S1-9 account(black knight, elf etc) stw,101 skins,82 backs,1200+wins

    Selling my account as I don't have time to spend on the game anymore. Has all battlepasses 101 skins, 82 backpacks and many more. See below screenshots. The account has some STW stuff on it (the highest second found package on it). Comes with a support a creator code which you can change if you...
  13. SOLD  Codename elf, Black knight, Blue team leader

    Hi everyone, Looking for $150 (negotiable) for this account, Full access, Mergeable/linkable to Xbox Discord: BMak#7271
  14. Selling  Code Name Elf + Season 2345678 + Total 95 Skins AND

    Selling Account With Code Name Elf + Total 95 Skins. Season 2345678 Maxed Omega Sold With Connected Xbox Account. Not Mergable. Only PM If Interested. No Time Wasters. Trade Guardian Accepted. Will Screen-Share With Potential Serious Buyers. Price 250 USD. Cash App Or BTC. Trade Guardian Accepted
  15. Selling  Black Knight / Crackshot / E.L.F. / +More

    The Payment Method used would be through Middleman The price is negotiable Please add me on discord and drop me a message if you're interested or have any questions regarding the account. I'VE GOT NO INTEREST IN TRADING Discord : TOM#2938 SKINS Black Knight Carbide Crackshot Cuddle Team...
  16. Selling  Black Knight / Crackshot / E.L.F. / +More

    The Payment Method used would be through Middleman The price is negotiable Please add me on discord and drop me a message if you're interested or have any questions regarding the account. I'VE GOT NO INTEREST IN TRADING Discord : TOM#2938 SKINS Black Knight Carbide Crackshot Cuddle Team...
  17. Trading  TRADING my 60 night elf druid female with epic riding for warrior/mage (ALLY)

    Title ~ trading via twinstar website! druid is 150 riding 279alch/300herb with a mix of blues/epics resto gear and AV exalted with some feral gear in bags has mottled red raptor (1400 twinstar mount) and swift mistsaber EDIT - trading for warlock now aswell, gear/riding does not matter.
  18. WTB NE MALE rogue or NE warrior, prebis atleast, or very well geared.

    Hey there, i'm looking to buy a night elf male rogue preferred, but would consider a warrior too i would like to be able to raid instantly so should be geared enough to get invited for raids. add me on skype Belgijanaczomg
  19. Selling  Wts shillien templar full gear l2 lionna server

    Moirai Heavy Foundation set +8 Full lvl7 PVP Elegia Heavy set +6 Full lvl7 PVP Belt +6 pvp defence Cloak of Hero Black Mithril shirt CP +6 Enhanced Mithril Bracelet also talismans inside with the char Periel Sword+6 Focus Augment Duel Might lvl7 (PVP) Vesper Shaper - Gale rare +7 Haste...
  20. Selling  [MARI] Selling 20k Elf + Gold and Items

    Elf is almost capped only missing [Judgment Blade(R2)], [Magic Craft(R4)], [Transformation Mastery(R4)], [Cooking(R9)], [Engineering(R8)] 9.3k AP, 46 Social Level, 43 Pets, [1 Laighlinne Partner w/ boat, 1 Maid, 1 Butler, and 2 Commerce-with Carriage + Stick]. 500$ USD. SELLING!!! -Gold-...
  21. Buying  WTB 45+ Kronos 2 Paladin/Druid

    Hello, Looking for a level 45+ paladin or ally druid on Kronos 2. Female or dwarf male models only please. Have paypal and skrill. Add me on skype Hugmonster1313 - - - Updated - - - bump
  22. Selling  S>Strongest elf on Ruairi server

    Add me on skype to discuss things over. skype: asilentowl I'm moving onto med school in a few years and I can't have any more distractions in my life. This account is widely considered to be the best elf in the server. Strong, fully geared, and with a pvp record to back it up. It won't be...
  23. SOLD  [EU][FOUNDER][EANNA][NUIA][LV 50][All essentials before Auroria patch]

    Hello, I've havent played AA since Auroria patch. So all my stats, gear and levels are up to auroria. Mostly all of my classes lvl 50. And I was focused on handicraft. I've got rank 1 PvP mount, and some Honor points left. I've got Galleon, Farm Cart, High Inquisitor Heroic set and other...
  24. Selling  Elf Paladin Female Level 54 with one month parton ends Nov 1 Hanure (NA)

    Here is some info here. I know I have no Rep but I want get rid this account. I promise no bullcrap. You buy and I give you all the information. I have costumes, gear and mounts that I bought. If you want screenshots please message me...
  25. SOLD  [Tarlach] 12k Pimped Out Elf

    Character is also currently carrying 25m in gold, has incubus wings, and VIP until January 2016, and a ton of untradeable dye ampoules. Autowin price is $500 USD, Paypal preferred. CHEAP! Please send inquiries and offers to [email protected]