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dragon ball legends

  1. L

    Selling  Whale Dragon Ball Legends Account *stacked* *z7 units* *15 lfs*

    hi! im a female from the U.S. wanting to sell my dbl account, you might be wondering why id wanna sell a great account, its because ive been busy with life, school, work, and just other things! Contact me and we can negotiate a price, PayPal only!
  2. Lucah

    Selling  Mega Whale Best EU account on this site - Z7 14* LF + More! Top1% tier account

    First of all, this account won't be going away for low amounts, so lowballers can leave now. With this account you have an top tier end game box, with every meta team being 7+ stars and having all the crucial zenkai units. This account is one of the best on this site, with LF's with red stars...
  3. A

    Selling  🔥Lvl-118 Account with 182 Characters and 11k Chrono Crystals for $40🔥

    Knock me at Discord on at habibi#9209 for faster Reply. As PAYPAL is not available in Bangladesh (MY COUNTRY) , so I will use Wise ( A SAFE AND SECURE MONEY TRANSFER SYSTEM )
  4. Lucah

    BOUGHT  Big Mega Whale account Z7 + High stars, Top 1k PvP $120

    Selling this Whale DBL account. The pictures speak for themselves, have a look. Account has been ranked highly in PvP, and has the best teams for any person looking to dominate PvP. If you're looking to buy from a repped user on this site and avoid getting scammed, now's the chance. Account has...
  5. J

    Selling  $1 ACC

  6. D

    Selling  Whale Dragon Ball Legends w/ 8* LF SSJ4 Goku, Zenkai 7s, & More!

    Hello, I am selling my Dragon Ball Legends account that has a ton to offer. It has the newest LF SSJ4 Goku at 8*, many other LFs at high star levels, and of course, many premium Zenkai 7 units. You can build pretty much any top tier team in the game and do really well in PVE as well as PVP. It...
  7. A

    SOLD  🔥 LvL-100 Beast Account with 3 Stars LF SSJ4 Goku and 170 Characters / $30🔥

    Knock me on Discord at DED#1247 for Faster reply . Payment using Transferwise (A safe and fast money transfering system) The Account info is Attached Below :
  8. L

    Selling  14 LFs account - stacked account - 130$

    Selling for a cheap price
  9. D

    Trading  Looking for an account with UI goku.

    I'm looking for an account with UI goku willing to trade this one for it. -------------------- contact me via discord: nexur#0945 --------------------
  10. B

    SOLD  Z level 438 end game account with 14 LF's

    I unfortunately don't enjoy playing the game as much as did before and am therefore selling my endgame account so it can get the love it deserves: - Z level 438 - 1071 total log-in days - 342 owned characters of which 14 LF's - 7 Z+-rank equipment and 24 Z-rank equipment - Many many Multi-Z...
  11. H

    BOUGHT  Awesome Account for sale, level 357, PVP Oriented

    Hi I'm selling this account that I have since day one. I am now retiring from this game, I got really tired. I have 186 sparkings, going from the oldest ones to the new ones. I have several Top Tier units too (that you can verify it by yourself here https://gamepress.gg/dblegends/tier-list). I...
  12. X

    Selling  Dragon Ball Legends Account - LVL 127 - 156 SP - 9 LF

  13. D

    SOLD  Dragon Ball Legends Bandai ID Link w/ Many LFs & Zenkai 7

    Hello, I am selling my Dragon Ball Legends account that has many good teams, a lot of Zenkai 7 units, and some LFs with good star levels too including the new Kid Buu LF! It is linked to Bandai ID, nothing else - I can give you the Bandai ID account as well as the entire email account used to...
  14. Ryuzaki_21

    SOLD  Semifresh | 8K+ CC | 11 LF | Black, Broly, Goku UI & more | $60

    NEGOTIABLE PRICE CHRONO CRYSTALS ARE ON ANDROID Feel free to ask anything Payment: Xoom (PayPal service) or PayPal Discord: Ryuzaki•竜崎#5538
  15. Z

    SOLD  Rank 128 10 dollars only

    Selling this account for only $10! Has 26K CC currently, has 8 Legendary finish characters! No to scammers, check my feedbacks and know that im trustworthy. Mode of payment: Paypal or Gcash
  16. Z

    Selling  legends account with all lfs except 2

    selling my account (bcz I am bored from this game), with all popular units and all new lfs
  17. S

    Selling  Dragon Ball Legends Account Lvl Z : 243

    Hi, I sell my account from DB legends I sell it for 120€ (Paypal) but it's negotiable My account have all SP up ( Maybe raditz green and nappa ) I have been playing more or less since the start of the game If you are interested, contact me Scarted33#7100 And I will explain how to do it but...
  18. S

    Buying  Buying DBL semi whale

    Looking for a trusted member with history and rep preferred. Unlinked account highly preferred as well. Please send pics/ confirmation that the account has obtained any number of the things listed below: Future Trunks Costume, Nappa Scouter and Free Z+ equipment given as gifts.
  19. D

    SOLD  Whale Dragon Ball Legends w/ LF Goku Black, Zenkai Gohan, and More!

    Hello, I am selling or trading my whale Dragon Ball Legends account that has a ton of high star units, LF units, and of course, Zenkai 7 units. This account can make pretty much any team, it has most of the characters in the game, and has no trouble in PVP whatsoever. It is linked only to...