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  1. SOLD  Black Dragon set

    Selling black dragon set. Contact me on discord Eatme#0204 or message here. We can do middle man if you prefer.
  2. SOLD  74 LRs Rank 410 Global Account (pics included) - 1025 days logged in

    Hello, i'm selling my Dokkan account so I can play Skyrim Anniversary this sounds sketch but I have vouches for what I sell, I am only asking $25-$30 USD (the game is IOS/Global) The account only has like 3 stones but the LRs (summonable and free) go hard, here are some photos and my Discord if...
  3. SOLD  WTS duo dragon

    Male duo 225 19 billion inners cult 5 Fire washing platform, all 3 lines: EXT crit dame + EXT crit rate + reduce crit dame, all Finger skills 5 Fire washing platform, all 2 lines: INT crit dame + INT crit rate, all HBP skills - all 30% braces Finger rage + 2 charges + stun lvl 12, all 30% braces...
  4. SOLD  Black Dragon set

    Selling Black Dragon set Be aware of scams, My discord is Eatme#0204
  5. Trading for good 7ds or dbl (preffer 7ds)

    Played optc long enough wann to try something New.
  6. Selling  wts the One and ONLY Son of Beggar, Master of Dragons, Enemy of the Devil: bbd

    Main Inner: 5 Element 75 The rest have no time to cult so its all maxed Meridians: Maxed maxed Sample Description: https://giphy.com/gifs/oEJnIXniBWOjv4glVl/fullscreen https://giphy.com/gifs/xWWnchOBrqQA9trFk8/fullscreen https://giphy.com/gifs/stNm8WqcScARKONj6P/fullscreen...

    I'm selling fossil egg vanity. Discord: Eatme#0204 Be aware of scams. PayPal accepted
  8. Selling  Drago 12 Bsd 12 Gss 12 Finger 12 Prince 12 Adc 12 Taichi 12 Buddha 12 WS 9

    Main Inner: 5 Element 75 The rest have no time to cult so its all maxed Meridians: Maxed maxed Sets: Dragon 12 30% all Finger 12 30% all GSS 12 30% BSD 12 30% Prince 12 30% ADC 12 30% Taichi 12 30% Wild shot 9 30% Buddha 12 30% Rootless 12 30% Snowsword 12 30% Demon Hand 12 30% Scholar's...
  9. Selling  SO2 Dragon Akr Samurai p90 venom fs

    Very good quality account. And have every single gun skins.
  10. Selling  T5 Fire Power 847K VIP 9-10

    T5 fire/Gnome Boss (mainly spider) account Power is 847K to keep it below the 1m porting range 158k TP 5* Wu ( almost 6 ) 6* William, max yoshi, max hippo Dragon going to 39 ( skills 6,6,7 ) VIP9 halfway to 10 For better information about the account you can send me a message for more info...
  11. Rank 521 Global ACC 54 LR 80+ Dokkan Fest

    Hi, im selling my Dokkan account because i dont enjoy it anymore. I've been playing since SSJ4 Full Power Goku Banner (Nov 2018), account 100% manually farmed. +780 login bonus 54 LR some with Dupes 81 Dokkan Fest some rainbow and some with dupes +400 DS still farmable (EZAs, Boss Rush, Story...
  12. Buying  Wanting to BUY dragon nest mid/end game NA account

    I'm looking to buy a Dragon Nest NA account. I'm looking for a mid/end game account. I must have access to the email linked to the account OR an email change.
  13. Selling  WTS Ac Drago 10 bsd 12 gss 12 Finger 12 Prince 12 adc 12 Taichi 12 Wild Shot 9

    Inner: Poison Toad 82 5 Element 75 The rest have no time to cult so its all maxed Meridians: Maxed maxed Sets: Dragon 10 Finger 12 30% all GSS 12 30% BSD 12 30% Prince 12 30% ADC 12 30% Taichi 12 30% Wild shot 9 30% Buddha 12 30% Rootless 12 30% Snowsword 12 30% Demon Hand 12 30% Scholar's...
  14. Selling  Old FR Account - 8 years old, 5 digit ID, 7-digit Progens

    I have an 8-year-old Flight Rising account with a 5 digit ID and 7-digit progenitors! I'd made the account way back in the day when I was a kid and didn't understand the game. I didn't even realize I had the account until I rejoined several years later as a new user. I'd rather it be used than...
  15. Selling  TMR 152 | 21.5k PR | GS - 20€

    Selling my Trove Account since I have stopped playing. Below are screenshots of what is on it. Don't hesitate to contact me regarding any other questions about the account. Price: 20€ Discord: Amberwind#0001
  16. Selling  $3000-$4000 1.7 mil NA1-6

    my disc is Akashi#8313 The coupons spent on this account comes up to about $60,000 USD asking for 3-4k USD. Will keep playing until sold. Message me if you’re interested !
  17. SOLD  Sell dbl acc 4LF with Fusion, Hybrid Saiyan, GT, Android, and Regen $21

    Hi i wanna sell my account cause dont have time to play anymore this account have many sparkings and 4 Lf include youth gohan red ss2 zenkai Account linked to Gmail dummy PM via discord or epicNPC for detailed information and if you want any negotiate My discord: Yanura#5975 Payment method...
  18. Selling  Dragon City Account 38 3 Heroeic + Rare Dragons, food, gems, and gold

    This account currently has some rare dragons, 3 Heroeic Dragons, lots of Gold, Food, and Gems. Currently looking for $100. Really in need of money. Please help me out.
  19. Fresh Account +3500 DS

    Hello, I sell fresh accounts with more than 3500 DS. Good for fast rerolling or youtube summon showcase! My DC is : Dlayse#0928
  20. Buying  Looking for a decent account

    I’m looking to buy a decent account with a good farmer already built, not looking for anything over $75. Add my discord if interested! :) Thanks! -> Erefmore#9943
  21. SOLD  K29 Archduke VIP 11 Dragon Epic sub + K21 alt on S565

    K29 + enough rss + speed ups to go for K30 next consuming rss return event 1.5 M Tech power + 15M troop power Epic Korea, Legendary Japan (2), Legendary Europe, Excellent Russia and China (2) Scipio, Zachary Taylor, Barbarossa, Jindoek (2), Baibars (2), Vladimir the Great, Margaret, Andrew...
  22. Selling  Selling Dragon Quest Tact global account - 346,000+ CP - DQT account 145$

    Hello everyone. I have been playing this game since released and got kind of bored. I will continue farming until I sell the account so the CP of and the top rank of the account will increase everyday. I believe my account worth 145$ so the price is 145 USD at the moment. I can accept Patreon...
  23. SOLD  DQT 400k, 58k Gems, End game high ranked, Lowest Price $200 USD

    Hello everyone! I am looking to sell this account for $200(Reasoning at end of post). Account is well worth the purchase with all of the materials that are ready for use on it. Payment through Paypal preferred. Send me a Direct Message if interested or if you have questions about the...
  24. SOLD  Selling Whale Endgame Account

    Hey guys, Im selling my DB Legends Account because im quitting the game. Looking for 220€ negotiable. If you have more questions pm me or comment. You can also add me on Discord if you want hi_its_alen#0242
  25. Selling  Og account (from game launch) 320+ characters 170+ Sparking I0legends limited

    top 50 ranked world multiple times. Selling because of unemployment.