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dragon ball legeds

  1. Buying  Buying mostly whale account (MAX BUDGET $600)

    Buying mostly whale account, with more then 20k cc for festivel, max budget $600 HAVE TO HAVE MORE THEN ONE COPY OF VEGITO BLUE
  2. SOLD  Selling my main dbl account

    I don’t really play anymore so i just wanna sell it. price is negotiable. can also do paypal if you don’t wanna do it on here
  3. SOLD  sold sold sold sold sold sold

    sold sold sold sold
  4. SOLD  Re-roll Uvb 10 ⭐ Ul rose 8⭐ Zamasu blue 7⭐ good team future

    100% legit , Contact me to get the fastest response : Discord : Sengoku6495 add friends and message me -------------- payment methods : TransferWise or Paypal ( FnF) , or bank transfer. => full screenshots: https://photos.app.goo.gl/sLxUsSoMCGYPXvw78
  5. Selling  3 Ultras $100 and Lots of LL'S

    Made this account for the anniversary. Price is $100 dollars CDN and and is though paypal f&f only. Level 160 account Chapter 14 incomplete, events incomplete. Message through here, let's get started. Linked to a bandai account will give it right away once i get the money.
  6. Whale account 8UL's, 78 zenkais, 38 LL's, end game

    LVL 338, 786 days account Featured Characters : Ultra Vegito 5✩ Ultra Rose 5✩ Ultra Gogeta Blue 5✩ Ultra SS Gogeta 5✩ Ultra Hit 5✩ Beast Gohan 6✩ Many more characters. 78 Zankai Awakened 38 LL many stars Numerous Z+ and Z equip 783 CC and many events and latest zankai to farm. Inumerous tokens...
  7. 18.6k cc New UL Vegito| UL ssb Gogeta |UL ss Vegito| many LL's and good equi

    Account: 18.6k Crystal available New UL SSJ Vegito Blue UL Gogeta Blue UL SSJ vegito Many Legend Limited Good equipment Bandai Link, email can be changed by the buyer. Guaranteed safety
  8. Selling  dbl acc 3 ul(buu,rose,gogeta blue)

    sell 3 ultra -ultra kid buu -ultra rose -ultra gogeta blue pm me for detail on discord Faila #4664 u can tell me offers
  9. Trading  Trading Account That Has ULTRA Super Gogeta

    I Am Trading This Acount That Has ULTRA Super Gogeta The Account Also Has Good Zenkais And Good Teams, Send Offers PREFERABLY ULTRA Rose OR ULTRA Vegito Blue, I WILL SHOW PROOF WHEN YOU SEND OFFERS.
  10. Selling  FREE ACCOUNT Dragon ball legend

    hi guys i am serious i am selling dragon ball legend free account. since I have become addicted to this game and would like to get rid of it. don't worry i'm not a scammer. I just want to make people happy. contact me here if you are interested. Enjoy! Ps: if you ever want to offer me something...
  11. 2 opbr accounts 6 and 4 ex maxed for whale dbl

    Trying to get these accounts of my hand for a whale or we'll stacked dragon ball accounts or you can buy
  12. Selling  Top tier Universal Team, New part 2 characters

    Sell this account with so many resources, z and z+ equipments abd perfect universal team. New lf with 2 red stars
  13. Buying  Lf account with almost all ultras (black and kid buu obligatory) and lf

    Ray2502#1348, thats my discord, pay only paypal
  14. 5* Ultra Hit +8 * Ultra Goku black + Lf goku/frieza

    Hello, I'm selling a re rolled account with Ultra hit Ultra Goku black, LF goku/frieza, and the new jiren. If you're interested in purchasing this account please reach at xi#2147 25$ cashapp.
  15. Trading  Trading my acc DBL with another account DBL LOL

    hi guys i am exchanging my drzgon ball legend account for one that has the new goku/frieza tag with lots of stars. my account is recent and I haven't finished the story too much and I haven't used the events. I am looking for serious people. if you are interested do not hesitate to contact me...
  16. SOLD  DBL account / ULTRA SV 5 stars / 20 LL / android cheap $40

    Discord: uzair2112#1915 Hi, looking to sell Rank 218 account with details below: Has 4 ultras, only super vegito from summon Has 20 legends limited units Story mode is fully completed, have a lot story missions left Has a lot of equipments, most of the equipments are S and some Z, and...
  17. SOLD  Ultra Gogeta 5* Lf Beast Gohan 8* and more Lfs

    Hy Guys, Im selling my main account. I only played for PvP thats is the reason why i build up the best team of the game with Gogeta and Beast Gohan, but i have more lfs then u can check on the screen. The story is incomplete and u can farm more CC and more events for ur pulls. U have a lot of...
  18. SOLD  UL Goku Black, Goku Revival, Goku Mui, Mutenroshi, Monkeys, Blue Boys 20$

    Price: 20$ via paypal Discord: Yugi#2322 Linked only Bandai ID Details: UL GOKU BLACK SUPER SAIYAJIN ROSE 5★ LF REVIVAL GOKU 6★ LF GOKU MUI 8★ LF MONKEYS 3★ LF VEGETA & TRUNKS 3★ LF BLUE BOYS 3★ 18 LF UNITS etc
  19. Trading  Trading 2:1 (opbr and dbl) for a better opbr or sell

    Trading these two accounts for a better opbr account or sell both for 50$ PayPal. Dbl is clean and unlinked. Reply me here or chat me up on discord. Silvia Lynxx#2995
  20. Dragonball legends account for sale

    Selling DBL account, no longer play it and need a boost in my account for Christmas. Missing 1 ultra, 5 LL’s and a few others, but majority of meta units at high stars. Full slot erasers for rerolling equips. Images are too big a file size to post so here’s a link to a Reddit post I made trying...
  21. SOLD  LF vegeta & trunks + Tag SSJ4 7★ + Gohan Beast + 13 LFs only $16

    Payment only paypal Price is $16 • FULL TAG SWITCH ACCOUNT • LINKED ON BANDAI ID • EVENTS TO FARM CC • 13 LFS You can contact me on Telegram: https://t.me/JhonyWay or send me an Email: jhony.wa[email protected] on Discord: FarmBoy#2147 account details:
  22. Selling  L351 account with almost all zenkais and more than 240 Z/Z+ equipment

    Selling a stalked Level 351 dragon ball legends account.This account has almost all zenkais and majority soulboosted with over 240 Z and Z+ equipments. All Z+ maxed last slot unique equipments and many pvp titles. Price: $450 Discord: ASSASSIN_MAFIA#0596
  23. SOLD  $10 account with 7 star beast gohan and 9 star pan

    Selling an account for 10 dollar steam card with a 7* beast gohan and a 9 star super hero pan, plus additional 6 star cooler, and 7 star super hero piccolo, etc for a good movies team, story has not been completed, still a lot that can be done and events that haven’t been completed yet too. Dm...
  24. Selling  Fresh ultra broly id story done only part 1 normal part

    Dm me if you want to see details Events and stories untouched
  25. Dragon Ball Legends Top Account

    Dragon Ball Legends Top Account, look pictures for details. I'm italian and i sell It for 400€